BTech in Artificial Intelligence

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Btech in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging intelligence demonstrated by the ability of smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. BTech in Artificial Intelligence is designed to help students to build intelligent machines, computer software, or applications with a mix of machine learning. This course helps in acquiring intelligent solutions in a variety of domains we will discuss below. If you wish to build a career in this field, this blog will help you to pursue Btech in Artificial Intelligence. 

About Btech in Artificial Intelligence

Btech in Artificial Intelligence or Bachelors of technology in Artificial Intelligence is a 4-year undergraduate degree program, offered under a non-medical stream. The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to program computers to use example data or experience to solve a given problem. The students are taught different languages used in computer science through which a human can interact with them for performing various tasks. Some common languages like HTML, python, java, prolog are studied in the Btech degree. 

Btech in Artificial Intelligence: Key Highlights

The chart below depicts the course highlights of Btech in Artificial Intelligence: 

Particulars  Details
Level of Degree Program Undergraduate
Duration of Program 4-years
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 in the science stream. (Physics & Maths compulsory)
Exam Type Entrance or Merit-based
Average Starting Salary B/w $13,300- $20,000
International Course Fees INR $12,000 – $40,090
Job Options Data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, etc.

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Eligibility Criteria

The table shows the information for the aspirants’ engineers who need to qualify the following to be eligible:

  • Applicants must have a 10+2 (recognized board)Science Stream (Physics & Maths compulsory) or a Bachelor of Science in the non-medical discipline[MPC subjectsor Bachelor of Computer Application[BCAor BSc Computer Science or equivalent.
  • At least 60 marks in the last qualifying examination.
  • Reservation conditions as applicable.

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Admission & Course Fee

This is a 4-year undergraduate program via both entrances-based or merit-based examinations. As discussed above, a candidate needs to qualify the requirements in order to sit in the test. Seats are also allocated on the basis of marks obtained. The average course fee in Indian institutions varies from 1 Lac to 5 Lacs per year. Also, the fees depend upon if the institute is public or private. 

Syllabus of Btech in Artificial Intelligence 

Though the syllabus for a Btech degree varies from institute to institute. Some of the main topics for each term are covered below: 

Terms  Main Topics Covered
Term 1 Introduction to Artificial Learning & Machine LearningProgramming for Problem SolvingComputer-Aided Design & Drafting
Term 2 Engineering ChemistryMechanical WorkshopAdvanced Physics
Term 3 Introduction to Biology for EngineersDiscrete StructuresOOPS using Java
Term 4 Principles of Operating SystemComputer NetworksManagement Course
Term 5 Design & Analysis of AlgorithmTheory of ComputationSoftware Engineering & Testing Methodologies
Term 6 Compiler DesignArtificial IntelligenceNeural Networks
Term 7 Web TechnologiesIntroduction to Deep Learning
Term 8 Robotics & Intelligent Systems

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Top Colleges Abroad offering Btech in Artificial Intelligence

Listed below are the top-ranked colleges offering Btech in Artificial Intelligence with the annual course fees:

University Course Fees Per Year
The University of East London, UK INR 18.7 lakhs
University of Manchester, UK INR 33.3 lakhs
The University of Hertfordshire, UK INR 19.7 lakhs
Durham College INR 10.2 lakhs
Queen’s University INR 31.8 lakhs
Purdue University INR 23 lakhs
University of Birmingham INR 23.5 lakhs
Deakin University, Australia INR 26.8 lakhs
The University of Western Australia INR 24 lakhs
The University of Kent, Canterbury, UK INR 24.4 lakhs

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Career Path in Btech in Artificial Intelligence

A wide range of opportunities is opened for those who are looking forward to pursuing Btech in Artificial Intelligence. Some of the job profiles along with their average salary are mentioned. 

Data Analyst  $49,809/yr
Data Scientist $1,30,500/yr
Data Engineer $1,71,767/yr
Machine Learning Engineer $1,00,000/yr
Artificial Intelligence Engineer $1,50,000/yr
Machine Learning Architect $100,000/yr
Credits – Simplilearn

Btech in Artificial Intelligence is a vast field and the students shall explore various fields in machine learning, robotics, neural networks, and whatnot! We hope this article provides you enough information and for more expert advice & guidance regarding career options, visit and follow Leverage Edu. Drop your comments below for our feedback. 

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