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Germany vs UK Which is the Best Country for Study Abroad

One thing an international student always finds difficult to choose is the country they want to study in. Studying abroad is a huge decision, and you have to consider all aspects to find the most suitable deal for you. Germany and the UK have created educational hubs that attract international students to study in their country, but which country is good for you, considering your budget, course preferences and university choices? Well, the detailed comparison given below will give you a chance to decide between Germany vs the UK!

Why Choose Germany?

Germany is a part of the European Union and the largest economy in Europe. A country that was destroyed witnessing two world wars has now created a dominating service sector that accounts for 69% (approx) of their GDP. This sector gives rise to more employment opportunities for international students after graduation. Germany is also known for its modern cars, automobile engineering courses and activities.

Why Choose the UK?

The UK is the pivot of international education and especially a preference of Indian students. Ease of communication and a world-renowned education system make this country of the Royals a suitable option. UK’s diverse community and cultural exchange are credited for bringing in international students and making the campuses of top universities warm and welcoming. In addition, London, one of the most important global financial hubs, make it an ideal choice for international students looking for corporate exposure.

International Students 


In 2021, Germany saw 330,000 international students enrolled in the top universities. Research conducted by ICEF Monitor also tells us that the numbers have shown growth despite the pandemic. The growing numbers can be dedicated to a lot of international students previously in Germany opting for advanced education in this country itself. 


When it comes to the number of international students in Germany vs UK race, the UK definitely has the upper hand. According to TCL Global, more than 500,000 international students have enrolled for higher education in the UK’s top universities. Indian and Chinese students make up the largest ethnic group of the cluster.

Top Universities 

When it comes to top universities in Germany vs the UK, let’s compare them with the rankings provided by QS World University Rankings 2022


According to the QS World University Rankings, only 3 universities in Germany made it to the top 100 universities globally. The universities and rankings are given below-

Universities in Germany  QS World Universities Ranking 2022
Technical University of Munich  =50
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität-Heidelberg 63
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat- Munchen 64

The Ruprecht-Karls-Universität-Heidelberg or the Heidelberg University offers courses only in the German language.


Seventeen universities from the UK have made it to the top 100 universities globally, and 3 have even made it to the top 10 list. The UK has more than 164 universities, and all of them have an advantage for international students as they teach in the English language. 

The top universities and rankings are given below-

Universities in the UK  QS World Universities Rankings 2022
Oxford University 2
Cambridge University =3
Imperial College London 7
University College London =8
Edinburgh University 16
Manchester University =27
King’s College London 35
London School of Economics and Political Science 49
Warwick University 61
Bristol University  62
Glasgow University 73
Southhampton University 77
Durham University  =82
Birmingham University  90
St Andrews University  91
Leeds University  92
Sheffield University  95


Germany has evergrowing popularity for engineering, especially automotive engineering, as it is the fourth-largest producer of automobiles in the world. Therefore, the most popular fields of study are- 


Name a course and UK has the university or college that ranks highly in that stream. However, by choice of international students, these are the most popular courses to study in the UK

Cost of Living 

Let’s compare the cost of living in Germany and the UK with the help of the table given below- 

Types of Expenses  Germany UK
Tuition Fees 20.39 lakhs per year 25 lakhs per year
Accommodation 70,000 per month 51,480 per month
Food 4,250 per week 5.150 per week
Travel 6,880 per month 19,840 per month
Utilities  21,000 per month  25,410 per month
Note: All denominations in INR.

Some universities in Germany also provide low-cost or free education. Therefore, the numbers given above are based on the average expenses of general students.

Cost of Living Calculator

Student Life 

A student only leads a few hours of his life in classes or universities. They wish to experience a country’s culture, nightlife, and heritage for the rest of their time. So student life is extremely important to consider before making a Germany vs UK decision.


Germany is a melting pot of all European cultures. You’ll see Italians, French, Polish and many other international students in your class. Apart from that, you will also find British, American and Russians in large numbers. This diversity allows you to explore and network with people from all corners of the world. Also, the language barriers do not much exist as Germans in Munich, Berlin and big cities of Germany speak good English. Germany is also famous for its historic monuments and sites like museums, lakes, festivities that make for a good one-day trip.


While Germany challenges the traveller in you, the UK makes you feel more at home. This is because of the huge Indian community present in the country. Apart from that, the UK is a majorly English-speaking nation, making it easy for Indian students to adjust to. Compared to Germany, a student in the UK is more comfortable adjusting due to language, work culture, welcoming atmosphere and cultural exchange. 

That’s all we have on Germany vs the UK! Hope you enjoyed this blog, and it helped you decide for yourself. Germany or UK, Leverage Edu wants each and every student to reach their dream university without knocking at several doors for help. Download the Leverage Edu app– your one solution for all study abroad needs!

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