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Are you passionate about sports? A career in Sports offers promising opportunities, high-salary packages and the golden opportunity to turn your hobby into a dream job! Gone are the days when people said that playing a sport is just for relaxation and fun but it won’t help you earn your daily bread. Recently, there is a surge in careers related to sports, such as being a sportsman or a professional athlete. Other than that, there are also fields in this career path like sports medicine, sports journalism and reporting, sports management, fitness trainers, etc. These careers have come to be hailed as highly paid career paths. Through this blog, we bring you a detailed guide on carving your dream career in Sports, from exploring the top career paths to the best courses and universities, to begin with!

Skills Required

  • Physical Energy and Stamina
  • Energetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Excellence communication and interpersonal skills
  • Motivational skill
  • Physically fit
  • Patience
  • Sporting Spirit

Top 10 Sports Jobs

Just a privileged few athletes make it to the summit of playing professional sports. Luckily for job seekers searching for off-field careers in this field, many professional sports teams are massive corporations that hire administrators, managers, referees, coaches, and so on are needed. To make it more straightforward, we have divided the on-field jobs and off-field jobs. It’s totally up to you which one you want to choose to make a career in sports. 

Here are the top 10 careers in Sports:

  1. Sportsperson
  2. Umpire/Referee/Instructor
  3. Coach
  4. Athletic Trainer
  5. Sports Medicine: Physiotherapist, Medical Assistant, Sports and Fitness Nutritionist, etc.
  6. Sports Commentator
  7. Sports Business Manager
  8. Team Strategies
  9. Sports Agent
  10. Sports Journalist

On-Field Careers in Sports


In sports, this is the most obvious profession. A sportsperson is actually an athlete on the field who plays a specific sport. If you’re playing as a cricketer, a basketball player, a football player, a baseball player, a hockey player or some other player you’ll be called a sportsman. You have to be safe physically, mentally, and emotionally, since you are the main character of the game. In order for an aspiring sportsperson to achieve his dreams, there are many scholarship opportunities present in India to have an outstanding career in sports.

If you want to be a professional athlete in this career who is recognized nationally, you can make millions by having a career in sports. But to make this dream come true, you will require proper guidance, dedication, and most importantly, inspiration.

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Everyone wants to play a fair game. But we need someone who can organise to keep the game equal. However, it is not as easy as you think. You need to talk about the game’s rules and regulations. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make correct decisions about the match in real time. In addition, you would also need leadership skills to build harmony between the players of the different teams. If you think that you possess all these qualities then a career in sports as an Umpire/Referee is the best path for you.

Sports Commentator

Now you must be wondering why we have added sports commentators to the on-field list of careers in sports. Along with sportspeople and instructors, they too have an equal responsibility on the field to cover up every live action of the game. As a sports commentator, you need to have communication skills and knowledge about various sports & athletes. However, such commentators also play an off-field role after the game while performing interviews. Channels like ESPN, Ten Sports, DD Sports, and Zee Sports are solely based on sports programs. Once you get a job in one of these companies, you will make a fortune.  

Off-Field Career in Sports


Perhaps you’ve heard of what a coach does? We have had sports coaches in schools and colleges, which always helped us boost our results. As a mentor, you will have to be as great as an athlete, and unless you have the talent for your particular sport, nobody will learn from you. Through teaching students in cricket, swimming, yoga, horse riding, football, etc., many private institutions make a fortune. Apart from that, you can also be a government coach in any institution.  

Sports Medicine

We can’t deny the fact that we need to make our health better to make a successful career in sports but, how would we be able to do so? We always need a consultant who can advise us about the various fitness programs and maintain our body during the training period. 

Sports Business Manager

A business manager keeps a balance on the finances of the team and manages their career in sports. Usually, he takes responsibility for sales, endorsements, contracts, funds, and so many components of finance. Furthermore, they also ensure whether or not players are being charged at the same time.

Team Strategist

Without a strategy, it’s hard to win a game. While a team’s success is measured by how well players have done on-field, a team strategist is often responsible for the players’ performance. Before letting his team play on the field, a planner studies the weakness, power, and actions of the team, the strength of the opponents, the weather, places, position, and so many other items. To make your name in this career, you must have excellent observation, organisation, and creative skills.

Sports Agent

A Sports Agent mainly has its own players and athletes to manage and take care of their monetary ventures, TV or online endorsements, paid events, etc. These agents specialise in personalising the management for every sportsperson to ensure that they get the best deals to earn money outside their career.

Sports Journalist

Sports Journalists are those news writers, correspondents or online news hosts that cover sports events for the media and can either work as a freelancer for various media houses or exclusively for a sports channel.

Marketing and Promotion Coordination

A marketing and promotion coordinator’s responsibilities include generating reports, researching the market, and implementing marketing plans. This position necessitates a degree in marketing or a similar subject, as well as prior expertise in digital and on-the-ground marketing.

Source: Fitistaan

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Top Universities for Sports Careers

Career in Sports Industry in India

In India, under the Sports Authority of India (SAI), different institutes and academies provide training for young talents to turn them into talented sportspeople. There are several state-owned and private entities other than SAI that fund sports enthusiasts. Careers in sports have opened up many career opportunities for young talent. Having a skill in the chosen sport is very critical in order to become a sportsperson. Strong determination and perseverance are required, along with talent.

It is a dream for any athletic individual to represent their nation at the international level. At the school and college level, you can start your career and start playing at the state level, or regional level, and then pursue opportunities at national and international levels.

Top Universities in India for Sports Careers

  • National Institute of Sports, Patiala
  • Lakshmibai National College for Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram & Gwalior
  • Tata Football Academy, Jamshedpur
  • National Cricket Academy, Bangalore
  • Delhi University, New Delhi
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, New Delhi

Association and Organisation of Sports

  • National Basketball Association
  • National Hockey League
  • National Football League
  • All India Tennis Association
  • National Institute of Sports
  • Indian Olympic Association

3 Essential Tips for Pursuing a Career in Sports

Some important tips for pursuing a career in sports include-

Tip 1: Consider Getting a Master’s Degree – A master’s degree can provide numerous advantages for a career in sports. A master’s degree, in general, can lead to higher earning possibilities, faster promotions, and more expertise.

Tip 2: Network Throughout Your Career – Everyone speaks about the importance of networking in the sports sector. You can start networking with your classmates; after all, they may one day be your coworkers. Making contacts throughout your professional career might result in a great reputation in the sports world as well as new chances.

Tip 3: Demonstrate Strong Character – The sports industry reflects the sports and events on which it is based. Great athlete is typically praised for their character in addition to their abilities — and the same is true for sports professionals.


What is the best career in sports?

Exercise Physiologist. Job Growth Rate (2020-30): 13%

How do I start a career in sports?

Postgraduate Course:
Master of Physical education.
M.Sc in Sports Coaching.
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine.
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management.
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Business.
MBA in Sports Management.
Master of Sports Management (MSM)
M.Sc in Sports Science.

What is the highest paid sports job?

Sports Statistician – Salary range: $41,500-$100,000 per year.

With the invention of various technologies like smartphones and televisions, sports have become a source of entertainment and investment for people. Even famous people like Mukesh Ambani, Shah Rukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty invest a huge amount to buy a team so that they can earn a huge return on their investment. Where a particular form of company returns a profit, business people prefer to spend more there. So, every year, the demand for workers touches the sky. As a result, the sports industry is rising and there is a thriving career in sports. 

Are you really passionate to make a career in sports? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you throughout the process of selecting the right course and university to ensure that you make an informed decision towards a rewarding career! Sign up for a free session with us now!

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  1. I have read your article. Such a good and informative. I have loved sports since childhood. Love to play I also like to watch sports. I also enjoy working with sports. Awareness among people increases through sports.

  1. I have read your article. Such a good and informative. I have loved sports since childhood. Love to play I also like to watch sports. I also enjoy working with sports. Awareness among people increases through sports.