The University of Grenoble

Public University

Grenoble, France

The Université Grenoble Alpes was Founded in 1339. This University is the third-largest university in France. Its strength is around 45,000 students and 3,000 researchers. The University of Grenoble got split into three other Universities in 1971. The three inheritors are Joseph Fourier University, Read more



Highlights of The University of Grenoble

  • The University of Grenoble has 23 departments. Some of them are Department of Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmacy, Economics, Foreign Languages, Law and Social sciences.
  • The teacher to student ratio at the university is around 0.055.
  • The University has a library has 4 libraries-
  1. Library for Law and literature
  2. Library for Science
  3. Library for medicine and Pharmacy
  4. Library for Teaching and Education 
  • As the University of Grenoble is situated near the Alpes Mountains, students can go for various adventurous activities. A student will have a strong social community with 45000 students
  • Various cultural activities, sports, Financial aid and health services, student jobs and student representatives are provided by the University.
  • Accommodation, food and other basic needs are provided by the University to its students. 

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