Journalism Vs Mass Communication

Journalism Vs Mass communication

Are you someone interested in making a career in Media? But can’t decide which course to pick- Mass Communication or Journalism. This is a common dilemma for students who plan to make a career in Media and Communication. Mass Communication is an umbrella term which covers different types of journalism along with PR, Advertising, Film Production & Management, etc. Whereas, Journalism focuses on transmitting the latest news and world happenings to the masses. Regardless of the similarities between Mass Communication and Journalism both tend to focus on the production of credible information which sometimes creates a degree of confusion among students to decide which course to take. Let us observe the difference between these fields through our exclusive blog on Journalism Vs Mass communication.

Journalism Vs Mass Communication: Introduction

Before getting to Journalism Vs Mass Communication on the basis of subjects, course and careers, one must understand the actual meaning of both these disciplines along with some examples. The table given below illustrates the same

Mass Communication Journalism
Mass Communication manages the methodology of passing on or transmitting a message to everybody through media like radio, papers, magazines, TV, web, etc Journalism career focuses on the arrangement and transmission of news through the print media, electronic media and magazine 
Mass Communication is about media theories and practice. It covers fields, for example, Public Relations, Advertising, Broadcast Media, Print Media and New Media.  Journalism apparently is defined as the art of writing and reporting for the media, copy editing, interviewing, etc.
Mass Communication also deals with media effects and influences in the society, gender and International communication. Journalism aims to provide an unbiased piece of news to the viewers. 

Journalism Vs Mass Communication: Subjects 

The best way to gauge through a perfect course is through knowing the subjects that are taught in the programme duration. Given below are some of the prominent topics that are covered under Mass Communication and Journalism.

Mass Communication Subjects

Mass communication encompasses the media related subjects both at bachelors and masters level take a look:

Bachelors  Subjects 
UG Subjects Journalism
Public Relations
Event management
Film making
Radio Broadcasting (Community and Commercial)
Digital Media
Brand Planning and Management
PG Subjects Introduction To Mass Communication
Media History
Design And Graphics
Making Of News Bulletin
Soft Skills
Workshop On Social Media
Media Laws
Writing for Media
Political Communication
Media and Communication Research
Political Communication
Reporting and Editing
Advertising and Communication

Journalism Subjects

Courses Subjects 
Certifications  Digital Photography and Videography
Broadcast Journalism: Radio and Television
Digital marketing 
Bachelors  International Communication
Public Relation and Corporate Communication
International Relations
Environmental Studies
Masters  Tv Production Lab
Digital MediaMaking Of News Bulletin
Soft SkillsWorkshop On Social Media
Documentary Project
Advertising Principles And Practices
Radio Production Lab

Journalism Vs Mass Communication: Courses & Universities

Top Journalism Courses 

Course Name University
BA in Communication  University of Washington
BA in Communication – Media Strategies  University Of Hartford 
BS in Communication University of Utah 
MA in Communication  University of Dayton
Masters in Arts & Communication – Media Strategies  University of Washington
MA in Communication – Media Strategies  University Of Hartford 
PG Diploma in Mass Communication University of california 
Diploma in Advance Media Production and AV University of Maine  
MS in Communication University of Dayton

Top Mass Communication Courses

Course Name University
MA Journalism Depaul University
MA Journalism – Data Journalism Depaul University
BA in Journalism  University of Idaho
BA Journalism  – New Media Baylor University
BS in journalism   University of Idaho
MA – Major in Mass Communication Texas State University
BA in Mass Communications University Of South Florida 

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Journalism vs Mass Communication: Careers

The Digital age offers a lucrative career in the field of Journalism and Mass Communication and also if you are someone who wishes to contribute to the social causes and development of undermined spheres of community. Lets glace through what the career in Mass communication and journalism entails:

Careers in Mass Communication 

  • Film Maker
  • Film Director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder
  • Script Writer 
  • Camera Person 
  • Special Correspondent
  • TV Correspondent
  • Cinematographer
  • Producer
  • Videographer
  • Radio Jockey/ RJ

Careers in Journalism

  • Editors
  • Reporters
  • Travel Journalism
  • Columnists
  • Correspondents
  • Staff or Freelance Writers
  • Photojournalists
  • Proofreaders
  • News Analysts
  • Critics
  • Cartoonists
  • Illustrator

We hope this blog on Journalism vs Mass Communication helped you in picking the right career pathway. If you need assistance in applying to the best universities across the world, reach out to Leverage Edu and we will help you reach your dream university.

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