10 Soft Skills to Learn From Global Leaders

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soft skills to learn from global personalities

Morality, empathy, and wisdom are the most important qualities that separate humans from animals. We have always been told to be “good” person. But what comprises goodness? In today’s world, people have become more technically skilled and professional, however, they tend to lag behind when it comes to their soft skills. If you pick any notable successful personality, you’ll discover that the reality behind their success was not just their intelligent mindset and ideas, it was their attitude towards the social world and emphasis on emotional intelligence. Soft skills are the core of any field and profession. They include qualities that help humanity prevail and ease communication.  Let’s explore this blog to get a detailed list of 10 Soft Skills to Learn From Global Personalities.

Mahatma Gandhi – Integrity

Soft Skills to Learn From Global Personalities
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Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right and stick to it.”
– Mahatma Gandhi.

Integrity is a quality sufficient enough, to sum all the skills you require to excel and achieve greatness. It is one of the main soft skills to learn from global personalities and Mahatma Gandhi epitomizes this quality. A man who was a leader with a strong motive and peaceful intentions. His character gained millions of people who trusted him and joined in such a powerful and risky mission and the rest is history.  Being righteous in the current world has become so rare that people consider you a fool for possessing such qualities. Integral people have courage more than a warrior on the battlefield. Integrity includes possessing a strong set of ethical principles, being able, to tell the truth despite the consequences, and admitting to wrong even if you could get away without doing it. Most importantly, it is about doing the right thing when no one is seeing you.  

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