Stanford SAT Scores: What is a Good SAT Score for Stanford University?

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Stanford SAT Scores

Stanford SAT Scores: Stanford University is one of the most prominent universities not only in the US but also in the entire globe. Every year, thousands of students from all over the globe send their applications to the university in hopes of getting selected and commencing their study-abroad journey. The university demands SAT scores to gauge an individual’s preparedness for studying at a prestigious university. In other words, students interested in furthering their higher education at Stanford should send their best SAT exam scores to the university. The required SAT score for Stanford University is 1440-1550. Read the complete article to know more about Stanford SAT Scores. 

Name of the University Stanford University 
SAT Requirement 1440-1550 
Rank # 5  in QS World Ranking 2024
Acceptance Rate 4% 
Minimum GPA 3.9

What is a Good SAT Score for Stanford University? 

Students intending to pursue their higher education at Stanford must acquire an SAT score ranging from 1440 to 1550. Scoring between the stated range can bolster your chances of getting admitted into Stanford University. However, if you score below the 25th percentile (1440 score), your chances of getting selected will be hindered and will not put the required spotlight on your candidature. This is why you must aim at scoring at least 1440 or above to place in a considerable percentile range. Aspirants should aim for a SAT score of 1550 in order to achieve a percentile of 75, which would give them an upper hand over their competition, thereby enhancing their chances of selection. Refer to the following table to understand the correlation between SAT scores and the percentile range required for Stanford 

SectionAverage 25th Percentile 75th Percentile 
Reading + Writing 735700770
Maths 770740800
Composite 150514401550

Average SAT Score for Stanford 

The average SAT score for Stanford is 1505.  Scoring above this score can bolster your chances of improving your overall candidature for admission into the prestigious Stanford University. An SAT score below the average score will only hamper your selection and make things tough for you in the long run. 

How to Send Your SAT Score to Stanford ? 

Individuals can refer to the steps outlined below to send their SAT scores to Stanford. 

  1. Students must first login to their College Board account before proceeding to the ‘SAT Score sending’ page. 
  2. Once redirected to the stated page, students must select the option of their preferred university, i.e. Stanford University. One must ensure that they have entered the correct university code.
  3.  Doing so is necessary for sending your SAT scores to the correct institute. Students are advised to send in their best SAT scores to Stanford. 

How to Improve Your SAT Score for Stanford? 

Stanford University’s admissions process is exceptionally tough and selective, with a 4% acceptance rate. As a result, the academic requirements of the institute should not be taken lightly. Having said that, the minimum SAT score for admission to Stanford is 1440-1550. For many, this may appear to be a competitive score, thus students must give their all in their preparations. With prior preparation and practice, the score can be easily achieved. Here are some tips to help you improve your SAT score for Stanford. 

  1. Solving numerous sample papers will increase your confidence in attempting challenging questions. Doing so will give you a solid idea about the exam and its requirements. 
  2. Go through the SAT exam pattern meticulously. Doing so will give you a solid understanding of the exam’s questions, difficulty level, and the marking scheme. 
  3. Set time constraints while solving questions. This will increase your overall speed and accuracy required for tackling the questions. 
  4. Memorise different maths equations and formulas. Keeping such formulas on your tips will help you solve maths problems with ease. 
  5. Purchase books that contain the latest information, are aligned with the updated curriculum, contain several sample papers, and are written or published by notable authors. 
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1. What is the required SAT Score for Stanford ? 

Students intending to pursue their higher education at Stanford must acquire an SAT score of 1440 to 1550. 

2. What is the minimum GPA required for admission to MIT?

A GPA of 3.9 is required for admission to Stanford. 

3. What is the average SAT score for MIT? 

The average SAT score for MIT is 1505. 

Students who dream of studying at the prestigious MIT must acquire SAT scores ranging from 1500 to 1570. Acquiring scores within such a range can bolster your chances of getting selected for the university. 

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