What is Charpak Scholarship Program?

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Charpak Scholarship Program

Several study-abroad students from India are interested in scholarships. Indeed, scholarships can be very helpful in easing the financial investment required for studying abroad. There are many scholarships which are inter-governmental between India and other countries. There are also some which are supported by foreign embassies in India to encourage more Indian students to study abroad. In today’s blog, I am focusing on the Charpak scholarship and other scholarships in France —both short-term exchange programs as well as longer scholarships to support master’s level study.

I will begin by discussing the CHARPAK scholarship program for study in France. In addition, I will also provide a list of other scholarship sources for study abroad in France which cover a variety of streams from Management, Economics, Finance Entrepreneurship and Social sciences to Hospitality, Luxury Branding, Art, Music and Photography.

What is CHARPAK Scholarship Program?

There are two options:

  1. Short-Term: The CHARPAK exchange semester programme is available to Indian students to study in France for a semester pursuing any field of study. Typically the duration of this is 1-4 months. (Autumn session and Spring Session).
  2. Long-term: CHARPAK Masters Scholarship. This can span 1-2 years for a graduate program. It is also available for many different subjects.

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Indian students enrolled in an Indian institution at the Bachelors’s or Master’s degree level, who wish to undertake a further degree in France can apply for CHARPAK. The applicant must be: 

  • An Indian national or OCI, residing in India.
  • Under 30 years of age at the time of application.
  • Eligibility may include that your current institution in India has a tie-up with the school that you are applying to in France.
  • Knowledge of French is an asset but not mandatory.


  • Monthly living allowance of 700 euros.
  • Social security coverage.
  • Student visa and some fee waiver.
  • Assistance in finding an affordable student (subject to availability).

Submissions of Applications

This is online through the scholarship portal.

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Application Requirements

Broadly speaking, all scholarship applications require a specified set of documents which include:

  • Mark sheets of previous degrees (scanned copies)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Internship/employment records
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your current institution
  • LORs
  • Scanned copy of Passport (P.1 showing expiry date and photo)
  • CV

Expert Tips When Applying for Scholarships in France

  • Incomplete applications often do not pass the first hurdle! A student’s chances of being considered can be ruined if a required certificate or document is missing.
  • Many websites do not accept zip folders or scans of social media. So please be careful to follow the specified format. And, re-read instructions carefully before finally uploading documents online.
  • Scholarships based on bilateral agreements between two countries are specific to those agreements. They may be subject to change. Check the latest information available on the scholarship web portals.                   

Other Scholarships for Study Abroad in France

Below are some other scholarships which are co-funded between the Embassy of France in India and specific universities and institutions in France:

  • Co-financed scholarship Embassy of France in India and Rennes School of Business (Master’s in Management).
  • Co-financed scholarship to The Embassy of France in India and Sciences Po (Humanities and Social Sciences).
  • Co-financed scholarship between the Embassy of India in France and EDHEC Business School.
  • AMBA Dalmia Scholarship: This is a special scholarship for women who may wish to study painting, sculpture, ballet, opera, cinema, photography or other forms of art.

The above scholarships have similar requirements for the essential documents which need to be submitted. Variations in format requirements or mode of submissions may exist. For more specific details about how many scholarships are available each year and the timelines for applications, the scholarship websites are the most reliable source.

It is important to note that most scholarships require that a student has already corresponded with an institution which has accepted their application in principle. The acceptance letter (or scanned copy of the email correspondence) is required as evidence of acceptance for enrollment. For each application, read (and re-read) the “Guidelines for Submissions” – very carefully!

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Who is eligible for Charpak scholarship?

You must be an Indian national or an OCI card holder to become eligible for the Charpak scholarship.

Is Charpak scholarship good?

Yes, the Charpak scholarship offers benefits to students, such as visa fee waiver, covering tuition, and living allowance.

Is it difficult to get Charpak scholarship?

Candidates are selected based on academic excellence, quality of the application, consistency, and the statement of purpose. While it can be a bit hard to get the Charpak scholarship, you can still receive it if you meet the eligibility requirements.

We hope this information was useful for study abroad aspirants who may consider studying abroad in France. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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