Best Universities for Data Science in UK

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Best Universities for Data Science in UK

Data Science is a rapidly growing field that has achieved vital importance in today’s data-driven world. It has become a requirement for businesses to keep a close eye on the data churned out of their respective fields to grow their businesses. This in turn has increased the need for Data Scientists in the world. Owing to its popularity, several universities in the UK have started teaching the subject. Some of the best universities for Data Science in the UK are catering to the demand of students by providing them with a variety of comprehensive courses. 

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Why Study Data Science in the UK?

Universities in the UK provide a range of Data Science courses alongside world-class learning facilities. The students also reap benefits that come with the ever-growing data industry, as a 45 Million GBP (INR 4,49,62,59,560) investment was made to AI and related fields, which include Data Science. Some of the best known AI firms in the world are based out of the UK including DeepMind, BenevolentAI, The Alan Turing Institute and Oxford.  

Furthermore, the need for Data Scientists in the UK is growing, alongside their value. A study by the Royal Society revealed that the demand for Data Scientists and Data Engineers in the UK tripled in five years to a whopping 231%. Different regions witnessed different growth, from 79% in Wales to 269% in the North-West Region to 563% in Northern Ireland (the work was published in 2019). The report also witnessed an increase in the salary of Data Scientists and Engineers by a percentage of 35%.

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Best Universities for Data Science in the UK

Name of UniversityAnnual Fee (Recent Figures) (Full Time)
University of Oxford£28,560 (28,75,251 INR)
The London School of Economics and Political Science£30,960  (31,16,869 INR)
The University of Bath£25,000 ( 25,16,851 INR)
King’s College London£ 27,900 (28,08,806 INR)
University of Manchester£ 25,000 (25,16,851 INR)
University of Bristol£ 24,700 (24,86,649 INR)
University of Glasgow£ 23,500  (23,65,840 INR)
University of Birmingham£26,640 (26,81,957 INR)
University of Sheffield£24950 (25,11,817 INR)
Lancaster University£24,430 (24,59,467 INR)
University of Sussex£18,975 (19,10,290 INR)

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest in the English-speaking world. Located in and around the medieval city centre of Oxford, it comprises 44 colleges and halls as well as the largest library system in the UK. Oxford University teaches MSc in Social Data Science, which deals mainly with social data. The multidisciplinary MSc in Social Data Science provides the social and technical expertise needed to collect, critique, and analyse unstructured heterogeneous data about human behaviour, thereby informing our understanding of the social world.

University of Bath

The University of Bath is a public university that received its royal charter in 1966. The University has been consistently ranked amongst the top universities in the UK and is known for its expertise in research and teaching. Known for its four faculties in management, science, humanities and social science, engineering and design, it was listed in FORBES magazine as a centre of data science excellence with a focus on core competencies and fundamentals rather than the practical aspects covered in other courses, with the option of students choosing an applied field during their second-semester research.

The King’s College London

King’s College London is one of the top 25 universities in the world. King’s has an outstanding reputation for world-class teaching and cutting-edge research. 84% of research at King’s was deemed ‘world-leading or ‘internationally excellent. The university is in the top seven UK universities for research earnings and has an overall annual income of more than £684 million (INR 68,29,72,14,080).

King’s has a particularly distinguished reputation in the humanities, law, sciences (including a wide range of health areas such as psychiatry, medicine, nursing and dentistry) and social sciences including international affairs. It has played a major role in many of the advances that have shaped modern life, such as the discovery of the structure of DNA and research that led to the development of radio, television, mobile phones and radar.

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University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a prestigious red brick university that offers over 1,000-degree programmes across various departments, from humanities to business, science, and engineering. These programmes include foundation courses, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, PhDs and MBAs. The University of Manchester is at the forefront of cutting edge research in science and engineering, particularly into new treatments for life-threatening diseases.

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University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded by Papal Bull in 1451, it is the fourth-oldest university in the english-speaking world and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities. Along with the universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and St Andrews, the university was part of the Scottish enlightenment during the 18th century. High educational standards, strict entrance requirements (4th highest in the UK) and a strong international research reputation have made the university a competitive destination for students worldwide. Glasgow is a World Top 100 university so that the institution is positioned in the top 1% of world universities. 

University of Birmingham  

Founded in 1900, University of Birmingham represented a new model for higher education. This was England’s first civic university, where students from all religions and backgrounds were accepted on an equal basis. Birmingham offers over 600 taught Masters opportunities to choose from. 

The university is home to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, housing works by Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet; the Shakespeare Institute; the Cadbury Research Library, home to the Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern manuscripts; the Lapworth Museum of Geology; and the 100-metre Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, which is a prominent landmark visible from many parts of the city.

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Application Process for Data Science in the UK

For undergraduate courses, the application process is simple, one must apply through the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) website. In the case of postgraduate applications, most universities accept applications on their admission portal. The eligibility criteria vary with the university.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A minimum of a 2.1 honours degree (60-70% score) with computer science as a major subject
  • IELTS score: Between 6.5-7.0 overall with no less than 6.0-6.5 in all components.

Documents Required for the Admission Process

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Cost of Living

The monthly cost of living spans anywhere between £1100 to £1400 (₹1,11,454 – ₹1,41,851) per month depending on your choice of place and other factors.

Cost of Living per annum£11,000 to £15,000 (₹11,14,548 – ₹15,19,838)
On-Campus Accommodation per month£400-£600 (₹40,400- ₹60,605)
Private Accommodation Costs per month£320- £530 (₹32,320- ₹53,535)
Travel per month£40 (INR 3,970)
Miscellaneous per month£500 (50,740 INR)

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Scholarships Available

Pursuing data science can be an expensive affair. If you are planning to apply for the best universities for Data Science in UK, you must apply for scholarships that can reduce your education cost.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan –  Scholarship awards include tuition fees, airline fares and other miscellaneous allowances. 
  • Inlaks Scholarships -Scholarship awards up to $100,000 (INR 73,98,115) which covers tuition fees, living costs, airline fares and travel expenses. 
  • Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship –  £1,500 (INR 151,510) covering tuition fees
  • Rhodes Scholarship –  The scholarship consists of an annual stipend covering college fees, living costs and economy class air tickets.£ 59,490 (INR 55,73,023)
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships – Scholarship awards up to 8,000 GBP (INR 7,78,725) which covers tuition fees for 1 year for the master’s degree at any of Scotland’s Institutions.
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships –  Awarded to 55 international students covering tuition fees and other allowances

Career Scope

For a job in the UK as a Data Scientist, you require either a master’s or a PhD in Data Science. While individuals with only a BSc can apply and work, it is easier for those who have received a Master’s/PhD.

Research done by 365 Data Science reveals that only 8.9% of Data Scientists only possess a bachelor’s degree, while the majority (51.5%) holds a master’s degree and 33.7% hold a PhD. Students can go on and become Data Scientists and Data Analysts, and earn from £21,000 to £70,000 (21,14,499 – 70,48,332 INR) per annum, depending upon their posting and field of practice. 

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