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Machine Learning

The all-pervading effects of innovations in computer intelligence have never been so evident as in the 21st century. Right from self-driven vehicles to space manipulation and stem cells to even early man visualisations, it has crossed the frontiers of imagination and is still yet to reach its peak. Machine Learning, in particular, is a specific sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence which concerns system learning through data and without the need of continuous programming and reprogramming. It gives machines the ability to learn by themselves and to make their own decisions, thus imitating human beings. Learn about how Facebook’s AI robots started conversing in their own languages here

Applications of Machine Learning: Fields

To begin with, Machine learning is being tried, tested and adopted in so many disciplines, it is hard to keep score. Fields like Finance, Economics, Business Management, Healthcare, Data Science, Robotics and Automation Engineering, Aeronautics, Engineering Physics, Geotechnical Engineering, Information Science Engineering and Space, amongst others have already witnessed huge leaps as a result of Machine learning. Moreover, relatively emerging spheres of development in this domain include quantum computing, facial recognition, reinforcement learning, conversational and autonomous intelligence, privacy and security, bioinformatics, etc. There is no dearth of career opportunities in any field of Machine Learning and one can choose to pursue them academically as well as on professionally inclined lines of employment.

What Do You Need For A Career in Machine Learning?

In order to pursue a career in core machine learning-related fields, an advanced degree in Machine Learning [ML] or Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science, in general, is recommended. In this regard, a bachelor’s of Computer Science with a focus on ML or master’s degrees such as Masters in Machine Learning is especially preferred. Owing to the intensive requirements of the industry, postgraduate courses are increasingly growing in demand. Further, a PhD in Computer Science or ML systems is preferred by individuals willing to pursue a career in research. The list of universities and offered courses given in the next section shed more light on the subject.

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Career Profiles Worth Considering

Here are a few job profiles that Leverage Edu reviews as the top ones in the industry and are filled with exciting opportunities and prospects for those wanting to build a rewarding career in the field of Machine Learning: 

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Assistant
  • Data Scientist
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Data Mining Expert
  • Programmer
  • System Designer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Computational Linguist

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While the stellar Ivy League Colleges, still lead the way when it comes to Machine Learning as well as Computer Science Engineering, in general, there are many prominent and exciting options across the globe. Leverage Edu reviews these as emerging research-oriented institutions which are consistently recognised for quality education, course design and professional application. Glance over the following table to know some of the eminent universities and their prospective offering in Machine Learning and its related fields:

Name of UniversityLocationTHE WorldUniversityRankings 2021Machine Learning [ML]Courses
Imperial College LondonUK11th1. MEng Computing[Artificial Intelligence & ML]
2. MSc Computing[Artificial Intelligence & ML]
3. MSc Health Data Analytics& ML
University College LondonUK16th1. MRes/MSc ML &Computational Statistics
2. MSc Integrated ML Systems
3. MSc Machine Learning
Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSA38th1. PhD in ML
2. MSc in Human-Computer Interaction
University of Southern CaliforniaUSA53rdMSc in Electrical & ComputerEngineering-MachineLearning & Data Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillUSA=56th1. PhD ML (InterdisciplinaryStatistics & OperationsResearch)
2. MSc ML (InterdisciplinaryStatistics &Operations Research
University ofQueenslandAustralia=62ndBachelor of ComputerScience [Major in ML]
University of MarylandUSA90thMaster of ProfessionalStudies- Machine Learning
Queen Mary University of LondonUK110thMSc ML for Visual DataAnalytics

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How to Make it Big?

Machine learning is a vast as well as ever-evolving field. It not only requires a solid and unflinching understanding of core elements but also demands aspirants to be innovative and out of the box thinkers. Leverage Edu recommends that proficiency in programming languages like Python, R is a must along with expertise in statistics, data structures and learning models as essential requirements. Further, take online courses or learn extensively Big Data and Blockchain which are the current hotcakes in the tech industry. If you are in college, enrol in electives around this area, complete as many research projects and keep learning.

As mentioned above, a degree program in Machine Learning can be quite gruelling when you consider the level of understanding required in positions up in the higher echelons. Take assistance of Leverage Edu’s team of experts and mentors if you wish to pursue a career in this field but feel daunted about which path to take and make an informed decision towards a vibrant career.

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