French University Offers Masters in Drinking, Eating and Living

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A French University that Offers Masters in Drinking, Eating and Living

Are you looking to pursue a unique course abroad? Move over the traditional courses because now you can pursue a masters in drinking, eating and living. The prestigious political science French school, Sciences Po Lille is offering a masters in drinking, eating and living. Let’s explore everything you need to know about this off-beat course in detail.

Masters in Drinking, Eating and Living
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About Masters in Drinking, Eating and Living

BMV, short for ‘boire, manger, vivre’ is translated as food, drinks and living in English. The unusual course includes gastro-diplomacy, food tech, and fighting sexism in the kitchen. This also includes an essay on lifestyle, plant-based alternatives to meat, the history of farming and more. Students of Sciences Po Lille burst into laughter when this course was introduced but now classes have started with 15 students in the batch and lecturer Benoit Lengaigne teaching lessons on terrestrial foods. As per the university, 70 students applied for this course, out of which only 15 students were selected. 

Credits: Sciences Po Lille

As per Guardian, students have received job offers from some of the “Big names in the world of French food” Students can also work as TV journalists, food reviewers etc. Students also get a chance to attend and participate in food & drinks conferences. 

“We threw ourselves into this major without knowing what was in it, but it’s fascinating” -Clémence Ricart- Course Student Ambassador, Sciences Po Lille

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Clémence Ricart, Course Student Ambassador said it is a master’s course that unites us around one passion: the world of gastronomy and food. Given the climate emergency, food will be at the heart of global challenges.

“BMV is neither the Michelin guide nor the boozy student common room, It’s one of the best ways to ignite 20 year-old students’ passion for changing or saving the world through their future profession.” – Lecturer Benôit Lengaigne, a former director of the school who was raised in a family of wine merchants in Boulogne-sur-mer. 

This was all about Masters in Eating, Drinking and Living from the prestigious French school- Sciences Po Lille. Are you planning to study in France? Contact our Leverage Edu experts at 1800 57 2000 for end-to-end assistance from application to Visa process. 

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