Women Empowerment Speech

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Women Empowerment Speech

The storyline of movies has changed from prince charming saving Cinderella to Elsa saving her sister Anna without the help of any prince in the movie Frozen but has the scenario of change changed in real life? Women empowerment has become a topic of concern all around the world & also a prominent topic of Speech for Assessment of speaking & learning for Class 9 & Class 10 by CBSE. Students have to prepare a speech on the given topic for a specific duration. In this blog, we will cover the topic of the speech on Women Empowerment so you can prepare better and ace your ASL evaluation!

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Speaking Task: Women Empowerment Speech (2 minutes)

Women Empowerment

Good morning everyone to present here. My name is XYZ & the topic for the assessment is Women Empowerment. People coming out of theatres are often seen appreciating the acting skills & amazing cast of the movie. Have you ever seen someone appreciate the costume designer, editor, scriptwriter, or anyone that has worked more than the cast behind the camera? This is what women feel on daily basis. After taking care of the house, kids & even managing daily chores. They are not appreciated enough in our society. How can we expect to grow in a world where women are not involved in decision-making or given equality. It has become vital to empower our women in society now more than ever. Women empowerment is not just about teaching women or involving women in the decision-making process, women empowerment is about gender equality, accepting their thoughts & viewpoints, appreciating their efforts & decision, letting them make their own life decisions without forcing them. Women’s empowerment can not be achieved in a day. It is a long chain of little efforts every day. The next thing you are must be thinking about what we students can do to bring this big change? In your neighbouring societies or nearest slums or even the girl child of your house helps you to be a mentor. If those girls are not enrolled in schools you can get them enrolled in your nearest educational facilities & teach them the benefits of education in life, you can also help them by donating books or clothes, you can also provide free tuitions to help them in the studies these are the littlest thing we can do together to help a girl in need. There is no greater gift than education & if we can empower a girl by our efforts we should definitely help & bring a change in society.

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Speaking Task: Women Empowerment Speech (5 minutes)

Good morning everyone to present here. My name is XYZ & the topic for the assessment is Women Empowerment. The freedom to speak, express views & thoughts are different for men & women in our society. A man can speak up his mind, make his own decisions in life whereas a woman has a limitation on her imagination as well. Women are not even allowed to imagine or aim higher in life because their role is only limited to cooking, cleaning & taking care of family. In a world where a woman is dominated by society, it has become vital to empower women. What exactly is women empowerment? When women are given authority to handle their personal, educational & professional life, given equality in society, the ability to raise their voice against violence is the definition of women empowerment. In a country where gods that are worshipped are female idols & in the same country 1 out of 3 women has experienced physical or sexual violence at least once in a lifetime. 

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Every human whether is male or female should be treated equally at all levels. Whereas women are treated otherwise. Sometimes due to cultural norms, women are not empowered. Like in India, the right to education is just for the boy child, the power to make a decision at home is for male members & also the women that spend all her life taking care of family doesn’t even get a thankyou. Women will only be able to empower if they are not prohibited to access the opportunities. Educational Opportunity is one of the basic rights of every woman & also help in women empowerment. If women are provided proper educational facilities & encouraged to study more, their level of confidence will increase & also be aware of various topics. We might be turning into a digital era but some parts of India still living in different centuries because of child marriage,  female foeticide practices, violence against women still exist. The change should be brought, things won’t change in a day but with every single effort can improve the condition. Governments have launched various schemes over the years for girls like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana, Mahila Shakti Kendra,, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana & many more. But as an individual, we have some responsibilities towards the women of society. The first step towards women empowerment we can take is by respecting every woman around us & also respecting their thoughts, views & opinions. Appreciating the efforts are mothers put at home, involving women in decision making & allowing them to be whoever they want to. Women are not just limited to household chores if they are given the opportunity to achieve the voice of other women like Seema Kushwaha, poetry queens like Rupi Kaur, Youngest CEO like Radhika Gupta, or ultimate pop star Beyonce. If only women are considered to be an asset instead of a burden. Women can achieve anything in the world. Women just need a pair of wings & they can fly high on their own!

10 liners for Women Empowerment Speech

This is to explain in very simple and understandable sentences that will be helpful for the students:

  1. Women empowerment is the need of the hour because it is high time we value and credit the women for their contribution and help them grow.
  2. Women empowerment can be referred to as equality or free from discrimination.
  3. There should not be a set notion of girls cannot play a certain sport like basketball because it’s a man’s game which is very regressive and wrong.
  4. There are so many women who are reduced to just being fit to work in the kitchen and not outside homes.
  5. These gender-defined roles are so narrow-minded and do not comply with modern times, where women are actually doing equally and better than men.
  6. The pay gap because of gender is also problematic and in no way empowering anyone especially the women of the society.
  7. We have to be broad-minded and accept women as our equals and not someone subversive.
  8. If anything women are selfless by heart and wiser in nature and stronger because of the experiences they have.
  9. When women are treated with respect and equality and paid deservedly they lift up economies.
  10. Giving an education is the right start, it will make them independent and self-sufficient and an opinion to voice about their world views which are empowering. 

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