Courses After MCA: What To Pursue?

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Courses after MCA

Have you just completed your MCA? Are you exploring career options after MCA? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The Master of Computer Applications or MCA is a postgraduation degree program that runs for a period of 3-years.

The advancement in the IT sector and the emergence of new companies have increased the demand for computer professionals and this, in turn, has led students to study master’s programs to expand their knowledge in the field of Computers.

Even though an MCA degree in itself is job-oriented, if you are planning to build a strong career in this field by specializing in a specific area or by enhancing your skill sets, then pursuing higher studies is a viable option. In this blog, we will shed light on the array of courses after MCA which you can pursue. 

Career Options After MCA

While exploring courses after MCA, you must also be familiar with the major career options available after a Master’s in Computer Applications. Check out the following job opportunities you can explore after MCA:

Government Jobs After MCA

There are a host of government jobs available apart from the private ones in India, once you complete your MCA. They are tabulated below. 

Name of Organisation Job Role Average Salary (Per Month) 
Government of Haryana Senior System Analyst Rs 35,000
Broadcasting Engineering Consultants
India Limited (BECIL) 
Consultant Rs 35,000 –
Rs 45,000
Public Sector Banks IT Officer Rs 35,000
NIC, Government of India Programmer Rs 35,000

Higher Studies After MCA 

Being a professional master’s degree program, the MCA syllabus gives you a comprehensive overview of computer applications and imparts in-depth knowledge in areas like Programming, Networking, IT, etc.

Listed below are some of the most popular courses after MCA:

1. Data Science and Analytics

Courses: Data Science with Python, Data Analysis with R, Big Data Analytics
Certifications: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, Cloudera Certified Data Analyst

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Courses: Machine Learning by Stanford University (Coursera), Deep Learning Specialization
(Coursera), AI for Everyone (Coursera)
Certifications: TensorFlow Developer Certificate, Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate

 3. Cybersecurity

Courses:  Cybersecurity Specialization (Coursera), Ethical Hacking (Udemy), Cybersecurity Fundamentals (edX)
Certifications: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), CompTIA Security+

4. Cloud Computing

Courses:  AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Coursera), Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals (Coursera), Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Udemy)
Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expe

5. Blockchain Technology

Courses: Blockchain Basics (Coursera), Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Udemy), Blockchain Specialization (Coursera)
Certifications: Certified Blockchain Developer, Certified Blockchain Expert

6. DevOps

Courses: DevOps Essentials (Coursera), Continuous Delivery & DevOps (Udacity), Docker for DevOps (Udemy)
Certifications: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Docker Certified Associate, Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

7. Web Development

Courses: Full-Stack Web Development with React (Coursera), Web Development Bootcamp (Udemy), Responsive Web Design (freeCodeCamp)
Certifications: Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate, Certified Web Developer

8. Mobile App Development

Courses: Android Development (Coursera), iOS App Development with Swift (Udacity), React Native (Udemy)
Certifications: Google Associate Android Developer, Apple Certified iOS Developer

9. Project Management

Courses: Project Management Principles and Practices (Coursera), Agile Project Management (edX), PMP Exam Prep (Udemy)
Certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), PRINCE2 Practitioner

10. Database Management and Administration

Courses: Oracle Database Administration (Udemy), SQL for Data Science (Coursera), Database Management Essentials (Coursera)
Certifications: Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate

Additional Considerations

Higher Studies: Some MCA graduates opt for further academic pursuits such as Ph.D. in Computer Science or related fields.

Industry-Specific Certifications: Depending on the industry you want to enter, certain certifications can be highly beneficial. For example, ITIL for IT service management, or SAS for analytics and data management.

These courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of computer applications and to prepare students for various roles in the IT industry. The curriculum can vary slightly depending on the university or institution offering the MCA program


If you want to delve deeper into the research field, then studying PhD after MCA  can offer you a great opportunity. Spanning between 3-5 years, this specialization degree program expands your knowledge and enhances your analytical skills in the subject.

Database Systems, Information Security, Software Engineering, and Computation Theory are some of the topics which form a part of the degree program. Further, a doctorate from a university abroad opens a plethora of areas to specialize in and upon completing it, you can choose academics or research as your career line.


Venturing into business related to the field of computers is surging up as a new trend among MCA graduates. MBA in Computer Science, a two-year degree program is one such course that equips students with industry-relevant skills.

The core elements taught in the course include Database Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Management Information Systems, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, etc. Thus, the blend of technical expertise with business knowledge broadens your career opportunities. 


MS in Computer Science is one of the most sought-after courses after MCA. The two-year professional degree program allows you to choose from a wide range of specialization subjects like Hardware, Architecture, Software Engineering, Data Science, etc. thus opening up the door to an array of career opportunities.

To study MS in Computer Science, you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria which include valid scores on language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

Note: The admission criteria and minimum percentile may vary from one university to another. It is thus advised to visit the official website and go through the prerequisites before applying. 

Short-Term Courses

In case you are not willing to spend years pursuing a PhD or a specialized master’s degree program then a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science or certificate program can be an easy alternative.

These courses focus on the key aspects of computers and cover them in a short duration. Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Software Development, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification course, Graduate Certificate in 3D Animation, PG Diploma in Cyber Security, Cloud Computing courses and Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics are some of the many short-term courses after MCA which you can consider. 

Specialization Courses after MCA

There is an array of specialization courses after MCA which you can consider. Listed below are some of the most sought-after subjects: 

Hardware Engineering

This subject is concerned with designing, testing and developing computer hardware from scratch. From designing memory chips and circuit boards to conceptualizing the overall design of computer systems, specializing in hardware engineering imparts knowledge in the tangible part of the computer system. 

Software Engineering

Opposite to hardware engineering, software engineering focuses on the functioning part of computer systems. Designing interfaces and writing programming codes are some of the areas you will gain expertise through this specialization. Due to the advent of new technologies, Software engineers are in great demand and are also among the top-earning professionals in the field. 

Web Designing

A web designer is responsible for conceptualizing and implementing the layout and user interface of a website. In the age of digital technology, web design professionals will always be in need. To know more, check out our blog on Web Designing courses!


Programmers are tasked with writing codes that can execute computer functions effectively. With the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain Technology, these professionals are always in high demand, especially in fields like Game Development, Software Development, etc.

Certificate Courses After MCA 

Once you complete your MCA, you can also enrol for a certificate course. These courses have a huge demand in the industry. They are mentioned below:

  • Data Scientist: The field of Data Science is a promising one. It mainly is about data analysis and information as well as the usage of programming skills to handle the bulk amount of data. The institutes offering this certificate course are GD Goenka Gurgaon, Amity University Manesar, IIT Bhubaneswar, and Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida. 
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing services are an integral and important part of IT Companies. They rely on the process of cloud computing for hosting their data and applications. The institutes offering this course are SRM University, JECRC University, Jaipur, and Jagganath University.
  • DevOps: This is a process that is used to integrate several processes between software development and IT teams. This is done for the faster deployment and development of software products.
  • Machine Learning: The application of machine learning is found in artificial intelligence. The scope of machine learning is vast and in the coming years, people who know this field will increase. IIT Madras is one of the top institutes offering a course in machine learning. 

Online Courses After MCA

Here are some online courses for MCA graduates that you ought to explore.

CourseOffered byDurationFees
Applied Data ScienceIBM6 monthsRs. 1,7424/-
Developing Applications with Google CloudGoogle Cloud4 weeksRs. 3,649/-
Applied Data Science with PythonUniversity of Michigan via Coursera5 monthsRs. 18,245/-
DevOps Certification Training CourseEdurekaSelf-pacedRs. 19,995/-
IBM Machine Learning Professional CertificateIBM via Coursera
6 monthsRs. 17,424/-
Software Design and ArchitectureUniversity of Alberta16 weeks
Data Science ToolsIBM7 weeksRs. 2,869/-
Deployment of Machine LearningUdemySelf-pacedRs. 8,640/-
Deployment of Machine Learning ModelUdemy10 hoursRs. 8,640/-
System Issues in Cloud Computing SpecializationGeorgia Institute of Technology
6 monthsRs. 43788/-
DevOps Certification Training CourseSimplilearnSelf-pacedRs. 17,999/-


The MCA opens up a lot of opportunities. One can even enrol in certificate programmes to advance their skills and find a variety of jobs after earning an MCA to gain an advantage over others in such a competitive field.

Decide after considering your areas of interest, the cost of the courses, the time commitment, the viability, and the growth potential.

Both inside and outside of India, MCA has a wide range of applications. Jobs after MCA would always be numerous and varied because of its connection to technology, which would satisfy everyone’s appetite.

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1. Can I do PhD after MCA?

Ans. It is possible to pursue a PhD in India after earning an MCA, but you will need GATE or NET scores to do so. You must also create a research thesis in addition to a valid qualifying score.

2. Which course is best after MCA?

Ans. Some best courses to pursue after MCA are listed below:
Hardware Engineer.
Software Developer.
Database Engineer.
Data Scientist.
Cloud Architect.
Web Designer and Developer.
Technical Writer.
IT Architect.

3. Is it easy to get a job after MCA?

Ans. A few of the many career options available after an MCA include specialised profiles in software development, hardware technology, systems development and engineering, troubleshooting, management information system, internet, and networking.

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Hopefully, this blog has given you an insight into the various courses after MCA that you can study.

If you have a university in mind but are not sure about how to get started with the application then the experts at Leverage Edu will assist you in completing the admission-related formalities. 

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  1. MCA course is one of the demanding course nowadays among the students. like hardware Engineer, software developer , Database Engineer , cloud architect , and many more .

  2. A student can opt for various courses after MCA course or even job also if int for it . Like Software developer , system analyst , hardware engineer , Data scientist , software consultant and ,many more .

  1. MCA course is one of the demanding course nowadays among the students. like hardware Engineer, software developer , Database Engineer , cloud architect , and many more .

  2. A student can opt for various courses after MCA course or even job also if int for it . Like Software developer , system analyst , hardware engineer , Data scientist , software consultant and ,many more .