Women Techmakers Scholarship

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Women Techmakers Scholarship

Women Techmakers India strives to be a unifier in the ecosystem of women in technology. The research was funded by Google Women Techmakers for the first time to gain insights into the wellbeing of women in India’s technology industry. Earlier known as the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program, the Google Women Techmakers Scholarship aims to work on the vision of renowned American Computer Scientist Dr. Anita Borg to foster gender equality in the tech industry. The objective of this scholarship is to share the information learned with the ecosystem and develop a greater understanding of how more Indian women in technology can be strategically uplifted across all career levels. This blog talks in detail about the Women Techmakers Scholarship.

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Under Google’s Women Techmakers Initiative, Google offers three grants, namely: 

  • Techmakers Scholarship for Computer Science,
  • Women Techmakers Scholarship for gaming in partnership with Stadia
  • Women Techmakers Irish University Scholarship.

Value of Women Techmakers Scholarship

The value of the Women Techmakers Scholarship is as follows 

  • The award amount of the grant ranges from country to region.
  • Scholars earn 10,000 USD in North America (for US students)
  • CAD $5000 (for Canadian students).
  • The worth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa of the WTM Scholarship for Computer Science and Gaming is EUR 7,000.
  • The worth of a scholarship from Women Techmakers Irish University is EUR 5,000.
  • The Woman Techmakers researchers earn the cash prizes in the Asia Pacific.
  • This is a one-time scholarship and it is not possible to renew it.

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Application Process 

The application process for the Women Techmakers Scholarship is mentioned below.

  • The Woman Techmaker Scholarship programme application is approved online only. On the official website of Women Techmakers, the application form is open.
  • Applicants eligible for each of the scholarships available under the Women Techmakers Initiative from Google must separately fill out the application form. Apart from this the following are the general specifications for the application form:
  • Transcripts from academia
  • Resume
  • LOR from a superior, professor, tutor, or expert
  • Evidence of competition from coding
  • Responses to five questions from the essay and three brief responses

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Eligibility Criteria for an area unique to Asia:

Mentioned below is the eligibility criteria for the Women Techmakers Scholarship for an area unique to Asia.

  • The Woman Technicians Scholarship’s Qualifying Requirements
  • Women with an exceptional academic record and professional expertise
  • Candidates should be studying informatics, computer engineering, or other scientific subject
  • Students who graduate in, or after, 2020 are eligible to apply
  • Candidates should currently be studying at an accredited institution as a full-time undergraduate.

For the Middle East and Asian parts of Europe: 

Mentioned below is the eligibility criteria for the Women Techmakers Scholarship for the Middle East and Asian parts of Europe.

  • Women Techmakers Scholarship Qualifying Requirements for Computer Science and Gaming
  • For the 2019-2020 school year candidates should already be studying at an accredited institution.
  • The Candidates should plan to be registered or admitted for the 2020-2021 academic year as a full-time student in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme at a university in Europe, the Middle East or Africa.
  • Candidates should be studying computer science, computer engineering, computer science, or studying video game programming, game production, game design and development, or a closely related gaming area.
  • Candidates should prove a good academic record
  • Exemplify leadership and reflect an enthusiasm for rising women’s engagement in technology (i.e. computer science or gaming)

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Eligibility Requirements Women Techmakers Irish Scholarship for University

Mentioned below are the eligibility requirements for Women Techmakers Irish Scholarship for University – 

  • Candidates should have a good background in academics
  • Candidates should be studying at an accredited university or college in Ireland in the first or second year of the undergraduate degree
  • Students who graduate from an approved university or technology institute in Ireland with a bachelor’s degree in technology are deemed worthy
  • This scholarship can be extended to those studying computer science, computer engineering, or other technology-related subject
  • Applicants who have already submitted or ended up as finalists are entitled to apply again, but not the recipients of the award

Benefits of the Women Techmakers Scholarship

The following grants and perks are awarded to the candidates chosen:


The winners of the Computer Science and Gaming Woman Technicians will receive a scholarship of €7000 each. The winners of the Irish University Woman Technicians grant is given for the length of their research on an annual basis.

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All scholars will be provided with a 3-day all-expenses-paid trip to one of the Google offices as a chance to connect with Google fellow scholars and mentors. For academics, conferences and lectures are held to give them perspectives into how Google processes everyday operations and what their dreams are.


A technology-based women’s network around the world will be there to assist you, inspire you and work together and support the global women’s tech community and collaborate on projects to make a continuing difference when you get the scholarship, and many more opportunities will come your way.

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We hope we have answered all your queries regarding the Women Techmakers Scholarship. For more admission and application-related help get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu. Sign up for a free session today! 

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