Universities in Oklahoma

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Top Universities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has one of the best universities in the world that provides education at the cheapest prices. Oklahoma is known for 11,611 miles of shoreline. The state is popular for its beauty and affordability of better life. In this blog, let’s go through the top universities in Oklahoma. 

Why Study in Oklahoma?

  • The quality of education: Oklahoma is known for the high-quality education provided by the universities in the state. Students are more attracted to pursue studies here as the universities offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Affordability: The state of Oklahoma is one of the cheapest states to pursue further studies. When compared to other states the tuition cost with similar institutions, Universities in Oklahoma proves to be great educational value at low prices.
  • Explorable: Oklahoma being the heart of the country provides international students with a genuine American experience. It offers travellers the best place to explore as the state is culturally diverse with a large native American population.
  • Universities of Oklahoma: The state of Oklahoma is home to 38 accredited public as well as private universities. These universities offer good education and a variety of available courses.

Top 10 University in Oklahoma

Name of the Universities Town 
The University of Oklahoma Norman 
Oklahoma State University Stillwater 
The University of Tulsa Tulsa 
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre Oklahoma City 
Oral Roberts University Tulsa 
University of Central Oklahoma Edmond 
Northeastern State University Tahlequah 
Oklahoma City University Oklahoma city 
Cameron University Lawton 
Rogers State University Claremore 

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The University of Oklahoma 

The University of Oklahoma is a non-profit higher education institution situated in the city of Norman. It offers a variety of courses to its students and also has branches all over the country. The university offers a variety of courses including postgraduate degrees, bachelor degrees and further degrees in various streams and areas of study.

Oklahoma State University 

The university is located in the large town of still water. It has ranked 187 in the national universities ranking. It has a tuition fee of INR 18,25,456 for out-of-state students. Moreover, 20,307 students enrol themselves every year for undergraduate courses.

Oral Roberts University 

Oral Roberts University is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This university has ranked 7 in the regional college’s west rankings. The tuition fee is approximately INR 23,47,599 and more than 3686 undergraduate students enrol every year.

University of Tulsa 

The University of Tulsa is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has a ranking of  136 in the national universities. It has tuition fees of INR 33,35,498 per annum. The University of Tulsa welcomes 2929 undergraduate students every year. Furthermore, the university proves to be the best in the state.


The popular courses offered by the universities of Oklahoma are as follows:

Name of the Universities Courses Available 
Oklahoma State University Master of Science in computer science MS in business analytics 
Oklahoma City University Bachelor of Science in computer science Master of Science in computer science 
University of Central Oklahoma BS.EP Electrical systems Bachelor of arts organizational communications 
University of Oklahoma MBA full-time Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program 
Cameron University Master of business administration Bachelor of Science in Psychology 
Northeastern State University Master of business administration Master of Science in natural science 
University of Tulsa MBA Bachelor of Science in computer science 
Oklahoma Christian University Master of Science in Engineering, Master of business administration 
East Central University Master of Education, Bachelor of Science in biology 


Oklahoma is one of the cheapest countries to pursue further studies ahead in life. It not only offers good quality of education at the cheapest prices but also universities with good infrastructure, and caring and able faculty. Some of the colleges and their fees structure are given below :

  • Oklahoma state university provides college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 7.60 lakhs.
  • Oklahoma City University provides college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 8.37 lakhs.
  • The University of Oklahoma provides college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 8.33 lakhs.
  • Cameron University provides college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 4.02 lakhs.
  • The University of Tulsa provides college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 8.44 lakhs.
  • Oklahoma Christain University provides its students’ college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 5.07 lakhs.
  • East Central University provides its student college fees, room and meals at the price of INR 3.87 lakhs.

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Cost of Living

The cost of living in the state of Oklahoma is available at affordable prices. It is favourable to the wallet as the prices of food, petrol/ gas prices as well as housing/ rental costs are the lowest in the nation. Moreover, the state is among the safest cities in the nation. The crime rate in Oklahoma is comparatively lower than in other regions and the state provides safe campuses which is a matter of concern for all parents. 

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