Let’s Explore Scholarships In Europe!

Scholarships In Europe

Housing a bunch of popular student destinations like Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Finland; Europe is a perfect place for pursuing international higher education. Do you know European universities offer education at a much more affordable rate in comparison to USA, UK or even Canada in some cases? Despite that, these universities also offer excellent scholarships, fellowships and other financial aids to international students. Read this blog to know more about these scholarships in Europe.

List of Scholarships in Europe 

A dynamic culture, world-class education, globally acclaimed academic programs, low tuition fees, excellent research opportunities along with high standards of living; Europe has it all when it comes to choosing your study abroad destination. To help you mature your idea to study in Europe, here is a list of top scholarships in Europe- 

  • Rutherford International Fellowship Program
  • Erasmus scholarship 
  • William Harvey International translation Research Academy International fellowships 
  • The European institutes for advanced study fellowship program
  • Erasmus Mundus joint masters degree scholarships 
  • Education future International scholarship
  • MobilitySeekar outdoor sports scholarship 2020 
  • Frederick Norman scholarship Foundation scholarships in Germany 
  • Bear science and Education Foundation Jeff shell scholarship
  • Ghent University scholarships 

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Now that you have gone through a list of scholarships available to study in various countries of Europe, let us take a detailed look at what all these scholarships entail. 

Rutherford International Fellowship Program

Offered by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, Rutherford International fellowship program is a partially funded scheme that is offered to international students. The scholarship allows students to pursue post-doctoral studies. To apply for the scholarship nationality is no bar, thus, it comes as one of the most beneficial study-abroad scholarships. 

William Harvey International Translation Research Academy International Fellowships 

The William Harvey International translation Research Academy International fellowship is offered by the European Commission. For all the international students willing to pursue post-doctoral courses in the field of Healthcare and Life Sciences can apply to this scholarship. An amount of 37250 euros will be provided to the selected application to pursue studies at the university of their choice. 

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Erasmus Scholarship 

Indian students who are looking forward to pursuing Masters or PhD courses in European countries can apply for this scholarship. Through the awarded benefits candidates can secure a degree in fields like theoretical chemistry and computational modelling. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee, insurance along with other mandatory costs. Candidates can only become a part of the countries and universities that are partners of the Erasmus+ programme. 

Education Future International Scholarship

Next in the list of our scholarships in Europe is the one offered by Education Future. The education future International scholarship aims to empower applicants looking forward to seeking bachelor’s and master’s degrees in European union. Candidates are free to choose the course of their choice for which they will be provided partial funding for the tuition fee between INR 2-10 Lakh. Under the scheme, it is mandatory for students to pursue overseas education. 

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Mobility Seeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship 2020 

This partially funded scholarship offered by the Mobility Seeker group can be your gateway for your dream education at the European universities. Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD along with higher and secondary schooling can be covered under this scholarship. Partial funding of US $ 2,000. (INR ) will be provided to the selected applicants. Unlike other scholarships, this one allows candidates to pursue any course of their choice. 

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships 

Open to the students of all nationalities, Erasmus Mundus joint masters degree scholarship is a fully funded scheme for the international students offered by the European Commission. Named amongst the best scholarships in Europe, this scheme lets the candidate pursue Masters as well as PhD courses. Complete tuition fee, insurance, transportation along with other essential costs will be covered for the candidates for studying programs in Erasmus+ program partner countries. 

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We hope that through this detailed blog, you are now familiar with some worthy scholarships in Europe. Are you interested in any of these scholarships? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts today and they will assist you with the application process. Book a free e-meeting with us today! 

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