How To Prepare For SAT: The Ultimate Guide

How to Prepare for SAT

Previously known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized exam taken by the students who want to pursue undergraduate programs in the USA. Started by the College Board, this test is considered as one of the most difficult competitive exams. The SAT score is used not only to secure admission to colleges but is also considered by many companies to offer jobs. Further, the scores obtained in this exam can also be used to apply for different scholarships. Thus, SAT preparation needs a lot of effort and a well-balanced study plan. In this blog, we will share some tricks and tips on how to prepare for SAT. But before that, let us first go through the important details pertaining to this aptitude test. 

SAT Exam Overview

Administered by the Educational Testing Services on behalf of the College Board, the SAT examines the reading, writing, and mathematical prowess of the candidates. The exam duration is of 3 hours and is held 5 times every year. With a score range between 400-1600, the aptitude test consists of 4 sections namely, Writing and Language, Reading, and Mathematics(with and without the use of a calculator). Essay writing is an optional section that is required by only a few institutions for admission purposes. While the essay writing segment is marked on a scale of 0-24, other parts are marked between 200-800 points. Further, to appear for the test, the candidates also have to fulfill the SAT exam eligibility criteria. 

Note: The application cost for the SAT exam may vary based on the subjects you choose.  

How to Prepare for SAT: Tips and Tricks

Scoring well in the competitive exams after 12th to pursue higher education from universities abroad can be challenging. Since the admission depends mostly on the score obtained in these exams, it is important to devise a strategy that puts focus on your weaknesses and strengths equally. Given below are some of the suggestions you can follow on how to prepare for the SAT exam: 

Practice Mental Math

One of the mathematics sections of the SAT exam does not allow the usage of the calculator. Thus, to improve your overall score in this part, it is important to practice mental maths on a regular basis. 

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Choose the Right Study Material 

With tons of study material available in the market, it is important to pick out the right resource that covers the SAT exam syllabus comprehensively. For this, you should gauge through the contents of the book to get a fair idea about the topics which are covered in it. 

Avoid Cramming

Cramming may seem like the ideal option to grasp more information. However, this is not a suitable technique if you want to retain the particulars of a topic for a longer period. It is thus advised to understand the concepts behind the topics and practice the maths questions on a regular basis. 

Read Outside the Course Material

As you are familiar with the exam pattern, the Scholastic Assessment Test consists of a reading section. In this, the questions are framed from the comprehension passages that have to be read and answered in an hour. Thus, to enhance your speed and accuracy, you should read fiction and nonfiction books that don’t form a part of the syllabus.

Practice Through Mock Tests

Another important tip on how to prepare for the SAT exam is to give mock tests of each section on a regular basis. It is also advised to attempt some full-length papers before the final exam. 

Brush up your Grammar 

The verbal section of the test is slightly tough in comparison to the other segments. Apart from scoring well in the comprehension based questions, you also have to practice the basic grammar rules to ace the section. 

Even though there are many tips on how to prepare for the SAT exam, you can succeed only if you follow the tricks strictly. If you need any further assistance regarding the exam, you can get in touch with the experts at Leverage Edu who will devise a perfect strategy that can help you score well in the aptitude test. You can also book a free 30 minutes career counselling session with our mentors. Hurry up, book your slot now!

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  1. I am from India.
    I wanted know if there are any institutes that helps prepare for SAT?
    Looking forward for the astronomy course,thus will the SAT examinations be helpful?

    1. Hi Yashvi!

      Please connect with our experts on 1800572000 and they will surely clear all your doubts!
      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, I’m Simran.
    I’m from India. Is there any institute which will help to prepare for SAT?
    I’m looking forward for the CA COURSE. I hope I get a reply.

    1. Hi, Simran!
      We are happy to help you.
      Reach out at 1800 57 2000 to know about SAT coaching institutes nearby your area.

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