Speech Writing

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Speech Writing

The power of good, inspiring, motivating, and thought-provoking speeches can never be overlooked. If we retrospect, a good speech has not only won people’s hearts but also has been a verbal tool to conquer nations. Various leaders have been using this instrument for ages to bewitch people with their charismatic speeches. Apart from vocalizing your speech perfectly, the words you choose in a speech carry immense weight, and practicing speech writing begins with our school life. Speech writing is an important part of the English syllabus of Class 12th, Class 11th, Class 8th to 10th. This blog brings you the Speech Writing format, samples, examples, tips, and tricks!

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What is Speech Writing?

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Speech Writing is a way of sharing your thoughts with an audience through words. It is similar to essay writing but the tone of a speech differs from an essay as in a speech you must grab the attention of the audience. It will be possible when you understand the purpose of your speech, your audience, time duration, and how you need to deliver your speech in order to connect with the audience. While writing the perfect speech can be intimidating, following the proper speech writing format will never let you down.

“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”- Alexander Gregg

Format of Speech Writing

Here is the format of Speech Writing:

  • Introduction: Greet the audience, tell them about yourself and further introduce the topic.
  • Body: Present the topic in an elaborate way, explaining its key features, pros and cons, if any and the like.
  • Conclusion: Summary of your speech, wrap up the topic and leave your audience with a compelling reminder to think about!

Let’s further understand each element of the format of Speech Writing in further detail:


After the greetings, the introduction is essential to assure your listeners that you have something productive to say. The introduction must effectively include: 

  • A brief preview of your topic. 
  • Define the outlines of your speech. (For example, I’ll be talking about…First..Second…Third)
  • Begin with a story, quote, fact, joke, or an observation in the room. It shouldn’t be longer than 3-4 lines. (For Example: “Mahatma Gandhi said once…”, or “This topic reminds me of an incident/story…”)

This part is also important because that’s when your audience decides if the speech is worth their time. Keep your introduction factual, interesting, and convincing. 


Your body consists of all the main points your speech is about. Prepare a flow chart of the details in a systematic way.

For example: If your speech is about waste management; distribute information and arrange it according to subparagraphs for your reference. It could include:

  • What is Waste Management?
  • Major techniques used to manage waste
  • Advantages of Waste management 
  • Importance of Waste management 

If you are speaking about advantages and briefly switching between points, it makes your speech look unorganized and confuses your audience.


The conclusion should be something that the audience takes with them. It could be a reminder, a collective call to action, a summary of your speech, or a story. For example: “It is upon us to choose the fate of our home, the earth by choosing to begin waste management at our personal spaces.”

After concluding, add a few lines of gratitude to the audience for their time.

For example: “Thank you for being a wonderful audience and lending me your time. Hope this speech gave you something to take away.”

speech writing format
Source: Microsoft Template

Practice Your Speech Writing with these English Speech topics for students!

How to Write a Good Speech?

A good speech is well-timed, informative, and thought-provoking. Here are the tips for writing a good school speech:

Speech Sandwich of Public Speaking

The introduction and conclusion must be crisp. People psychologically follow the primacy effect (tendency to remember the first part of the list/speech) and recency effect (tendency to recall the last part of the list/speech). 

Use Concrete Facts

Make sure you thoroughly research your topic. Including facts appeals to the audience and makes your speech stronger. How much waste is managed? Give names about organizations and provide numerical data in one line.

Use Rhetorical Strategies and Humour

Include one or two open-ended or thought-provoking questions. 
For Example: “Would we want our future generation to face trouble due to global warming?”
Also, make good use of humour and convenient jokes that engages your audience and keeps them listening.

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Know your Audience and Plan Accordingly

This is essential before writing your speech. Whom is it directed to? What is the age group of your audience? Use the information to formulate the speech accordingly, use information that they will understand, and sentence that they can retain.

Timing Yourself is Important

An important aspect of your speech is to time yourself.  Don’t write your speech that exceeds your word limit. Here’s how can decide the right timing for your speech writing:

  • A one-minute speech roughly requires around 130-150 words
  • A two- minute speech requires roughly around 250-300 words

Speech Writing Samples

Here are a few samples of speech writing which will help you prepare for any future speeches you have to write for your exams or events.

  1. Everybody owns a cellphone, but not everyone has the right manners to talk on the phone. Write a speech of not more than 250 words educating the people of your colony about cellphone etiquettes.

Good morning everybody, I, Aneesh Gupta, stand before you with an important message to convey. Everything that we use has a code of conduct attached to it – if you want to use it the right way. Whether you are driving a car or walking on the road, there are specific rules and regulations that you have to follow for yourself and as a duty to others. Similarly, the most predominant asset or bane of today’s times, the cellphone comes with a handy set of cellphone etiquettes, which hardly anyone wants to follow. The irony of the whole situation is that the number of people using the cellphone without etiquettes is much higher than the number of people using it in the right manner! For starters, your cellphone does not have to accompany you wherever you go. There are certain places where it is a cause of confusion and noise pollution. For example, in hospitals, it is best advised to keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode, and if you have to receive a call, you must talk in a low tone, making sure that you do not disturb patients around you. People forget the etiquette that they must follow while talking on the phone and do so very loudly. This way, you may make the person on the other side and the people around you uncomfortable. It would help if you also took care of not talking on the phone while driving as it can distract you and lead to an accident where you may hurt yourself or others. Therefore, it is best to use this commodity as an asset and not as a miscreant. Thank you! 

2. Write a speech of not more than 200 words on the importance of yoga. 

Good morning to respected principal, teachers and my dear friends. My name is Ajar Rab, and I stand before you today to tell you not one but many benefits of yoga. With the changing times, the level of stress in our lives increases, becoming one of the major causes of several health risks and problems. Every other person is suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart-related problems. It is time to step back and pause. There is a straightforward solution to all of these problems – Yoga. Yes, you heard it right. Yoga comes with many benefits and can relax both mind and body to a completely different level. The meaning of yoga is to unite with one’s inner self. It truly is a union of the body, mind and soul. The postures and breathing techniques taught in yoga help us connect with our inner being and understand what our body is trying to tell us – to relax and let go. Work and other pressures lead us to pent up a lot of tension and stress in our muscles and body; yoga helps release that tension. After finding out the various benefits of yoga, we should not overlook it and try to inculcate it in our daily schedule. Thank you! 

3. The media holds society like never before. Write a short speech of 150 words on the role of media in influencing the public for your school assembly. 

Good morning respected principal, teachers and my dear friends. I, Tazmeen Amna, have come before you today to share my thoughts on the media’s role in influencing the public. We cannot deny the role media plays in connecting the entire world and keeping us updated about the world’s events. This is where the media’s role becomes important because it has a big responsibility on its shoulders. Since it has a massive outreach, media companies, be it newspapers, TV channels or radio, must be careful about what they are presenting to the public and it should not be biased. The way they give the news is how most of the people will perceive it. Therefore, while media is necessary, it also requires to fulfil its responsibility truly. Thank you! 

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English Speech Topics, Practice Time!

  1. The Best Day of My Life
  2. Social Media: Bane or Boon?
  3. Pros and Cons of Online Learning
  4. Benefits of Yoga
  5. If I had a Superpower
  6. I wish I were ______
  7. Environment Conservation
  8. Women Should Rule the World!
  9. The Best Lesson I have Learned
  10. Paperbacks vs E-books
  11. How to Tackle a Bad Habit
  12. My Favorite Pastime/Hobby
  13. Why should every citizen vote?
  14. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Is it real or not?
  15. Importance of Reading
  16. Importance of Books in Our Life
  17. My Favorite Fictional Character
  18. Introverts vs Extroverts
  19. Lessons to Learn from Sports
  20. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Speech writing and public speaking are effective and influential. Hope this blog helped you know the various tips for writing the speech people would want to hear. If you need help in making the right career choices at any phase of your academic and professional journey, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you. Sign up for a free session now!

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