Must-Have Automobile Engineering Books For Students

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Automobile Engineering Books

Automobile engineering is one of the prominent Engineering branches and deals with designing, developing, producing and testing a vehicle or an automobile. These graduates work closely with the companies and industry experts to enhance the technical performance and aesthetics of the vehicles. The automobile industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade and constitutes an important part of the economy. Due to this, the demand for professionals who are adept in this field is increasing. If you are planning to pursue Automobile courses and want to build a strong career in the same then it is important to study form resources which impart extensive knowledge of the field. Thus, in this blog, we will shed light on some of the best Automobile Engineering books that can help you become more proficient in this popular field. 

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List of Best Automobile Engineering Books

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Automobile Engineering books for beginners who want to explore the basics and for students exploring this specialisation as a part of their course curriculum.

Automobile Engineering BooksAuthor (s)Link
Automotive MechanicsS. SrinivasanBuy here
Robotics and Automation HandbookThomas R. KurfessBuy here
Automotive Engineering FundamentalsJeffrey K. Ball & Richard StoneBuy here
Clutch and Brakes: Design
and Selection
William C. OrthweinBuy here
Automotive Engineering: Powertrain,
Chassis System & Vehicle Body
Professor David CrollaBuy here
Automotive Fuel, Lubricating
& Cooling Systems: Construction,
Operation and Maintenance
William Harry Crouse
& Donald L. Anglin
Buy here
Robotics (Industrial Robotics)P. Jaganathan
(Lakshmi Publications)
Buy here
Internal Combustion Engine FundamentalsJohn HeywoodBuy here
Engineering Fundamentals
of the Internal Combustion Engine
William W. PulkrabekBuy here
Automobile SuspensionsColin CampbellBuy here
Vehicle DynamicsDieter Schramm,
Manfred Hiller, Roberto Bardini
Buy here
The Multibody Systems
Approach to Vehicle Dynamics
Michael Blundell
and Damian Harty
Buy here

Now, let’s explore some of these best Automobile Engineering books in further detail to understand their components and topics covered.

Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion EngineWillard W. Pulkrabek

With major attention on the reciprocating engines, the Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine is one such Automobile Engineering books that explore the basic principles and applications of multiple types of internal combustion engines. It covers topics like spark and compression ignition engines, along with the engines operating on two-stroke cycles and four-stroke cycles, engines of a small model of an aeroplane, stationary large engines, etc.

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Automotive Mechanics – S. Srinivasan

The latest edition of this guide focuses on the car mechanics of the cars today. This is one of those Automobile Engineering books that provide descriptive explanations pertaining to the operating theory, assembling, maintaining, troubleshooting, servicing, repairing and reconstructing all the elements and components of an automobile. This book is available in both offline and online modes.

The Multibody Systems Approach to Vehicle DynamicsMichael Blundell

The study guide offers a basic foundation knowledge and covers both the virtual and practical aspects of vehicle dynamics. The latest edition of this book contains topics such as torque vectoring, developments in active safety systems, latest tyre models, changes to the modelling of light commercial vehicles, simulation and modelling of techniques and so on.

Automobile Suspensions – Colin Campbell

An introduction to the basics and fundamentals of the elementary technology in automobile suspensions, this study guide amongst our list of automobile engineering books is perfect for those who are in the first year of their degree program. In this, important technical jargons have been simplified for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the topics. While the core concepts related to the steering geometry is included in the book, those in context with the steering mechanisms and components have not been included.

Dynamics of Road Vehicles (Modelling and Simulation) – Dieter Schramm, Manfred Hiller, Roberto Bardini

This book describes the basics of mathematics and fundamentals of the automobile dynamics in detail. Starting right from the basic single-track models to complex 3D multi-body models, the book presents diverse complexity levels of road vehicles. Counted amongst one of the best Automobile Engineering books, the main emphasis is placed on establishing mathematical models based on real automobiles.

Clutch and Brakes: Design and Selection William C. Orthwein

With a multitude of analytical methods, graphs, and formula the Clutch and Brakes: Design and Selection is one of those Automotive Engineering books that simplify the calculations, make the engineers familiar with a range of applications, and assist with the parameters of selecting a particular design challenge.

Automobile Engineering Books for Beginners

Those who have recently developed interest in the field of Automobile Engineering, here are some of the books that can help you-

Which book is best for Automobile Engineering?

Here is a list of popular books for AE-
The Repair of Vehicle Bodies by Andrew Livesey
Automotive Vibration Control Technology by TrelleborgVibracoustics
Bosch Automotive Handbook 9th Edition by Robert Bosch GmbH
Integrated Computer-Aided Design in Automotive Development by Hirz Mario, Wilhelm Dietrich, Anton Gfrerrer, Johann Lang(
Principles of Vibration Analysis with Applications in Automotive Engineering by C. Q. Liu Ronald L. Huston
The Automotive Body: Volume I: Components Design by L. Morello, Lorenzo Rosti Rossini, Giuseppe Pia, Andrea Tonoli

What are the subjects in Automotive Engineering?

Mentioned below are some of the subjects of Automobile Engineering-
Mobility Design and Aesthetics
Automotive Materials
Automotive Electrical and Electronics
Computer-aided Vehicle Design
Vehicle Maintenance
Electric Mobility
Engineering Mechanics
Manufacturing Technology,

Which country is best for Automobile Engineering jobs?

Countries like Germany, Poland, France and Czech Republic are considered to be ideal for pursuing studies in this field.

Hopefully, with this blog, you are now familiar with the information about the best Automobile Engineering books. If you are aspiring to pursue a successful career in the Automotive industry but are not sure about how to get started with it then the experts at Leverage Edu will connect you with the best mentors who have had a similar career path as you. You can also book your free 30 minutes career counselling sessions with our mentors and get all your queries and doubts answered within seconds. 

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