University of Lille

Public University

Lille, France

University of Lille, also known as Université de Lille in French, was established in 2018 but the history can be traced back to 16th century in Lille France. University of Lille is one of the largest French speaking university in the world. The predecessor of University of Lille was the University o Read more



Highlights of University of Lille

  • University of Lille is affiliated with CURIF, Utrecht Network, IMCC and EUA
  • University of Lille is also associated with the Community of Universities and Institutions (COMUE) Lille Nord de France, European Doctoral College, and higher learning institutes in the Hauts-de-France region.
  • University of Lille has produced notable scientists who have received the the highest scientific distinction in France, CNRS Gold Medal, including Émile Borel (1954), Raoul Blanchard (1960), Paul Pascal (1966), Georges Chaudron (1969), Henri Cartan (1976), Jacques Le Goff (1991) and Pierre Bourdieu (1993).
  • At the Old Town of Lille, University of Lille has the Institute of Business Administration (IAE Lille)
  • University of Lille is also known for the notable figure René Cassin who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1968.
  • University of Lille has the ultra-modern scientific library with exhibition spaces and conference rooms and has a collecton of over 500,000 units,
  • The campus of University of Lille is located and attached to the European Science Park of "Haute-Borne"
  • University of Lille is a research oriented university which collaborates wth Pasteur Institute of Lille, CHU Lille University Hospital, CNRS, INSERM,
  • INRA, INRIA, École Centrale de Lille, École des Mines-Télécom de Lille-Douai (IMT Lille Douai), Sciences Po Lille and many others.

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