The Proposal Class 10

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The Proposal Class 10

Class 10 English syllabus comprises various important plays and poems. The purpose of putting this concoction together is to give students deep lessons in life while learning. With exams around the corner, it is important to revise and go through all the important chapter. Here in this blog, we cover everything about The Proposal Class 10. 

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About the Author

The author of The Proposal Class 10 is Anton Chekhov. Anton Chekhov was born on 29 January 1860 in the Russian Empire. His father, Pavel Yegorovich Chekhov, was a physically abusive man, whereas his mother, Yevgenia, was a fantastic storyteller who loved telling stories to young children and entertaining them. His father was a physically abusive man who highlighted him as a hypocritical model in most of Anton’s writings. He is the writer of famous plays and stories such as The Lady with the Dog, The ‘About Love’ Trilogy, Ward No.6, A Joke, The Boys, and many more.


We now give a brief introduction of The Proposal Class 10. The Proposal is a one-act play that consists of three characters, namely, Stepan Chubukou , Natalya Stepanova(daughter), and Ivan Lomov. The story focuses on young man Lomov and presents a marriage proposal to one of his neighbor’s daughters. Just before he conveys his feelings to the girl, they both get into a heated argument about Oxen Meadows. The lady’s father, Chubukov, also jumps into the discussion, which makes it even worse.

After this discussion is over, they jump into another argument about whose dog is better. During all these heated discussions and quarrels, the main thing ‘Proposal’ gets forgotten till Lomov falls off due to a high, rapid heartbeat due to which Chubokov immediately puts the daughter’s hand in Lomov’s hand but then too the quarrel doesn’t stop there and goes on continuing.


Let us now look at the summary of  the one act play that is The Proposal Class 10. 

The one-act play begins with Lomov entering his neighbor’s house. Lomov is well-dressed, making his neighbor Chubukov think that he has been dressed up for some special occasion. Lomov tells Chubukov that he has visited him for a request which makes Chubukov predict that the reason behind this visit must be a requirement of monetary help. But, Lomov reveals that he had come to ask for Natalya, Chubukov’s daughter’s hand, to marry her. This news excited Chubukov, and he instantly leaves to call his daughter, Natalya.

Lomov is a 35-year-old man who is usually upset, doesn’t sleep well, and suffers from palpitations. He thinks Natalya is the perfect girl for him due to her looks and better housekeeping and ends you visiting her house with the proposal. On his visit, he initiates the conversation and unintentionally mentions Oxen Meadows, an earlier disputed property. Natalya couldn’t take up his word as, according to her, the Oxen Meadow property belonged to her family. This eventually gave rise to a heated conversation which was even worse on Chubukov’s entry. All of them shouted and screamed, which made Lomov suffer a bit due to his heart condition. Lomov was not only cursed but also thrown out of the house.

While Natalya and Chubukov continued cursing and talking wrong about Lomov, Chubukov mistakenly reveals that he had come with a marriage proposal for Natalya, which leaves her surprised and guilty for her actions. She requests her father to go and bring him back immediately. On the return of Lomov, Natalya decides to initiate another topic and starts talking about shooting. While conversing, they somehow get into a heated argument about their favourite dogs. According to Natalya, her dog, Squeezer, is better than Lomov’s ‘Guess.’ Again, the story repeats when Chubukov enters into the argument and ends up adding fuel to the fire. The view gets worse with every word and every saying, making Lomov sick to his heart, and he falls due to palpitations. But, the ill talk continues further until Natalya realizes that he is unconscious.

Moving further in The Proposal Class 10, they try their hardest to get him in his senses and make him drink some water but are unsuccessful in doing so. They end up declaring him dead, but at the same time, he does a bit of movement. The daughter and her father feed him some water, and Chubukov forcefully gives Natalya’s hand to him with blessings and asks both of them to kiss. Half conscious, Lomov is entirely unaware of what’s going on around him. When he finally comes to his senses, he is filled with joy and pleasure and immediately kisses Natalya’s hand. On the other hand, Natalya behaves childishly and forces him to accept that Squeezer was better than Guess, which led to a new heated argument that continued until the curtains fell.

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The Proposal class 10 rightly highlights the quarrelsome nature of the characters in the play. It also highlights how affluent families encourage marriages with other wealthy families to upgrade their economic conditions. This was all in our blog on The Proposal Class 10. We hope it helps you with your revision. If you are confused about which stream to choose after your class 10th, feel free to get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts. Sign up for a free session today! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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