How to Become a DevOps Manager in India?

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DevOps is a collaboration between the development and the operations team to deliver consistent applications and services to users. The DevOps market is estimated to grow to 14.9 billion dollars by 2026. As a result, a DevOps Engineer is expected to have an in-depth understanding of the software development cycle. They also have to understand the drawbacks of the previous model and the benefits of the new model, and how to use the various automation tools for developing continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). Keep reading to know more about the job description,  DevOps salary, DevOps skills, and the future scope and DevOps manager salary India.

What is a DevOps Manager?

A DevOps Manager helps in the execution of the organizational policies and procedures with change and configuration management. They monitor servers and applications and solve problems to maintain the team dynamic. He is fully responsible for the server and assists the team to work accordingly. They are responsible for building an efficient support system and the CI/CD pipeline to improve management issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer manager are as follows. 

  • Be responsible for taking care of server infrastructure issues
  • Be responsible for the DevOps disciplines 
  • Have great knowledge of web application design, construction deployment, and delivery
  • Maintain a proper system of communication and work with the engineering team
  • Making and explain monitoring of the operational standards configurations 
  • Explore new technologies and tools to enhance the product speed, efficiency, and scalability
  • Be in touch with the cloud computing systems and increase the team’s efficiency 
  • Plan, configure, and build test solutions 

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Why are Organizations Hiring DevOps Managers?

Organizations are hiring DevOps Managers for the following reasons

  • DevOps bring the maximum profits to the business by combining multiple departments to achieve optimal business goals.
  • DevOps encourages products related to automation systems and thus helps in improving workplace productivity 
  • DevOps brings innovation and creativity and increases customer satisfaction 
  • They help in the process of changing the management and enhancing the quality of the software
  • They give out unified results by putting proper efforts and developments in any project

How to Become a DevOps manager?

DevOps managers are hired to keep the DevOps engineer teams encourages and to deliver assigned projects. DevOps is a constantly evolving field and provides plenty of opportunities. Below are the steps you can take to become a DevOps manager in India.

  • Experience in software development and systems administration
  • A Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, or a related field
  • Be well-versed with at least one of the scripting languages such as Python and configuration management tool
  • It is beneficial to have an understanding of the cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services or Google cloud platform.
  • Get DevOps manager certification. Some of the popular certification courses include a postgraduate degree in DevOps, a DevOps certification, a certified Kubernetes Certification Training Course, CI/CD Pipeline Training course, a Docker-certified training course, and Puppet and Ansible Certification.

Skills Required

A development manager needs to have knowledge of the following 

  • Programming languages and Linux fundamentals. The most common languages are Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Some of the skills that an engineer should have are Linux Shell, Linux commands, and networking commands.
  • Source code management- Interested individuals should learn at least one of the following. That is Git, CVS, and Mercurial.
  • Learn to create an application and commit to the source code management tool
  • Needs to know how to do automation with CI/CD tool
  • Needs to learn how to develop and deploy web applications
  • Needs to learn how to monitor applications. One popular application tool for monitoring is Nagios.
  • Learn cloud service providers and their basic applications. AWS (Amazon web services) is the most popular cloud service provider.

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DevOps Manager Scope

Apart from these qualifications, it is essential for the DevOps manager to have an understanding of the Instrasture components. Some of the most important infrastructure components include- Virtualization layer, containerization platform, configuration management tooling, and continuous integration. Coding and scripting is also very important skill that a DevOps manager must possess. These qualifications come under the DevOps manager interview questions.


A DevOps manager’s salary in India is INR 26.6 Lakh. Those applying for entry-level jobs may expect an average salary of INR 15-20 Lakh per annum.


What companies are hiring for DevOps Manager jobs?

Some of the popular companies hiring for DevOps manager jobs include Unilever, Mercedes-Benz Research and development, Vodafone, Adani Group, Barclays, Wipro Limited, and Cogoport.

Is DevOps an IT job?

Yes,. DevOps is an IT job. A DevOps manager will work in the IT sector.

What makes a good DevOps manager?

A good DevOps manager is a manager with excellent communication skills, collaboration skills, coding skills, knowledge of cloud-based systems, testing skills, and a customer-focused approach.

DevOps manager bridges the gap between a developer and an operations team. DevOps managers get paid well and are also hired by popular companies. The position of a DevOps manager is crucial in any industry. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu to discover various job opportunities in India. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get regular updates regarding careers in India.

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