BArch Syllabus

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BArch Syllabus

Architecture is the study of preparing the blueprint of constructions and physical structures and facilitating their design and development. In the contemporary industrial world, there is an increasing construction of flyovers, shopping malls and various other commercial complexes which has further lead to a continuous demand for architects. For those curious towards the art of designing physical structures, there are plentiful architecture courses that can equip you with the required knowledge and technical abilities to build lifelong marvels. One such program is a Bachelor in Architecture (BArch) which is ideal for those wanting to study the technical as well as aesthetic aspects of this field. This blog aims to bring you the BArch syllabus, major subjects covered as well as the top universities you can pursue this degree from.

Bachelor of Architecture: Course Overview

A Bachelor in Architecture (BArch) is a 4-5 year undergraduate degree that aims to impart students with the knowledge of architectural design. Studying this program, you will get to learn about the multidisciplinary nature of the field of Architecture as a science as well as an art. Further, it covers the designing and development process of construction of commercial complexes, building, flyovers, civil constructions, amongst others. Generally, the BArch syllabus and course curriculum is classified into two phases, first is a three-year period of theoretical study coupled with around 5-6 months of practical training and second comprises of one and a half year of study at the end of which students are required to submit a research-based dissertation which contains a design thesis as well as a seminar presentation.

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BArch Syllabus: Major Subjects Covered

As a bachelor’s degree program, BArch comprises of core and elective subjects which are further divided as per theoretical and practical basis. The syllabus of this undergraduate course might vary from one university to another but there are some general disciplines that are mainly covered under this degree. The following table elucidates these subjects of study that are usually an essential part of the BArch syllabus.

S.No. Subjects of Study
1 Architecture Design
2 Building Constructions
3 Building Management
4 Theory of Structures
5 Building Science and Services
6 History of Architecture
7 Architectural Drawing
8 Computer and Software Lab
9 Workshop Practice
10 Theory of Settlement Planning
11 Architectural Appreciation
12 Design Applications

Now, let’s take a detailed look at what these different disciplines in the BArch Syllabus comprise of:

Architecture Design

Architecture design is concerned with the elements and components of a structure. Often prepared by an architect, it comprises the structure and design for different spaces that need to be constructed for a project. Studying this topic in BArch syllabus, you will get to know about the designing methods of architecture and integration of the built environment.

Building Constructions

Process of adding structure to real property is known as building constructions. Majorly building construction projects are small renovations, such as the addition or renovation of rooms or bathrooms. Through this subject under the BArch syllabus, students are provided with the knowledge of the process of building construction starting from planning, getting permits, site preparation, foundation, framing to landscaping and providing final touches to the finished product.

Building Management System

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Building Management System (BMS) is an overarching control system installed in a physical structure to monitor and control the electrical and mechanical equipment such as lighting, ventilation, security systems and fire systems. As a part of BArch syllabus, you will get to understand the importance of this system for providing smart automation for the building by surveilling several sensors and finding better ways to make them safer and secure.

Theory of Structures

The Theory of Structures is concerned with the behavioural study of structures such as columns, beams, plates, shells and frames. It also analyses how structures are impacted when subjected to other actions or application of loads which often leads them to changing the state of deformation thus putting stress on them.

History of Architecture

As a pivotal part of the BArch syllabus, the history of Architecture encompasses the study of the landscape and urban built environment, beginning from ancient times and progress till the contemporary life. In this subject, you will get to know about the origins of Architecture from the 19th century to present times including structural and art forms.

Architectural Drawing

Technical drawing of a residential building or different kinds of structure is known as Architectural Drawing. It is an instructional tool to determine what the final product will look like and how the design can be achieved. In this subject of BArch syllabus, you will learn about drafting and visualisation of architecture objects.

Architectural Appreciation

In Architectural Appreciation, students learn about evaluation of the architectural designing systems. Further, it also constitutes the study of the works of great architectural masters of different periods and how they came into being.

Top Universities Offering BArch

Now that you are aware of what BArch syllabus entails, you can start exploring the plethora of academic institutions that offer this degree program. To help you further in your research, here is a list of renowned and leading universities offering Bachelor of Architecture programs across the globe:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
University of Toronto 34
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1
National University of Singapore 19
University of Cambridge 2
New York Institute of Technology N/A
Cardiff University 166
Yale University 18
University of Nottingham 114

Job Profile and Salary

After pursuing B. Arch, students can either opt to go for your higher education or you can choose to opt for either of the following career paths:

Job Profile Avg. Salary Package
Architect 20 Lakh
Interior Designer 3.1 Lakh
Project Assistant Manager 7 Lakh
Technical Assistant 3.5 Lakh
Building Contractor 4 Lakh
What is the average salary of an architect in India?

The average salary of an architect in India is 20 Lakh.

What are the top colleges to pursue B. Arch abroad?

University of Toronto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge are some of the top colleges to pursue B. Arch.

How long is the B. Arch degree?

A Bachelor in Architecture (BArch) is a 4-5 year undergraduate degree that aims to impart students with the knowledge of architectural design.

Thus, we hope this blog has helped you understand the key essentials of the BArch syllabus. If you are exploring several degrees and diploma programs in Architecture, take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI tool to browse through an array of postgraduate courses and universities and find a suitable combination that aligns with your interests and aspirations.

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