SPI to Percentage: Conversion Procedure

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SPI to Percentage

University grading system varies from one university to another and thus is a complicated process. Further, the various terms used to define the grading system and the difficulty individuals face when applying to study abroad and convincing foreign universities of the grading system followed by Indian institutes also acts as a hurdle for students in the admission process. In this blog, we will discuss the jargon which forms an integral part of the grading systems and what is the process of converting SPI to percentage. 

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SPI to Percentage: Academic Year & Grading System

In all major universities across India as well as abroad, the academic year is divided into two semesters or a single annual academic year in which the classes take place throughout the year except during the holiday months. Based on the course credits and the performance of the students in each semester, the SPI is calculated which is later converted to the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Apart from the few universities which implement the 9-pointer or the A-O grading systems, there are also a considerable number of Indian institutions that employ the 10-pointer system of calculation. This can further vary in different engineering institutes. 

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Introduction To Terms

Before we describe the conversion process of SPI to percentage, it is necessary for you to get an insight into the terms like CGPA and SGPA to understand the mechanism employed to convert the terms. 

Cumulative Grade Point Average

Abbreviated as CGPA, this is the average of the scores obtained in all the semesters of the degree program. In this system, the points scored can be directly converted into grades and percentage as per the university standards. You can read more about how to convert CGPA to percentage.

SPI to Percentage: Semester Percentage Index

Also termed as Semester Cumulative Grade Point Average, the Semester Percentage Index is the term-based version of the CGPA. With the introduction of a choice based credit system, SPI incorporates credits into its calculation. Depending on this, the semester-wise points are then calculated. Thus, SPI is the weighted average grade points scored across all the subjects throughout the course duration. You can also read our blog on How to calculate CGPA in Engineering?

Note: The credits vary from one course to another. For instance, the compulsory subjects like English in the first year of a Bachelor of Management Studies course carries 2 credits.  

SPI to Percentage: Formula for SPI Calculation

In order to convert SPI to percentage, the formula for calculating SPI or SGPA must be understood. Given below is the general formula for calculation: 

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SPI = (C1*g1 + C2*g2 + C3*g3 + C4*g4 + C5*g5) / C1 + C2 + C3 + C4 + C5


Subjects Grade Point Credits Grade*Credit
Subject 1 7 4 28
Subject 2 8 4 32
Subject 3 6 4 24
Subject 4 8 4 32
Subject 5 7 2 14
Total 36 18 130

SPI= Sum of Grade*Credit/Total Credit = 130/18=7.22

Now that we have calculated the SPI, here is the formula that is used to convert SPI to Percentage: 

Percentage= (SPI – 0.5) * 10

In the above-mentioned example, the SPI =7.22 thus, the calculated Percentage= (7.22-0.5)*10 = 67.2%

SPI to Percentage: Breakdown

Now that you are equipped with the basics of the SPI and CGPA, the general breakdown of the SPI and the equivalent percentage has been tabulated below: 

SPI Percentage
10 95%
9.5 90%
9.0 85%
8.5 80%
8.0 75%
7.5 70%
7.0 65%
6.5 60%
6.0 55%
5.5 50%
5.0 45%

Note: The method implemented for conversion varies from one university to another. Thus, you should visit the respective institute’s website to understand the process. 

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While applying to any particular university, one needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria in terms of marks required. Thus, if the SPI to percentage conversion is acting as an obstruction in the application process, you can seek guidance from the experts at Leverage Edu. You can also book a free 30 minutes counseling session and learn about an array of opportunities in various disciplines. Hurry up, book your free slot now!

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