Class 9 ICSE Geography

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Class 9 ICSE Geography

Are you the student of one of the toughest education boards, the Council of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) board? Have you recently entered class 9th of the board? Then this blog is for you! Standard 9th is one of the most crucial stages of a students life as it helps in building a strong foundation of the advanced concepts taught in 10th.

Even though this class consists of various subjects, Geography is considered the most trickiest. Scoring well in this subject requires a conceptual clarity more than rote learning. This can seem time-consuming but getting a hang of concepts taught in the class 9 ICSE Geography makes it a lot easier for the students to not only ace Geography class 10 exams but also create a base for class 12th. In this blog, we will provide you with an insight into look into the class 9 ICSE Paper of geography!

Class 9 ICSE Geography: Exam Pattern

Way before the students start preparing for the exam, they are stuck between two main aspects of success, that is, hard work vs smart work. When opting for smart work, the students should know exactly what the pattern of the exam would look like so that they can plan out their schedule and work accordingly to ace the exam. Class 9 ICSE Geography examination carries 100 marks in total out of which the written examination constitutes 80 marks and the Internal Assessment has a weightage of 20 marks

The written examination consists of Part I and Part II. The table below explains both the parts of class 9 ICSE Geography in detail:

Part I (compulsory) Part II
Part I consists of 2 questions.

Question 1 consists of short answer type questions which covers the entire syllabus.

Question 2 will comprise of one question based on the World Map.

Part II of the examination is choice-based.

The students will have to answer any five questions out of the given ones.    

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Class 9 ICSE Geography Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus of any exam is the main success mantra to score well. Without having a proper clarity of what topics constitute an important part, the chances are less to score exceptionally well even after putting in heart and soul in the preparation. Having 6 units and an additional unit of map work, the table below mentions all the chapters and the important topics of the class 9 ICSE Geography syllabus: 

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S.No Unit Topics
1. Our World Earth as a planet
Geographical grid- Latitudes and Longitudes
Rotation and Revolution
2. Structure of Earth Earth’s structure
Landforms of the Earth
Weathering and Denudation
3. Hydrosphere Meaning of Hydrosphere
Ocean Currents
4. Atmosphere Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
Pressure and Winds
5. Pollution Types of Pollution, Sources, Effects, Preventive measures
6. Natural Regions of the World Location, climate, area, human adaptation and natural vegetation
7. Map Work (World Map) Major natural regions of the world (Tropical Deserts, Equatorial, Tropical Grasslands, Temperate Grasslands, Tundra, Taiga, etc.)

Oceans, Gulfs and Straits (Caribbean Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Strait of Gibraltar, Hudson Bay, etc.)

Rivers (Amazon, Paraguay, Niger, Colorado, Mississippi, Ganga, Tigris, Indus, Zaire, Nile, etc.)

Mountains (Andres, Caucasus, Atlas, Alps, Himalayas, Zagros, Great Dividing Range, Scandinavian Highlands, Urals, Drakensburg, etc.)

Plateaus (Tibetian Plateau, Brazilian Highlands, Mongolian Plateau, Patagonian Plateau, Canadian Shield, etc.)

How to Ace the Exam: Tips and Tricks

To set yourself apart from scores of students, a well structured study plan and regular preparation is needed. It is important to leave no stone unturned to ace the exam. The class 9 ICSE Geography aims to impart knowledge on various terminologies and important principles related to the subject. Due to a vast curriculum,it becomes essential to understand the concepts thoroughly. If you are wondering on how to become a topper in this subject then read on to find some amazing tips and tricks you can use during your preparation:

  • First and foremost, organize your study space. Cleanliness helps in concentration and gets rid of all the distractions around you.
  • Use as many flowcharts and diagrams as you can. It not only saves your time but makes studies less monotonous. 
  • Solve previous year sample papers to get a hang of what type of questions you may face in the future. 
  • Do not cram your study portion. Understanding the concepts and writing in your own words not only helps you remember the key points but also fetches you more marks.
  • Take regular breaks while studying. 
  • Explain your answers to other people. This helps you get everything clear in your head and figure out your weak areas.

Hence, the class 9 ICSE Geography syllabus is very diverse and requires immense practise to score well. If you are an ICSE school student and require a good educational counselling on how to ace your final exams or what stream to choose after 10th class, then just reach out to the experts at Leverage Edu who through their guidance, will help you find the right vision and drift needed to make an informed decision regarding your career!

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