Which Countries Offer Free Education in Europe?

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Top Countries Offering Free Education in Europe

Ever wondered which countries offer free education in Europe? While university costs continue to grow in many parts of the world, some of you may believe that acquiring a recognized degree certification is out of reach. However, there are many nations throughout the world where students may study for free or for very little cost. Here are some of the best nations in Europe that provide free education or zero tuition cost education to international students!

Why Study in Europe?

which countries offer free education in europe

There are a variety of reasons why studying in Europe may help you progress academically and professionally, and some of them are outlined below.

  • International students frequently choose France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, and Italy as destinations for their studies in Europe.
  • Germany is the ideal location for those interested in pursuing engineering degrees. In Europe, Germany has the lowest tuition fees.
  • Another popular location for fashion and business training is in Italy. Students may take advantage of a wide range of options, as well as fantastic exposure.
  • Another incentive to stay in Denmark is that it is ranked as the 10th greatest country in the world to live in. The school system in this country is great, and science and technology courses are also superb.

Is Education Really Free in Europe?

Many nations provide free (nearly free) education (there may be some little fees to pay). You must meet your living expenses). International students, indeed, are eligible for free education. Yes, you are qualified for stipends or scholarships (if available).You are permitted to work 20 hours each week (in most countries). Many English-language courses are available. Note that only tuition and fees are covered; health/travel/living expenses are not. If you are wondering which countries offer free education in Europe then here’s the list!

Top Countries Offering Free Education in Europe

Here are the top countries that offer free education in Europe:


Germany is a popular choice among American students since it is one of the few nations that provides free college tuition to all students enrolled in public higher education institutions, regardless of nationality. Germany has attempted to increase the number of English-taught courses, and many universities do not need confirmation of German proficiency.

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In Norway, public institutions, which make up the bulk of Norwegian universities and state university colleges, do not charge tuition. All students, regardless of country, are subject to this regulation. Tuition costs are charged by private universities, however, they are often lower than in other countries, and overseas students pay the same rate as Norwegian students.


Tuition fees are not charged at public institutions in Iceland, and this applies to all students, regardless of country. However, finding courses fully in English at the bachelor’s degree level may be difficult: while many institutions offer English programs, they tend to be master’s and doctoral programs. If you do not speak Icelandic, you should contact the university in question to ensure that there will be a wide range of course options for you to pick from.


Students from EU/EEA member nations are eligible for free college tuition for two semesters, after which they must pay 363.36(30,754 INR) euros each semester. In general, other foreign students pay 726.72(61,509 INR) euros every semester. The student union membership cost “H-Beitrag” and the student accident insurance charge, both of which are 19.20 euros(1,608 INR) each semester, must be paid by all students.


Students from EU/EEA member nations who study full-time at state-run Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Poland do not have to pay tuition. Other overseas students pay 2,000 euros(1,69,278 INR) per year on average. There are 118 higher education institutions in Poland, with over 800 English-language programs.


Students from EU/EEA member nations who study full-time at state-run Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Poland do not have to pay tuition. Other overseas students pay 2,000 euros(1,69,278 INR) per year on average. There are 118 higher education institutions in Poland, with over 800 English-language programs. higher education institutions provide free college tuition to EU/EEA students pursuing their first cycle (bachelor’s degree). Non-EU students spend an average of 1,500 euros(1,26,959 INR) per year on tuition, which includes textbooks. For admission to Greece’s universities, candidates must be fluent in the Greek language. Students without a valid language certificate will be unable to enrol.


Hungary is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, as well as a popular study location for international students. Even though Hungary does not provide free college tuition, tuition costs in Hungary are much cheaper than in other European and American areas. Hungary’s universities, which place a strong emphasis on globalization, offer a wide range of programs in English, as well as French, German, and Russian.


Slovenia, which is located in Central Europe, provides free college tuition to EU nationals as well as inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and the Republics of Macedonia and Serbia. At the bachelor’s degree level, other students pay between 2,000 and 5,000(1,69,278 – 4,23,197 INR) euros per year.

The Czech Republic

Higher education at public and governmental institutions in the Czech Republic is free for all students as long as they study in Czech. To study in another language, fees range from 0 to 22,350 USD(16,78,750 INR) per year although the exact amount will depend on your institution and program.  


In Denmark, the majority of colleges provide free education (for Citizens, EEU, people with certain visa types, etc.). The University of Copenhagen and the University of Kiel are two major universities (both of which are among Europe’s top). Tuition aid/scholarships are available to all Danish nationals.

Cheap Countries to Study in Europe 

The following is a list of nations that have relatively low tuition fees:

Country Typical tuition fees(EUR)(Per Annum)
France600 (50,782 INR)
Sweden550 (46,550 INR)
Belgium900 (76,173 INR)
Finland750 (63,477 INR)

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Which country has free education in Europe?

Some of the countries offering free education in Europe are Germany, Norway, Iceland, and Hungary.

Can I study in Germany for free?

Yes, numerous top-notch universities in Germany offer free education.

Who is eligible for free education in Germany?

Studying tuition-free is open to everyone in Germany, regardless of nationality.

So, this was all about which countries offer free education in Europe. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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