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Travel and Tourism Industry Degrees - Leverage Edu
Travel and Tourism Industry Degrees – Leverage Edu

Long vacation is the best way to relax. This serves as a best option to take a break from busy city life, hectic job schedules and specially to discover new places, adventures, different food, making new friends, spend quality time with dear ones and much more. Travel and tourism industry accounts for world’s largest revenue making business.

  1. Sweden
  • First of all, there is much more to Sweden then just IKEA and Volvo
  • Scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes makes it a most liveable place on earth
  • Mid Sweden University tops the list for Travel and Tourism courses
  • Duration of the course is 1-year
  • It primarily offer degrees in two disciplines-                                                                                                 (i) Human Geography (ii) Tourism Studies
  • Lastly, these programs are delivered in collaboration with European Travel and Tourism Research Institute
  1. Switzerland
  • This place has legacy of hospitality
  • For past 100 years, it has served as an outstanding host to international personalities
  • It offers world class and palace style hotels
  • All these factors make it an unbeatable destination to study programs in tourism
  • Top rated programs at Switzerland are:
  • Master’s in Business Studies- Tourism and Hospitality management at UIBS
  • MSc in Business Administration in Tourism at HTW Chur
  • Masters in Sustainable tourism and Protected Areas at Sustainability Management School
  1. The United States of America
  • More than 80 million people travelled US last year and most of them are clueless about lodging, living, food and other factors about how to experience this watercolour masterpiece.
  • In addition, it offers hundreds of programs and courses in tourism
  • As a matter of fact, top rated hospitality companies hire graduates with travel and tourism degree from United States.
  • Presently, Drexel University, Florida International University, George Mason University and Arizona State University are among the best places to pursue travel courses in US.
  1. France
  • Firstly, it is rated as world’s most visited places with more than 50 million travellers annually.
  • It gives immense learning experience in addition to its fabulous architecture and awesome food.
  • Furthermore, tourism degree from France is focussed on global tourism to a career in hotel management to including sectors like restaurant, spa, wellness, and many more.
  1. Netherlands
  • By and large, this is world’s most exciting start-up centre
  • If you have an entrepreneurial goals and love for tourism, Netherlands is an ultimate destination
  • Its also offers a perfect blend of innovation and tradition to the international students
  • Highly ranked universities for travel and tourism are
  • Wageningen University
  • Radboud University
  • NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
  • Tio University of Applied Sciences

Presently, travel and tourism accounts for almost 12-15% of jobs across the globe, as per the report generated by World Tourism Organization. All things considered, if you love travelling, exploring cities and designing trips, then a degree in tourism will give you a terrific start.

Benefits of Travel and Tourism Degree
  1. Helps in learning management skills
  2. Better understanding of the term ‘Hospitality’ and managing the entire team from cleaning staff to kitchen workers
  3. Lastly, it helps in mastering the marketing art

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