IIT-Gn Launches 30-30 STEM Program

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IIT-Gn Launches 30-30 STEM Program

With all the top-notch global universities adopting online learning and education, the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, CBSE and Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune come together to launch a live online education program called 30-30 Stem.

The vision behind it was to assist students to work on their critical thinking abilities, especially in the domains of math and science. In just a month’s span, this program has managed to incline over 10 Lakh students with a high increase in numbers every Sunday. This influential initiative has built an online platform for not only students, but also teachers and parents to develop expertise in the field of STEM

30-30 STEM Program Details 

This pioneering program aims to make such complex learning more engaging by using creative and novel methods to explain concepts. The 30-week program goes live every Sunday from 4 pm to 5 pm. The first session itself was a massive hit with ardent participants from all over India. It covered the topic of ‘Adventures of A4 Paper’ by lucidly explaining complex topics like the distance between Earth and Moon, ratio and proportion, similar triangles, length and volume, octagon, and so on, just by utilizing a simple A4 size paper sheet! The participants were also given questions and open-ended puzzles to solve that were based on the PISA framework which persuades them to continue learning through this program and instill the essential learning skills. 

For their further sessions, 30-30 stem education has in store various other exciting topics, puzzles, 3D visuals, etc. to effectively teach the topics of algebra, calculus, geometry and science. 

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Expert’s Review 

Prof Manish Jain who is an Associate Teaching Professor at IITGN and Main Facilitator of the ’30-30 STEM’ program said, “We are very excited about this unique program, where the goal is to unlock the beauty, magic, mystery of Mathematics and Science. These subjects are often considered hard and boring; this is an initiative to work with teachers and children to make the curriculum exciting by exploring the Maths/Science around us. We would also try to showcase how to make online education ENGAGING and INSPIRING.”

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