BTech Syllabus

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BTech Syllabus

Considered amongst the choicest courses after 12th (science), BTech (Bachelor of Technology) is generally opted by those wanting to study any specialization under the umbrella of Engineering and Technology. BTech is offered in a variety of fields ranging from traditional ones like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, etc to the trending specializations such as Petroleum Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, etc. Pursuing this degree, you can explore promising opportunities in the booming tech industry and other related sectors. Are you skeptical about what the BTech courses have to offer? Go through this blog elucidating the BTech syllabus for a vast range of specializations. 

BTech: An Overview

Tabulated below is the overview of the Btech programme.

Course Name  BTech 
Full-Form  Bachelors of Technology 
Level of Study Undergraduate (UG)
Duration  4 years 
Admission Process  Entrance Test + Merit Based 
Eligibility  At least 50%-60% aggregate marks in 10+2 in PCM or PCB from a recognized institute/board
Course Fee INR 5 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs (More if students are willing to study abroad)
Types of Specialisations Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineer, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineer, Marine Engineer, etc.

Semester Wise BTech Syllabus 2023

The BTech programme is divided into four years of study and eight semesters. The following is the course syllabus for the most important topics in the several core disciplines of the BTech programme. Although small differences are noted in some colleges, most colleges across the country follow a curriculum given forth by UGC.

First Year 

1st Semester  2nd Semester 
Systems in Mechanical Engineering Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering Engineering Graphics (Engineering Drawing)
Programming and Problem Solving /
Engineering Mechanics
Project-Based Learning
Engineering Mathematics-I Physical Education-Exercise and Field Activities
Engineering Physics Engineering Mathematics-II
Engineering Chemistry Engineering Physics/ Engineering Chemistry
Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering

Second Year 

3rd Semester  4th Semester 
Building Technology and Architectural Planning Geotechnical Engineering
Engineering Geology Project management
Awareness of civil Engineering Practices / Road Safety Management / Foreign Language Project-Based Learning
Mechanics of structure Survey
Fluid Mechanics Concrete Technology
Engineering Mathematics III Structural Analysis

Third Year 

5th Semester  6th Semester 
Structural Design –I Foundation Engineering
Structural analysis – II Structural Design – II
Fluid Mechanics – II Environmental Engineering – I
Hydrology and water resource engineering Advanced Surveying
Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Techniques Project Management and Engineering Economics
Electives Lab Internship 
Dissertation (Minor)- I Dissertation (Minor)- II
Industrial Project

Fourth Year 

7th Semester  8th Semester 
Environmental Engineering II Dams and Hydraulic Structures
Transportation Engineering Quantity Surveying, Contracts, and Tenders
Structural Design and Drawing III Elective –III
Elective – I Elective – IV
Elective –II Dissertation (Major)- II
Dissertation (Major)- I Industrial Management

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BTech Subjects

The BTech subjects emphasize fundamental engineering ideas in conjunction with particular fields of study. The course aims to teach graduates how to apply engineering ideas to create technically sound solutions in any specialized sector, as well as to increase productivity. The course format includes laboratory sessions, internships, and project-based courses in addition to theory-based study. Students are able to choose optional topics based on their interests in the domain and employment ambitions under the choice-based credit system. Some of the most frequent BTech elective and laboratory subjects are listed below:

BTech Core Syllabus

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Basic Electronics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Structural Analysis
  • Machine Design
  • Programming Language
  • Digital Electronics
  • Communication Protocols
  • Microcontrollers and Microprocessors

BTech Laboratory Subjects

  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • Programming Lab
  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Industrial Project
  • Microcontrollers Lab
  • Special Machines Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Thermodynamics Lab

BTech Elective Subjects

  • Cloud Computing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Cyber Security
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Material Handling
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning 

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BTech Syllabus: Per Specialisation

We have expanded on the various syllabi under the specialised fields of the BTech programme.

BTech Civil Engineering Syllabus

Being one of the oldest names in the list of Engineering branches, Civil Engineering encompasses diverse and multidisciplinary course offerings that impart students with the core knowledge in designing and constructing roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. Since the BTech syllabus for this popular specialization can vary as per the university, here are the major Civil Engineering subjects included under this undergraduate degree:

Engineering Mechanics  Fluid Mechanics  Hydraulics and Hydraulics Mechanic 
Engineering Graphics Surveying  Cement and Concrete 
Electrical Technology  Strength of Materials  Soil Mechanics 
Fundamentals of
Computing Lab
Engineering Geology  Numerical Analysis and Statistical Techniques 

BTech Environmental Engineering Syllabus

Are you inclined towards studying environmental changes and how technology can significantly promote sustainable living? If yes, then BTech Environmental Engineering is a suitable bachelor’s degree for you. Take a look at the commonly included subjects under the BTech syllabus for Environmental Engineering

Design of Structures  Ground Water Contamination, and Remediation Estimation of Environmental Projects 
Biochemical Process in Wastewater Treatment  Environmental Instrumentation  Environmental Preventive Health Issues 
Environmental Modelling  Material Testing Lab  Human Values and Professional Ethics 
Hydrology and Drainage Engineering  Water Supply and Sewage System Climate Change Assessment and Mitigation Measures 

BTech Computer Science Engineering Syllabus  

A highly popular and frequently opted field of engineering, Computer Science Engineering focuses on the study of computing technologies, programming languages, and data science. Tabulated below are the key subjects you will study under the BTech syllabus for Computer Science Engineering

Data Structure  Object-Oriented Programming  Digital Communication 
Communication Systems  Theory of Computation  Software Engineering
Computer Organization and Architecture Lab  Algorithm Design and Analysis Lab  Industrial Management 
Database Management System  Java Programming  Artificial Intelligence and Compiler Design 

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BTech Electrical Engineering Syllabus

Are you curious about how the different electrical devices work? Do you want to learn about their functioning, operations, and development? Then, you must consider pursuing BTech Electrical Engineering which explores the world of electric machines and devices, how they are designed and manufactured as well as their key components. The following table enlists the different subjects of the BTech syllabus for Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Machines  Material in Electrical Systems   Electromagnetic Field Theory 
Circuits and Systems  Power System  Thermodynamics 
Analog Electrical Systems  Control System  Switching Theory and Logic Design 
Data Structures  Electrical Measuring Instruments and Transducers  Signals and Systems 

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BTech Information Technology Syllabus

A leading option amongst the engineering fields, BTech Information Technology will be a perfect course if you want to learn about computer technologies, networking, web development, amongst others. Here is a glimpse of the BTech syllabus for IT:

Switching Theory and Logic Design  Theory of Computation  Object-Oriented Programming 
Computer Graphics and Multimedia  Computer Organization  and Architecture  Data Communication and Networks 
Web Engineering Labs  Microprocessor and Microcontroller  Cryptographer and Network 
Ad hoc and Sensor Network  Advanced Computer Networks  Wireless Communication

BTech Mechanical and Automation Engineering Syllabus

The digital era has transformed the devices and machines we used into automatic ones. From cars to refrigerators, thermostats, speakers, and much more, you will find that most of the devices around us are automatic. Want to delve deeper into how these automatic devices are functioned and created? BTech Mechanical and Automation Engineering is an undergraduate programme that provides students with the knowledge of designing and manufacturing machines and their key components. Here are the subjects perused in the BTech syllabus for Mechanical and Automation Engineering:

Thermal Science  Manufacturing Machines  Heat Transfer and IC Engines 
Production Technology  Numerical Analysis and
Statistical Techniques 
Automobile Engineering 
Strength Material  Metrology  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 
Electrical Mechanics  Metal Cutting and Tool Design  Machines Design 

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BTech Mechatronics Engineering Syllabus

This is a relatively newer field amongst others, which is a unique combination of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It is constituted of a multidisciplinary study of Telecommunication, Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, amongst others. Check out the following table to know more about the subjects in the BTech Mechatronics Engineering syllabus:

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery  Metrology and Quality Control   Computer Integrated Manufacturing 
Thermal Science  Digital Signal Processing  Manufacturing Technology 
Hydraulics and Pneumatics  Power Electronics and Drives  Automotive Electronics 
Machine Element Design  Sensors and Transducers  Programmable Logic Controller and SCADA 

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BTech Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Mechanical Engineering is ideal for those who are willing to delve deeper into Physics and learn about the workings of various mechanical systems. You will get to study the following from the BTech syllabus of Mechanical Engineering:

Manufacturing Machines  Kinetics of Machines   Control System 
Fluid Mechanics  Management of Manufacturing System  Fluid System 
IC Engines and Gas Turbine  Machine Design  Metrology 
Heat Transfer  Dynamics of Machines  Power Plant Engineering 


Is BTech tough?

No, it’s not. Btech is one of the easiest courses that anybody can take if they are extremely interested in engineering; else, they will find it difficult throughout engineering. The only thing you have to do is read the subjects on a regular basis and completely understand the principles. No one can stop you if you do this.

How many subjects are there in BTech’s 1st year?

There are around 10-15 subjects in the first year of BTech.

Which BTech course has the highest salary?

Enlisted below is a list of BTech courses that have the highest salary:
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Automobile Engineering 
Electronic and Communication engineering
Electrical Engineering 
Biotechnical Engineering 
Computer Science Engineering

Is BTech an engineer?

Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a professional undergraduate engineering degree program that is granted to applicants following four years of study in the area. Engineering is one of the most popular degrees in India, and there are several schools that provide it to interested students.

Thus, we hope that this blog about the BTech syllabus has given you an insight into the major subjects that the specialized BTech courses are constituted of. Planning to study for a BTech degree but unsure about the right specialization? Contact our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in finding a suitable course and university as per the field of your choice. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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