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University Clearing

Students often consider it a major academic loss if they are unable to score well in class 12th exams. This can be owed to the reason that a majority of university admissions in our country are conducted on the basis of school merit, leading to the average scorers being left out. However, there’s a shining ray of hope for such students in the form of UK university clearing or UCAS clearing. This process ensures that not scoring 90% aggregate marks does not imply the end of the road for students, providing a plethora of college options for those who are ready to step outside their comfort zone. Let’s explore more about UK university clearing 2022 admissions, tip, important dates etc. with the help of this article.

What is UK University Clearing?

The UCAS clearing is the process followed by UK universities and colleges to fill any places they have vacant on their courses. It’s an ideal way for students to find find a place in the top universities or apply after receiving the results. Students find courses (with clearing vacancies) and contact universities or colleges directly, to see if they will offer a place. In simple terms, it’s the last chance for universities to fill their vacancies for the upcoming year. Along with the vacant seats, clearing offers unclaimed scholarships to students who wish to utilize them. Notably, universities follow a more lenient approach when filling their seats through the clearing process, and sometimes even weigh off IELTS criteria if you have good grades in English.

How to Apply for UK University Clearing 2022?

Students who wish to participate in the clearing process generally follow the UCAS clearing guidelines as it is the centralized body that lists available seats in the UK. To apply for the clearing process, here are some steps the students should follow:

  • Students can make a clearing application once they have received their results and are not satisfied with the available university at that score.
  • Universities publish their vacancies on their websites, while UCAS clearing provides an official list of vacant seats in different universities and courses. Students can browse and find the one they are interested in.
  • Once students find a suitable course, they get in touch with the university to make an application. This is generally done online or over a voice call.
  • Once the students find a suitable university and get an admission offer, they must accept the offer within 24 hours as the clearing process is conducted within a stipulated time frame.

Possible Scenarios

Since clearing is an impromptu process in many ways, it is almost impossible to predict that a student will get exactly what he or she opts for. Additionally, some students also find better opportunities during clearing. Here is what happens in such situations:

Getting a Different Course in Clearing
Getting a different course in the clearing is a huge possibility, and universities might not be able to offer a place on the course you originally applied for, this is because the course might be full or your eligibility might fall short. However, most universities offer an alternative course in such a scenario.

Changing to a Better University 
If you’re reconsidering your options and you’re interested in studying at a better-ranked institution, you can get in touch with the university and find out if they’d be able to offer you a place on your chosen course. If the place is available, students must be quick in accepting the admission offer.

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UK University Clearing 2022: Useful Tips

To get the desired results from the UK university clearing 2022, students must be at the top of their game. Here are a couple of pointers which will serve you well during the clearing process:

Research Well

Students must research well before the clearing process begins. Research must include some information about the target university, courses, and whether the chosen universities have a clearing process. They can shortlist universities on the basis of the predictive score so that it is easier to target the right universities.

Make Quick and Effective Decisions

Clearing applicants have to be fast as there are only a few seats for them to contend. To maximise selection chances, students should start early in July as admission is given on a first-come basis. That is they will give admission to an applicant meeting their criteria and will not wait for all the applications as Clearing has no deadline. Applicants should act fast, target the right university, and keep all the documents ready.

Do Not Panic

There may be a situation where students have two offers in hand and have to decide quickly as the universities only give about 24 hours to accept the offer. With this time restraint, it is necessary that students don’t make any haphazard decisions and always weigh the university and the course before accepting any offer. Do take external expert advice as a college is a big career decision to make.

Keep a Track of Important Dates

In 2022, the UK university clearing rolled out in July and will continue its intake till October 2022. UCAS clearing begins at 8:00 A.M EST. Students must be prepared with their UCAS personal id at that time, and start browsing through clearing courses. There’s no specific closing date for clearing as it depends on how many vacancies there are for the course, you’re interested in.

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In conclusion, UK University clearing possesses massive scope for students who find their scores to be underwhelming and seek better opportunities. Thousands of applicants find the right university place for themselves through clearing. If you are still unsure about the whole clearing process and how to take part in it, worry not. At Leverage Edu, we specialize in providing apt career guidance, helping you stay updated with the important dates and procedures to be followed so that you can make the most of the admission process.

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