What Makes ULaw Different from Other Universities?

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What Makes ULaw Different from Other Universities?

The study of law has a rich history associated with age-old universities in the UK. Studying law in a country where law originated, exposes students to a legal system more than 900 years old. As an international student of law in the UK, you learn the crux and core of international law, besides obtaining qualifications that are internationally esteemed and attractive for employers globally. Moreover, four of the world’s 10 largest law firms are based in the UK giving you the unique opportunity to learn from the leaders in the field.  Among the many up-and-coming law schools in the country,  The University of Law is one such prominent institution in the UK offering courses in law, business, policing and criminology. But what are the reasons to study at ULaw? ULaw offers world-class legal education and training. In this blog, let’s explore the many reasons to study at ULaw.

About the University of Law

Located in the UK, the University of Law dates back to 1876 when the recognized tutorial firm Gibson and Weldon was formed. In 1962, the firm was merged with The Law Society School of Law and gained its present status as a University in 2012. Today, ULaw is acclaimed for producing more successful barristers and solicitors in the UK than any other law university in the country. ULaw inaugurated its world-class business school in 2016 and its expansion has seen no bounds. 

Credits: The University of Law

The University of Law has partnerships with industry leaders, top law firms and corporate professionals. Voted 1st for student satisfaction and rated five stars for teaching, employability and academic development by QS World, ULaw enjoys prestige among law firms and corporate giants around the world.

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What Makes ULaw Special? 

According to ULaw, here are the 3 prominent reasons or factors that make them stand out from the rest of the universities in the UK:

ULaw Alumni Students studying at the ULaw may stay connected, keep informed, and take advantage of a variety of carefully negotiated advantages and savings thanks to an Alumni Network of over 80,000 graduates.
ULaw Network Their Alumni Network encompasses 103 countries, providing you with chances for networking, mentorship, and employment all across the world.
ULaw Talent You may tap into an extraordinary reservoir of alumni talent through the Alumni Network, which connects you to over 11,800 businesses and organisations across the world.

Did you know: Sadiq Khan, who is the current Mayor of London (since 2016) is an ULaw alumnus!

Top 10 Reasons to Study at the University of Law

Let’s walk you through some of the amazing reasons to study at ULaw:

Source: ULaw

Innovative Approach to Instruction

As a student studying at the University of Law, you will experience an education that is closer to practical application and makes you career-ready. Teaching at this law and business school happens in a very contemporary context and curriculums are designed keeping in mind a realistic, professional framework. Courses at ULaw are, therefore, designed to inculcate real-world skills such as critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving that enable students to take up actual challenges in law and business heads-on. 

Rankings and Recognition

Nobody can testify the value of an institution better than its students and ULaw has been designated as the number one university for the law by ULaw scholars themselves. According to Times Higher Education National Student Survey Rankings, it has been ranked among the top 10 for student satisfaction. In 2021 THE National Student Survey, ULaw is placed 7th with an overall student satisfaction of 84.97%.

Did you know: ULaw has been ranked first amongst universities for overall student satisfaction in England in the 2020 National Student Survey?

Rated 5 Stars by QS

Global higher education analysts, QS granted ULaw 5 stars in the World University Rankings. The ranking clearly depicts that ULaw is nothing but a world-class university in a broad variety of subjects, has a good reputation, has excellent facilities, and globally recognised research and teaching faculty. The university has received 5 stars in Teaching, Employability, Online Learning, Academic Development, and Inclusiveness, and 4 stars in Specialist Criteria for our LLB and Internationalisation, in addition to an overall 5-star rating as an institution and for the Law topic.

Qualified and Experienced Faculty

Another one of the reasons to study at Ulaw is the presence of qualified and experienced faculty. Imagine having to argue cases with a professional lawyer and solving complex business problems along with a corporate professional in the same classroom! ULaw makes this a concrete reality with its highly experienced faculty who have years of industry exposure under their belt. More than 250 faculty at ULaw are qualified, lawyers and business professionals. Students can have one-to-one interaction with these tutors to seek mentorship and develop that expertise into skills for the real world. 

Did you know: ULaw has strong ties with a number of barristers’ chambers and collaborates with 90 of the UK’s top 100 law firms, many of whom send their attorneys and trainees to The University of Law exclusively. 

Powerful Global Network

The University of Law has a global network of industry partners, corporate leaders and legal professionals. ULaw provides legal training to 94 out of 100 top law firms in the UK and the US, with exclusive partnerships with 33 firms. Further, the University of law has a global alumni network of 80,000+ working across 11,800 businesses around the world. Students can therefore benefit from a powerful network with opportunities for networking, mentorship and employment across the globe. 

Assured Employability

After graduating from the University of Law, students can rest assured of embarking on a successful career path with some of the best business and law firms in the world. During their time at the university, students can participate in pro-bono programs and gain work experience by helping clients from the local community. Also, 94% of postgraduate students in employment were in Highly Skilled Occupations 15 months after graduating (2018/19 Graduate Outcomes data).

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Scholarships & Fundings

The University of Law places a high priority on making its courses accessible to students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. The University of Law offers a variety of scholarships to assist students to pay for their tuition and other expenses. These scholarships are accessible to all foreign students, another one of the reasons to study at Ulaw. Here are some of the most popular scholarships available to ULaw students:

  • The Lord Blunkett Widening Access Awards: This scholarship is awarded to international students and is valued at £1,000 (INR 99,533).
  • Law First Scholarships: Under this scholarship programme, students are offered an amount of £2,000 (INR 1,99,067).
  • The Rice-Jones scholarship: Under this scheme, students pursuing law at the University of Law are awarded scholarships ranging between £250 (INR 24,883) and £1,500 (INR 1,49,300).
  • The Lawyer 2B Creative Thinking Award: This scholarship is awarded to international students and is valued at £9,250 (INR 9,20,686).
  • Law For All Bursary: This scholarship is awarded to international students and valued at worth £1,000 (INR 99,533).

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Student-Centred University

ULaw is the student’s choice when it comes to studying law and business abroad. From flexible curriculums to one-on-one mentoring and career advancement sessions, ULaw is known to place its students first. It offers smaller batches to facilitate more student-to-faculty interaction. With smaller groups and more contact hours, the university is one of the most student-centric universities for prospective students who want to study in UK.

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Spectacular Student Life at ULaw

The University of Law has campuses across 15 locations in the UK along with international campuses in Berlin and Hong Kong. One feature common to all campuses is the vibrancy of student life, with an opportunity to involve yourself in sports, social activities, student clubs and more. From quiz nights, debating clubs and theatre shows to dancing, cooking clubs and sports, there are a plethora of extra-curricular activities to choose from during your time at ULaw.  This student life here factors in on the reasons to study at Ulaw!

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Placements and Career 

Graduates from ULaw go on to become successful law and corporate professionals by receiving placements in top firms. The University of Law focuses on employability and practical world skills to prepare students to pursue lucrative career paths. Students at ULaw get one-on-one career appointment sessions with qualified tutors who are law and business professionals to curate their individual career paths. Some of the top visiting firms at the University include Thomson Snell and Passmore LLP, Shakespeare Martineau, Stephenson Harwood, Butcher and Barlow, Chambers Student, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP and more. 

Did you know: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy from the University of Law in 2019?

Credits: The University of Law
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What is the University of Law known for?

The University of Law is a pioneer in providing legal and professional education to students around the globe. It is highly recognized for training more practising lawyers in the UK than any other law school in the country. Further, the top law and business firms send their trainees to ULaw before taking up full-time placements. 

Who are some of the notable alumni of ULaw?

The following are some of the notable alumni of the University of Law:
Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor at Harvard School of Public Health
Jessica Lee, Former British Politician
John Davies, Archbishop of Wales
Eniola Aluko, Nigerian Football Executive
John Varley, Former CEO of Barclays

Why should I choose to study at ULaw?

Studying at ULaw makes you ready for employment by equipping you with practical world skills and industry exposure such that when you graduate, you are already a law or business professional. Choose ULaw for the course flexibility, personalized mentorship, its online campus and global network. 

At the University of Law, you are a professional from day one. Right the way you think, reason and present yourself at ULaw is a preparation for your professional career in law or business. This is precisely why ULaw is just the international university for law and business aspirants to kickstart their professional trajectories from a mile ahead. We just presented the top reasons to study at Ulaw, but for any assistance, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000 and secure your admission at ULaw!

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