Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an engineer and have an interest in working with machines then exploring this course will help you in establishing a career in this field.  Electronics and instrumentation engineering looks at the designing, manufacturing and operating of measuring instruments that are used in various industries. It is a specialized course that acts as a bridge between instrumentation and electronic technology.

This branch is industry oriented and mainly looks at the production, management, and testing of already existing devices or production of new devices. Apart from industrial instruments this field also explores other areas like bio-medical instruments and robotics. If you want to design devices and work on them or have an interest in working in any of the above-mentioned fields then you must check out the curriculum and other aspects of this course which are presented in this blog on electronics and instrumentation engineering.

Key Elements of  Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

There are certain subjects that are fundamental to electronics and instrumentation engineering, some of the key aspects of this course are :

Physics and Mathematics in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering: In order to have a basic idea of how a device works one needs to know the physics behind it and how the calculations of the same device function. Hence a basic idea about calculus and physics is necessary and one needs to be interested in these subjects.

Basics of Electronics in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering: In order to design and work on machines and other heavy devices, one should have a knowledge of how various circuits work and the theory behind electrical energy and its conversion. Electronics then functions as the foundation of this course.

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Industrial Instrumentation in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering: Industrial instrumentation involves controlling, devicing of all physical quantities of industrial equipment, utilising and working with units like voltage, fluid pressure, temperature, and other such physical measurements and units.

Computer Programming in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering: Computer programming is one of the key elements of this course because of the way it engages with both instruments and electronic devices. Basic understanding of computer programming and computer languages becomes necessary in order to explore the functions of various instruments and devices. 

Job Prospects after Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

With the rigorous course plan and a diverse curriculum this course prepares one to face the day to day challenges of the industry. A degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering also comes with ample career opportunities, some of the job roles you can consider are:

  • Instrument Engineer: An instrument engineer designs and manages machines used in highly technical fields. Heavy industries and steel companies require instrument engineers to take care of the machinery.
  • Automation Engineer: An automation engineer takes care of the equipment as well as ensure increasing the mechanical efficiency of an industry. Automation Engineering mostly require supervising of instruments in heavy industries.
  • Process analyzers: A process analyst gathers data and improves the quality of business as well as handles the theoretical and statistical part of this field. Collection of physical data and analysing it in order to increase the productivity of the industry is one of the prime tasks of this job. One also needs to have management skills in order to excel in this field.

Top Colleges for Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

While there are numerous colleges that offer electronics and instrumentation engineering, here are the top five colleges for a degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering:

This course covers one of the biggest corporate as well as industrial structures in the world hence it provides one with ample opportunities to explore. This course will not only land you a well-paid job but will also give you exposure for your future prospects. It might be tricky to choose the best college and course for yourself but the counsellors at Leverage Edu can guide you step by step through the entire process. 

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