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TEC Scholarship

TEC scholarship is a merit-based financial support scholarship 410offered by the Elevator Consultants (TEC). The organization understands the importance of proper education 504and how costly it can be and aims to help hard-working students with their studies. The scholarship is for students majoring in technical studies. Let’s explore everything you need to know about eligibility, the application process and the selection process for the TEC scholarship.

Offered by The Elevator Consultants
Offered toUndergraduate or graduate students majoring in a technical degree
Eligible for International Students?Yes
Course duration2-3 years
Type of ScholarshipMerit-based financial support
No. of Scholarships awarded
Amount offered$1000 (INR 75703)
Deadline to ApplyJune 1, 2023

About the Elevator Consultants (TEC)

The Elevator Consultants is an elevator consulting firm that provides vertical transportation services to its global clients. They solve customers’ issues, concerns and building requirements related to the elevator, escalator and moving walkway needs. They use experience and technology to reduce costs, improve services, mitigate risk, and increase property value while maintaining safety. They understand the importance of technology in today’s world and therefore aim to help students achieve their higher education studies in technology-related fields. They want the students to succeed while relieving some financial stress through the TEC scholarship.

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What Amount is Offered?

After three finalists are selected from the pool of candidates, the panellists decide on the final winner by reading the essay and thus awarding the scholarship to the better one out of the three.

  • Max scholarship received: USD 1,000
  • Scholarship renewability: One-time award

Eligibility for TEC Scholarship

  1. To be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student/about to commence undergraduate or postgraduate studies
  2. To be enrolled in a technical degree such as science 504, engineering, architecture, physics 504, computer or likewise.
  3. In order to be considered for the scholarship, it is a must to submit an essay.
  4. Along with the essay you have to submit your name, school, major and an ‘about me’ section.

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Application Process for TEC Scholarship

All students have to submit the application for this scholarship to  [email protected]. The main document that has to be submitted is the essay. The essay should be no longer than 1000 words and should be on any of the following topics:

  1. Explain the way(s) in which evolving technology has significantly affected your life.
  2. Where would you like to see technology evolve in the future? What areas would you like to see it extend towards?
  3. Along with the essay you have to submit an ‘about me’ section.

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Selection Process for TEC Scholarship

  1. After receiving the applications, The Elevator Consultants shortlist 3 finalists out of all the candidates 
  2. After that, the President of the organization reads the essays and determines the awardee of the scholarship
  3. The scholarship is only awarded to one person


1. What is TEC Scholarship?

TEC scholarship is a merit-based financial support scholarship offered by the Elevator Consultants (TEC).

2. Can international students apply for TEC Scholarship?

Yes, international students apply for this scholarship.

3. What is the amount offered under the TEC scholarship?

The amount of $1000 (INR 75703) is offered to the student availing the TEC scholarship.

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