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Career in Sports

Here is a step-by-step guide on building a career in sports. Read till the end to get answers to all your questions pertaining to a career in sports.

Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni!  Everyone is shouting out loud in the stadium. 
On the other side, the commentator is screaming on the mic. “We need 6 runs, and only 1 ball is left.” Finally, Dhoni smashes a six!
Everyone cheered, and chairpersons of various committees come on the spot to give him an award.
Now, wait! 
Imagine! Would it ever be possible for Dhoni to play as a batsman in the playground without the other sports organizing committees?
Would it ever be possible for the sports organizing committees to make a game without Dhoni? Do you prefer to be Dhoni, the commentator who is excitedly screaming on the mic, or the head of that organizing committee who set the whole game up? In this guide, we are going to guide you on how to make a career in Sports.

Advantages of Having A Career in Sports

1. Get A Secure Job

It doesn’t matter which field you have chosen in sports because the job security you will get here is very satisfying. Now let’s talk about “Shamsher”. An aspiring athlete who wasn’t able to make a career in sports due to his personal issues. He gave up. Now what? Well, Shamsher still hasn’t given it all up. He coaches and consults athletes for the improvement. See! After such a major injury, Shamsher still has a great career in sports ahead of him.

Now let’s talk about your life. What if you won’t become what you would choose in this field? Well, you can play your role as a sports journalist, commentator, head of an organizing committee, psychology & health expert, etc. 

2. Satisfactory Earnings

If your dream is also to be what Shamsher wants to be (an athlete), then you may make millions of dollars in this field. But to make this dream come true, you will require proper guidance, dedication, and most importantly, inspiration. You can become a soccer player, baseball player, cricket player, basketball player, and any other player. There are endless possibilities to make a career in sports. There are just so many sports in which you can play as an athlete. To be an athlete, you will have to take care of your body from the beginning.
“Your work is not only to play on the field but also to play in the kitchen.” 
A fit body can be the greatest weapon for you to be an athlete. 

3. Promotions

Do you like promotions? Well, such a silly question. Who doesn’t like them? In fact, people begin to think about getting a promotion from the very first day of their job. If you are really passionate about this field, you are definitely going to do well because passion is an element in this field which drives almost 80% of the results. With so many great progression options, you will be able to climb up the ladder of your career in sports including promotions as well as positions.

4. Booming Market

Because of the invention of various technologies like smartphones and TVs, it has become a source of entertainment and investment for people. Even celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty invest a huge amount to buy a team so that they can earn a huge return on their investment. Here’s a rule! Where a specific type of business returns a profit, business people tend to invest more there. So the demand for the employees touches the sky every year. Various brands, celebrities, politicians and other reputable business owners like Ambani invest huge money to get a high return on investment. As a consequence, the sports industry is expanding and a career in sports is blooming.

5. Transform Your Hobby into Passion

Getting a job you love is the greatest satisfaction you may get in your career. What do you think? This time, you won’t get scolded or insulted like you used to face in your early childhood. Tell us honestly, how many times your parents have scolded you for playing games instead of studying? Now you got the support of your family to make your dream come true. Otherwise, you have to make your parents understand that sports is not only related to playing on-field. 

Of course, you’re going to read some books to know how various sports and regulations take place. In addition to this, you will have a chance to stay near your idols. Discount on entry tickets, cheap t-shirts, flags, tattoos, everything will be available for you. You won’t need to pay for such an experience ever again. A career in sports is a gateway to all of this.

Challenges of Having a Career in Sports 


A career in sports is hectic. It depends on your field but still, you will most likely to stay busy. You have to be ready for the overtime when the events are about to show up. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t have free time. You will enjoy the off-days too. So don’t worry about the workload. In fact, we all face the workload in our respective fields. 

Less Family Time

Most of the tournaments and events are held in cities across the world. Be it the World Cup, Olympics, Wimbledon or the BWF World Championship, if you have a career in sports be ready to travel at a moments notice. This erratic schedule can make it difficult to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

What Do You Need To Make a Bright Career?

A sportsman or any other person related to this field hasn’t become what he or she is today in a single day. People thrive hard daily to achieve excellence so that they can perform well when the right time arrives. Here’s a list of things that you should regularly follow to make a successful career in sports:

What Should You Do?
A.Have some drive for games. You should have a mindset to beat the last results.
B.Discipline is a fundamental block of a career in sports. So follow a strict diet plan and exercise regularly. No matter where you go into this field, everybody loves a fabulous physique!
C.Be competitive. Have some competitors.
D.Believe in yourself. 
E.Just be you. Don’t copy moves of any other player.
F.Stay focused and determined. Never let distractions be the obstacles in what you are doing. If you have any other interests and hobbies, keep them aside. 
G.Manage your time and don’t forget to take rest because rest plays a significant role. 
H.Pain is your friend, when you plan to pursue a career in sports. You will have to cross the limits to grow yourself.
I.Be adaptive to unexpected situations and new information.
J.Be an emotionally mature person.
K.Believe in teamwork and promote it.
L.Learn to stay positive.
M.Learn to avoid trash-talking so that you can learn to pay attention to the main game.
N.Remember! There’s no shame in losing. So accept it gracefully.

Career Paths in Sports

To make it more straightforward, we have divided the on-field jobs and off-field jobs. It’s totally up to you which one you want to choose to make a career in sports.

On-Field Career Paths In Sports

Pursue a Career in Sports as a Sportsperson

This is the most obvious career in sports. A sportsperson is simply an athlete who plays a particular sport on the field. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing as a cricketer, basketball player, footballer, baseball player, hockey player or as any other player, you will be called sportsperson because you’re acting as the main character of the game. As you are the main character of the game, you have to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Moreover, when it comes to defining your career, your age and achievements will also play a significant role.
Note: Best players often get scholarships and support from the government. 

Pursue a Career in Sports as an Umpire/Referee/Instructor

Everyone wants to play a fair game. So to maintain a fair play, we need someone who can coordinate. But wait! It’s not as easy as you think. You need to know about the rules and regulations of the game. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make accurate real-time decisions of the match. Apart from this, you will also need leadership qualities to create a balance among players of the various teams. 

Pursue a Career in Sports as a Sports Commentator

Now you must be wondering why we have added sports commentator in the on-field list of career in sports? Along with sportsperson and instructors, they too have to perform well on the field to cover up every live action of the game. As a sports commentator, you need to have communication skills and knowledge about various sports & athletes. However, such commentators also play an off-field role after the game while performing interviews. Channels like ESPN, Ten Sports, DD Sports, and Zee Sports are solely based on sports programs. Once you get a job in one of these companies, you will make a fortune.  

Off-Field Career Paths

Pursue a Career in Sports as a Coach

You have probably heard of what a coach does? Right? In schools too, we had one who always helped us to improve our performance. As a coach, you will have to be as excellent as an athlete because nobody is going to learn from you unless you have the talent in your particular sport. Many private institutions make a fortune by coaching students in cricket, swimming, yoga, horse riding, football, etc. Job openings for coaches have increased in recent years. So you can also be a government coach in any institution.  

Pursue a Career in Sports in Sports Medicine

We can’t deny the fact that we need to make our health better to make a successful career in sports but how would be able to do so? Yes, we need a consultant who can advise us about fitness programs and maintain our body during the training period. 

Pursue a Career in Sports as a Sports Business Manager

A business manager keeps a check on the team’s finances. He usually takes up the responsibility for revenue, endorsements, contracts, funds, and so many financial components. In addition, they also make sure whether players are getting paid at the right time or not. 

Pursue a Career in Sports as a Team Strategist

Without a strategy, it’s hard to win a game. Although the performance of a team is determined by how well players have performed on-field, a team strategist is also accountable to the performance of players. A strategist observes weakness, strength, & behavior of the team, the strength of the opponents, weather, venues, location, and so many other things before letting its team play on the field. You must have a great observation, organization, and creative skills to make your name in this field. 

Top Universities to Target to Build a Career in Sports

Pursue a Career in Sports at the University of Bath, UK

In 2014 and 2016, the university had achieved 4th position in BUCS Championships. It’s a public and influential university which has invested so much in its field and track facilities. The university is 134 years old. They will provide every single equipment before, during and even after the completion of course. Moreover, teachers, students, and other staff will answer every problem and act friendly.

Pursue a Career in Sports at the University of Birmingham

Another university to consider to build a career in sports is the University of Birmingham. The university provides more than 30 sporting scholarships every year. In 2014 and 2016, University of Birmingham was able to gain the 3rd position in BUCS Championships. This public university is 119 years old and came into existence as a successor to Queen’s College, Birmingham. The primary aim of the university is to work together and change mental health care for good. 

Pursue a Career in Sports at the Cardiff Metropolitan University

This public university is located in the region of Cardiff, Wales. It functions on the basis of two campuses: Cyncoed and Llandaff. Along with full-time, part-time, undergraduate, and postgraduate studies, it also offers an opportunity for those students who want to research and innovate something new in the field of sports. It has also been accredited by the Quality Assurance Agency (it ensures the quality of education).

Pursue a Career in Sports at the Rutgers University

Rutgers is a 253 years old university which is situated in New Jersey. It’s one of the largest and oldest universities in the US state that has almost 70,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university has also recognized by the Washington Monthly, US. News & World Report, and ARWU. Once you study here, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of sports medicine, biomechanics, rehabilitation, and exercise physiology.

What’s the First Step?

Are you really passionate to make a career in sports? Look! You need to tell the truth to your own self. Otherwise, you can’t make so far in this field because there will be dark and shiny days. We asked because we care. And if you too care about making a career in sports, feel free to contact Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293.

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