Law Course at Quinnipiac University

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Law Course at Quinnipiac University

One of the prestigious institutions, Quinnipiac University is well-known for delivering excellence in education and teaching through its well-qualified faculty members. There are a variety of fields in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by Quinnipiac University; however, this institution features Quinnipiac University. Further, this institution is home to an extensive list of notable alumni, including some very famous names. Quinnipiac University also offers multiple scholarships for students who need financial assistance to pursue higher education at the institution. If you want to know more about Quinnipiac University, Quinnipiac University law courses, entry requirements, score requirements, and much more, then Keep Reading!

Name of the institution Quinnipiac University
Famous for Quinnipiac University Law Courses 
Year of establishment 1929
No. of campuses3
Cost of living USD 15475
Also known asQU

Quinnipiac University. 

In 1906, Quinnipiac University was established as the Connecticut College of Commerce in New Haven. This university was started as a college with one building and 11 students by Samuel and Irnagrade Tator. Since its inception, Quinnipiac University has received recognition as a national institution spanning over three campuses and delivering 110 academic programs. These programs help students pursue courses as per their interest in diverse programs.

Further, Quinnipiac University is considered a top institution in the US that provides long-term value. This institution is home to three significant campuses: Mount Carmel Campus in Hamden, the York Hill Campus in Hamden, and the North Haven Campus in North Haven. All these campuses feature astonishing design and comfort.

Furthermore, these campuses are home to a network of libraries, recreation centres, studios, labs, athletics, and other significant facilities. Another primary reason for the popularity of this institution is its Quinnipiac University alumni support, including free webinars, professional development courses, and job postings. Furthermore, these alumni also host across the globe all year, offering an opportunity to volunteer and collaborate to keep the legacy of Quinnipiac University alive. Other than these, Quinnipiac University also offers an array of scholarships to help students in higher education. 


One of the primary things that determine that institution is delivering good quality of education is the rankings achieved by the university. Quinnipiac University is also well known for providing many facilities to students and diverse courses. Thus achieving various prestigious rankings

  • 148 in the National university rankings given by US News and World Report 2022.

Quinnipiac University Law Courses 

There are an array of Quinnipiac University law courses offered at Quinnipiac University that feature excellence in education and teaching. These courses feature hand on practical training, which is also a significant reason for the popularity of these courses among students. Some of the prominently pursued Quinnipiac University law courses  are 

Name of the CourseCredits 
Independent Research Project1
Civil procedure I2-3
Civil Procedure II2-3
Contracts I2-3
Contracts II3-4
Torts 4
Constitutional Law4
Legal Skills I2
Legal Skills II2

Entry Requirements 

If you want to pursue Quinnipiac University Law courses, you must first fulfil the following eligibility requirements.  

Undergraduate Courses 

To enrol at Quinnipiac University law undergraduate courses, the basic eligibility requirements are to pass class 10+2 with relevant scores and subjects from an accredited institution.

Further, you are also suggested to check the official website before applying for the courses as there can be some course-specific eligibility requirements. 

Postgraduate Courses 

If you want to pursue Quinnipiac University law postgraduate courses, you must have an undergraduate degree in law or any other related subject from an officially accredited institution.

Further, you must also check the official website for course-specific eligibility requirements before applying. 

Documents Required 

The last step of the application process is submitting the required documents; these documents vary depending upon the level and specialisation of the courses. 


  • Official high school transcripts 
  • An essay  or a personal statement 
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • LOR
  • SAT/ACT score 
  • Copy of a valid passport


Score Requirements,

At last, the primary aspect that you need to consider is the language proficiency tests that you require to pass when your first language is not English. These language proficiency test scores are mandatory when applying for Quinnipiac University law courses. Some of the language proficiency tests accepted by the institution are 

Language Proficiency Tests Score Requirements 
GMAT 500
IELTS  6.5
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Is Quinnipiac a good law school?

Quinnipiac University is ranked No. 53-69 in Part-time Law and No. 147-192 in Best Law Schools. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform against a number of generally recognised indicators of quality.

Does Quinnipiac have a law program?

There are two options available to students who want to enrol at Quinnipiac’s School of Law. The conventional route is finishing your undergraduate studies before applying to the school of law.

What is Quinnipiac Law school known for?

It is a graduate programme at Quinnipiac University. Quinnipiac Law, which acquired complete accreditation from the American Bar Association in 1992, is the most recent law school in Connecticut. It belongs to the Association of American Law Schools, and U.S. News and World Report has it placed 129th right now. Reports & World News

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