Automobile Engineering Colleges

Automobile Engineering Colleges

Do you dream of riding a bike with truck wheels and an aeroplane engine? Do you want to modify your own bikes and create a brand one of your own? Well, most of us spend our childhood playing with bikes and cars and if you grew up to become passionate about the automobile and its designing, then a career in automobile engineering is the right path to discover. Automobile Engineering involves designing, manufacturing and operating of automobiles. This field is filled with a greater scope for those interested in automobile designing and manufacturing. This article will walk you through the various aspects of pursuing automobile engineering along with the top automobile engineering colleges across the globe.

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Overview of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is a branch of Vehicle Engineering consisting of mechanical, technical and software skills to manufacture, design, operate, repair and develop automobiles. This field focuses on various automobile techniques and provides sufficient knowledge and skills to students with the help of creative methodologies and concepts under Vehicle Engineering. You will get to learn about designing and building motorcycles, cars, bikes, trucks etc. A course in Automobile Engineering focuses on the main aspects of manufacturing automobiles, different technologies, the functionality of different automobiles (cars, bikes, trucks), their specifications and modifications, assembling and testing of products, construction and calculation of different automobiles. 

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List of Automobile Engineering Courses

There are several types of automobile engineering courses which students can pursue at various levels. Several prestigious automobile engineering colleges from around the world offer various degree, specialized and diploma programs in this field. Take a look at the following list of Automobile courses offered at the diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level:

Diploma Courses

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • Bachelors of Engineering in Automobile Engineering
  • Bachelors of Technology (BTech) in Automobile Engineering
  • Bachelors of Technology in Automotive Design Engineering
  • Bachelors of Technology (Hons.) in Automobile Engineering

Master’s Degree Programs

  • Master of Engineering in Automobile Engineering
  • Master of Technology in  Automobile Engineering
  • Master of Science in Automobile Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Automotive Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Automation and Control Power System
  • Master of Technology in Automotive Engineering and E- Manufacturing
  • MS in Automotive Engineering

Top Automobile Engineering Colleges in the World

Automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing industries with various career opportunities in both the public and private sectors globally. To meet the growing need of automobile engineers, there are plentiful courses offered around the world. Following are the list of top Automobile Engineering colleges:

RMIT University

One of the internationally well-reputed automobile engineering colleges, RMIT University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various disciplines of Design and Technology. The university offers Bachelor’s of Engineering in Automotive Engineering which provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of manufacturing and designing automobiles.

Queensland University of Technology

A public research university in Brisbane, Queensland University of Technology is known for its internationally focused courses, strong research and industry links. The department of Science and Engineering offers Automotive Engineering and Mechanical courses to those aspiring to pursue a career in Vehicle Engineering. The courses offer a mixed balance of theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare students for the industry. 

Centennial College

A government-funded and one of the oldest colleges in Canada offering a variety of Automobile Engineering courses in fields such as automotive, automation and robotics, automotive technician, and automobile engineering. The courses offer excellent working knowledge of every aspect involved in designing, manufacturing and operating of vehicles. 

University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham offers various professional courses across several disciplines. There is a plethora of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Automobile Engineering and Automotive Engineering with a focus on industry training and exposure. The courses aim to equip students with knowledge and skills to operate and manufacture various vehicles. The college also provides summer work training to students for better learning and understanding.  

Top Universities & Colleges for Automobile Engineering in India

Along with the aforementioned international universities and colleges for courses in this field, here are the best Automobile Engineering colleges and academic institutions in India:

  • IIT Madras
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • National Institute of Technology, Warangal
  • IIT Roorkee
  • Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai
  • SRM University, Chennai

We hope that this blog helped you gather key details about Automobile Engineering colleges and courses available across the globe. If you are inquisitive about the world of designing and creating automobiles, Leverage Edu experts can guide you in selecting an ideal course in Automobile Engineering to take you deeper into the world of wheels.

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