MBA in Malaysia

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MBA in Malaysia

A Master of Business Administration, or MBA, degree teaches students technical, managerial, and valuable business acumen. It is one of the most sought-after courses to accelerate your career trajectory.  Malaysia is not only a scenic vacation spot but is also emerging to be a very popular study destination, especially for those aiming to pursue MBA abroad. It is ranked as the 11th most preferred study destination in the world. The low cost of living and affordable program fees are only a few of the reasons that Malaysia is increasingly attracting more MBA abroad, aspirants. In this article, we bring you all the relevant information you need, regarding studying MBA in Malaysia.

Degree Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Level Postgraduate
IELTS or TOEFL Required
GMAT score At least 550
Duration 1-2 years
Average fees Around INR 5,00,000 p.a
Average Salary INR 5,00,000-6,00,000

Why is Malaysia a Viable Option?

Malaysia has become one of the favourite MBA abroad spots mainly, because of the Malaysian government’s investment in higher education. Malaysia’s rise as a popular MBA abroad destination is also due to the following reasons:

Internationally recognized degree

Many top universities like MIT, Nottingham etc, have established their branches in Malaysia. Now, students can reap the benefits of obtaining a foreign degree from a top B-School in Malaysia.

Low cost of living and tuition fees

Business schools in Malaysia offer quality education at fees as low as Rs. 8 lakhs for the entire program and the cost of living is approximately Rs. 2-3 lakhs annually. More MBA aspirants from India prefer Malaysia as their MBA study destination because they offer quality education at fees as low as Rs. 8 lakhs for the entire program and the cost of living and accommodations are also very budget-friendly.

Easy visa and immigration rules

Candidates do not have to go through stringent visa and immigration rules if they opt for Malaysia.  Students are also allowed to work while studying to support their living in Malaysia.

Safe, comfortable and friendly place, known for its scenic beauty

Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world with a relatively low crime rate. It offers the ultimate comfortable environment for students. Weather conditions are very favourable which makes Malaysia an attractive option.

High quality of life

Malaysians lead a high-quality life; mainly because it is a newly industrialized nation. The country has great infrastructures, and advanced technology and the universities have world-class campuses and facilities. The country has become an ideal MBA abroad study destination in Asia.

Types of MBA in Malaysia

With both part-time and full-time study options, offered at the top universities in Malaysia, the students have the opportunity to get an MBA in Malaysia at a pace that is right for them.

 A regular MBA program is a full-time course where classes convene every weekday. It is taken up normally by students looking to build on their earlier degrees.

Once you have obtained a graduate degree in business, the next step is an Executive MBA (EMBA). An Executive MBA program is a specialized program geared towards professionals who wish to advance their knowledge while working, to get into high-level executive and management positions.

A part-time MBA is an excellent way to enhance business acumen which is vital for a flourishing career. This program is excellent for working professionals who prefer to take classes on weekends or during the evenings while working at some other job.

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Top Universities for MBA in Malaysia & Fee Structure

There are a plethora of business schools and universities in Malaysia which offer a vast range of MBA courses. Following is a complete list of top universities for Regular and Executive MBA in Malaysia:

University Location Tuition fees (year)
University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur INR 7.2 Lakhs
Universiti Putra Malaysia Seri Kembangan INR 6.6 Lakhs
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Selangor INR 6.1 Lakhs
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru INR 4.7 lakhs
Universiti Sains Malaysia Pulau Pinang INR 6.9 lakhs
Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation Kuala Lumpur INR 7.1 Lakhs
Universiti Malaysia Pahang Kemaman INR 4.9 Lakhs
INTI International University and Colleges Nilai INR 7.5 lakhs
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Kota Bharu INR 6.2 Lakhs
UCSI University Kuala Lumpur, INR 8.8 Lakhs

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Internationally Recognised MBA in Malaysia

With top universities like MITUSA, Monash University in Australia and the University of Nottingham in the UK expanding their branches in Malaysia, MBA abroad aspirants and local students keen on getting a degree from an advanced nation, can now accomplish that in Malaysia.

Nottingham University Business School Malaysia (NUBS Malaysia)
Asia School of Business: Collaborates with MIT Sloan School of Management
The University of Strathclyde, UK – Malaysia Campus
The Swinburne University of Technology, Australia – Malaysia Campus
Heriot-Watt University– Malaysia Campus

MBA at the University of Nottingham Malaysia

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Malaysia

Though the actual course guidelines for an MBA program and universities in Malaysia may vary widely, there are certain general requirements that must be kept in mind. Here are the major eligibility requirements for MBA in Malaysia:

  • An undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent qualification in any field related to the MBA course you are applying for.
  • CGPA (typically a minimum of 3.00 out of 4.00)
  • Working experience (most universities set this at a minimum of 3 years)
  • The passing of English language proficiency exams (such as TOEFL and IELTS)
  • Age (some universities set a minimum age requirement)
  • GMAT (at least 550) may be required for international MBA programs like the University of Nottingham MBA in Malaysia. Otherwise for most Universities GMAT or GRE score is not required in Malaysia.

Admission Process

The following are the basic and straightforward admissions procedures for foreign students seeking to pursue an MBA in Poland:

  • Make a list of the universities to which you want to apply. Go to the university’s official website and make your registration.
  • Students are required to fax or email academic qualifications to the concerned college/university for initial approval.
  • If your application is approved, you will need to submit the formal application with scanned copies of your papers and important documents.
  • Please take note that the fees need to be paid at a later stage.
  • After careful verification of the documents, the respective college/university will release the acceptance package, which will be couriered to the agent. The package includes the following:
    • Offer letter
    • Offer response and payment advice form
    • Course fee refund policy
    • Student’s copy
    • Office copy
    • Accommodation booking form
    • Arrival services form
  • All the required documents will be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department for Student Visa application. Once the Student Visa is approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department (usually 6-8 weeks).
  • The student shall then proceed to the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate stated on the visa letter to obtain a Single Entry Visa and arrange for flights. The student can submit their Arrival services form once flight details are confirmed.
  • Once a student arrives at the college/university, their passport and medical report will be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department to endorse their Student Pass into Multiple Entry Student Pass in the passport. This process takes about 3-4 weeks.

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Documents Required

Here is a list of the required documents for pursuing an MBA in Malaysia:

Cost of MBA in Malaysia

The tuition for universities in Malaysia varies depending on the institution. Domestic and foreign students pay various tuition rates. The cost of tuition will vary depending on the MBA programme you choose and the university. Malaysian culture is distinctive. Despite being a “Religion of Federation,” Islam accepts students of various religions and backgrounds. The type of lodging you select and your lifestyle will affect the cost of living in Malaysia. We will estimate the tuition and living expenses for overseas students in Malaysia in this section.

  • For overseas students, tuition fees for an MBA programme at Malaysian universities is from RM35,000 to RM52,000 per year.
  • Living Expenses: The cost of lodging for overseas students in Malaysia is approximately RM700 – RM1850 per month.

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Scholarships in Malaysia

Many scholarships are offered for students in the form of financial support and other expense covering due to the high cost of tuition and other expenses for Indian students. The popular scholarships available to international students in Malaysia are listed in the table below, along with information about each one:

Scholarship Eligibility criteria Award Value
Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) Must have CGPA/GPA above 3.0. Intend to pursue a full-time MBA in a Malaysian institution 1,500 MYR (INR 28,000) per month
Asia School of Business MBA scholarship A completed application An essay of 500 words Outstanding accomplishments in academics Full coverage of tuition fees and living expenses
INCEIF MBA President’s Scholarship Outstanding academic performance with CGPA above 3.0 Must be admitted for full-time MBA Full coverage of tuition fees
KPMG Scholarship Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.5 Financial coverage worth 12,000 MYR (INR 2,24,106) annually

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Jobs and Salary

Graduates from an MBA programme in Malaysia can anticipate jobs with top managerial roles paying up to 80,000 MYR (INR 14,93,170) annually. The following table displays the typical monthly wages graduates might anticipate for various positions:

Job Roles Average Monthly Salary (MYR) Salary for Indian Student (INR)
General Manager 12,000 2,23,975
HR manager 9,800 1,82,913
Finance Manager 8,200 1,53,050
Senior Operations Manager 18,500 3,45,295
Marketing Manager 12,100 2,25,842
Financial analyst 24,000 4,47,951
Financial controller 11,300 210,910


Q1. Is Malaysia good for MBA?

Ans. Malaysia is a great option for students seeking an MBA since it provides affordable higher education programmes, a low cost of living, and a straightforward VISA application process. Malaysia is frequently ranked among the best nations for both living and studying.

Q2. How much does it cost to do MBA in Malaysia?

Ans. Depending on the location and institution, studying for an MBA in Malaysia might cost anywhere from 40,000 MYR to 80,000 MYR (INR 7,46,585 to INR 14,93,170). Commonly included in the entire price are education fees, medical costs, rent, personal expenses, groceries, etc.

Q3. Is Malaysia good for Indian students?

Ans. Malaysia’s overseas students, many of whom are from India, are its greatest feature. Currently, Malaysia is home to more than 170,000 international students from more than 162 different nations. You can receive higher education from more than 100 accredited universities in 151 courses.

This was all the relevant information regarding pursuing MBA from Malaysia. When considering an MBA programme, finding the right fit between a university and a specialisation is tough. At Leverage Edu, the AI-based algorithm matches you with the finest mentors from your field so that you can get well-evidenced and personalized guidance for furthering your study abroad dream.

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    1. Hello,
      The average estimated fee to study MBA in Malaysia is around INR 6-10 lakhs per annum. This equates to $8074 to $13456 in US dollars. Hope that with this, we have been able to answer to your question.

    1. Hello,
      The average estimated fee to study MBA in Malaysia is around INR 6-10 lakhs per annum. This equates to $8074 to $13456 in US dollars. Hope that with this, we have been able to answer to your question.

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