Medical School at University of Cambridge

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University of Cambridge: School of Clinical Mediciine

University of Cambridge is ranked amongst the top 5 universities in the world for popular courses like Management, Engineering and Medicine. The University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine is ranked #3 amongst the best medical schools in the world by QS World Ranking . As one of the most competitive medical schools, the university has an acceptance rate of only 21% and receives 5 applicants per seat! Studying medicine at the Cambridge school is focused on providing quality education with hands-on training required to become an expert in the field of medicine. Let’s explore everything you need to know about the University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine. 

Why Study at Cambridge University?

Did you know the University of Cambridge’s library has more than 7 million books? The university is entitled to claim a copy of every book published in the UK.

  • More than half of the graduates from Cambridge University are international students. The administration offers a very welcoming and warm environment for students from all nationalities. 
  • The greatest minds that are guaranteed to be known personalities in their respective field start their journey here. The scope of networking here can take you places.
  • Cambridge University is not only an exemplary education institution but also a believer in entirely grooming students through their committees and co-curricular. 

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Medical School at University of Cambridge

The medical school at the University of Cambridge was set up in the 1540s by Henry VIII. Although the school saw centuries of commas that could lead to downfall, it was after 1948 that the education aspect of the medical school at the University of Cambridge started to improve. Early architects of this medical school would tell you the aeons of a difference they see in the curriculum presently and the one set in the past. Leading university in the Russell Group, here are the aims they dedicate to follow for the best medical education:-

  • Educate students who go on to become exceptional doctors, biomedical scientists combining depth of research and an advanced outlook.
  • To uphold the diversity of students, academic staff, non-academic staff, patients and volunteers respecting their privacy and opinions. 
  • Conduct a rigorous mechanism-based approach to clinical problems. 
  • To instil in the graduates a pursuit of excellence so that they become innovators that solve societal health challenges. 

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Courses Offered by the School of Clinical Medicine 

Did you know Stephen Hawking, Dr Manmohan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi are notable alumni of the University of Cambridge? 

  • Cancer Research 
  • Cardio-Respiratory Medicine
  • Cellular mechanisms of disease
  • Diabetes, Endocrinology, Metabolism Epidemiology, Public Health and Primary Care Genetics and Genetic Medicine Haematological and Transplantation Medicine
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Neurosciences and Mental Health 
  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

If you want to pursue an undergraduate medicine program, Cambridge University offers you a standard course in Medicine for 3 years. This course is designed around lectures, practical classes and supervisions with strong foundation education. 

After these 3 years of foundation, you can then choose to study the Graduate Course in Medicine which lasts another 4 years. In this course, you develop your clinical skills through direct patient contact in hospitals and community environments. You get to choose your specialisation also in this course and can pursue additional degrees and exchange programs while pursuing this degree. 

In short, the medical school at the University of Cambridge offers two medical courses and it takes a maximum of 7 years to become a full-fledged doctor. 

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Eligibility Criteria for Cambridge Medical School

Your application for the University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine has to be really strong highlighting at various levels why you want to study medicine and what are your plans. More than grades, it is the potential of a candidate that gets him/her accepted at Cambridge. 

Application Process for Cambridge Medical School

  • Register yourself on the UCAS portal. 
  • Apply to the University of Cambridge through that portal.
  • Once you submit your application, you will be sent a Supplementary Application Questionnaire via mail by Cambridge. 
  • An average of 75% of the applicants reaches the interview round which is conducted virtually. 
  • You will be asked to take an assessment test about medicine either before or after the interview. 
  • If you are accepted, a letter of acceptance will be mailed to you. 
  • You can then apply for the UK Tier 4 visa for students. 
  • Even if 75% of the applicants reach the interview round, only 23% get accepted. This means that you have to crack the interview and impress the admission committee. You can practise your interview with these sample questions and answers. 

Scholarships for Cambridge Medical School

We know how expensive the tuition fee for medical school is, especially at one of the best universities in the world. Here’s a list of study abroad scholarships for Indian students pursuing medicine at University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine:

Cost of Studying at University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine 

The cost of studying medicine at the medical school at Cambridge includes two types of costs: tuition and living cost

Type of Expense Average Cost
Tuition fee₹59.88 lakhs per year
Application cost ₹6190 
Visa Application₹35,910 
Type of Expense Average Cost
Accommodation₹51,595-₹82,550 per month
Food ₹30,975 per month
Travel ₹5,090 per month
Entertainment ₹10,310 per month
Utilities ₹15,470 per month

To know your personalised cost of living while studying at the University of Cambridge, use our cost of living calculator for absolutely free!


Is there a medical school at Cambridge University?

On the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the School of Clinical Medicine offers several clinical academic training pathways.

Is it challenging to get into Cambridge Medical School?

Cambridge Medical School has a strict admissions process because of its standing as a research university both in the UK and internationally. Each open spot receives an average of 6 applicants, the majority of whom have stellar academic records.

Is Cambridge University an excellent school for medicine?

The medical courses are both professionally and academically rigorous. You will receive a demanding, research-based medical education as a medical student at the university, which is a hub for scientific inquiry. Throughout the course, there are opportunities for students to conduct research and complete projects.

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