Université Paris Sciences et Lettres

Private University

Paris, France

Université Paris Sciences et Lettres, one of the most prestigious research university in Europe, was established in 2010 in Paris, France. In early 2000s, the French government started taking the initiative towards the world class and modern-day research institution in France. In 2006, the French go Read more


Highlights of Université Paris Sciences et Lettres

  • At least 28 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 Fields Medal recipients, 3 Abel Prize recipients and 150 ERC grants recipients are associated with PSL University.
  • PSL University has agreement signed with many international universities including the Australian National University, the University of California, Santa Cruz, University of Cambridge, UCL, EPFL, NYU, Columbia University, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, and Honk Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • PSL University is known for its world class research centers, institutes and labs including the Ecole normale supérieure, the ESEP laboratory (Space Exploration and Planetary Environments), the "Finance and Sustainable Growth" laboratory, the Laboratory CelTisPhyBio (from cells to tissues), the DEEP (Development, Epigenesis, Epigenetics and Potential), The Institute of Cognitive Studies (IEC), the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute for Microfluidics (IPGGM), Memolife, the TransferS laboratory, the WIFI Laloratory (“Waves and Imaging from Fundamentals to Innovation”).
  • PSL University has the PSL Orchestra and Choir which is a choral symphonic ensemble open to all members of the Université PSL community.
  • PSL University has partnerships with 3,000 companies and every year, over 60 startups are launched by PSL students and researchers, funded by the PSL University and its partners.
  • One of the highly reputed project of PSL University is ICGex. ICGex is a cancer research program. It is designed to integrate genomic data into the curative process.
  • PSL University also offers the “Science Art Creation Research” (SACRe). SACRe is a doctoral level program to develop the new fields of research by exploring the interfaces between the arts, and between arts and science (hard sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences).88
  • Famous Alumni
    Frederick Joliot Curie

    Marie Curie

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