ETO Course

ETO Course

Do you love reading voyage stories? Do you ever think about the professionals behind the maintenance of large ships and vessels? An ETO or Electro-Technical Officer plays a vital role in the maintenance of large vessels ranging from installation to repairs and other related tasks. Pursuing an ETO course can help you turn your dream of working on a ship into reality. With ever-growing trade and commerce and a progression in technology, there has been a massive demand for Electro-Technical Officers. A career in maritime can be as adventurous as it appears to be. Even though a large number of students are opting for such courses all over the world, it is still unknown to a few students who are seeking a different line of profession. This blog will help you with everything you should know about an ETO course along with various institutions offering this course.

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Responsibilities of an ETO

From reporting to the Chief Engineer to performing a number of crucial tasks on the ship, an ETO has the following set of responsibilities: 

  • Checking devices and electronic equipment on the ship for malfunctioning.
  • Ensuring that the vessel has all the required electric equipment and they are updated.
  • Coordinate tasks with technicians on the shore.
  • Ensuring that the equipment needed for safety during an emergency are handy.

Eligibility Criteria for ETO Course

To pursue an ETO course, the candidate should fulfil the below-mentioned pre-requisites:

  1. The candidate should have completed class 12th with an aggregate of 60% with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as major subjects.
  2. The candidate should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Btech/BE in Electrical and Electronics, Telecommunication or related field or a Diploma in Engineering.
  3. Moreover, the candidate has to appear for written exams followed by a personal interview for further assessment.

Selection Procedure

The job of an ETO is quite demanding and of great responsibility. Even your smallest mistake can land the whole crew in trouble. Thus, graduates applying for this profile are thoroughly tested and similarly, those applying for an ETO course are tested on similar lines. One such parameter apart from academic qualification is the age limit and medical fitness.

Managing a ship as big as ‘Titanic’ isn’t a petty job and it should not be taken lightly. ETO’s job is to manage all the technical tasks on the ship for which they have to remain alert 24 hours. This calls for candidates who are applying for the ETO course to be mentally and physically fit. Going through a myriad of inspections is to prove your overall fitness. Also, the candidate’s age should not exceed 35 years. 

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ETO Course: Duration And Fee Details

The ETO course usually lasts for a duration of 8 months to a year which includes 4 months of a pre-sea training period and the remaining is spent in onboard training. Once you’ve finished this intensive training period, you are all set to be a part of the ship crew. Also, the course fee ranges from INR 2-5 lakhs in any reputed maritime training institute. In India, the institutes like Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune and MERI, Kolkata are revered as the best maritime institutes. 

Top Maritime Institutes Across the Globe

Below mentioned is a list of specialised Maritime institutes and academies offering a wide range of ETO courses to students around the world:

Career as an ETO

All you need is a premier institute in maritime to pursue an ETO course after meeting the required fitness criteria. On completion of this course, students are awarded the certificate of completion which acts as the license to be hired as an ETO on a vessel. 

Electro-Technical Officers are responsible to monitor all the electrical and electronic equipment onboard to ensure operational safety and excellent efficiency of the vessel. They are involved with deck and engineering officers for all hydraulic and electrical technology and challenges related to machinery. With heavy challenges come greater rewards. Depending on the size of the ship, on average an ETO earns around INR 1 lakh per month.

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Being an unconventional program, pursuing an ETO course can be an adventurous career choice for those who are interested in the electro-technical aspects of the ship. You can also reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu to get help with the application process of this course at your desired institution.

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