CCRT Scholarship

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CCRT Scholarship

A culturally diverse country like India, which has a population of more than 133 billion does not face any shortage of talent. However, those who belong to economically or culturally weaker sections find it difficult to avail of resources that can nurture the talent. But with changing times, the talent is not only being recognized but is also being supported financially. A lot of scholarships have been started both at the national and at the state level to fund the talented yet financially unstable students. One such is the Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme or the CCRT Scholarship program. This scheme recognizes and provides financial aid to students who are in the cultural and performing arts fields. In this blog, we will cover the details regarding the scholarship program, the award structure, and the grant amount in detail. 

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Overview of the CCRT Scholarship   

The scholarship is awarded by the Centre for Culture and Resource Training, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It aims at providing specialized training to young artists in the age group of 10-14 in the art forms which are slowly becoming extinct. These art forms include traditional dances, music, painting, crafts, sculpture, drama as well as literary arts. Apart from offering the CCRT Scholarship, the center also organizes various training programs for physically disabled students. 

Who All Are Awarded The CCRT Scholarship?

Every year, nearly 650 CCRT Scholarships are granted to talented and needful students who want to pursue or are practicing traditional art forms. Here is a list of the categories under which this scholarship is awarded:

  • Out of the total, 100 scholarships are given to the students belonging to the Scheduled Tribe category. 
  • 125 of the CCRT Scholarship are offered to those who come under the Traditional Artist Family (TAF) category. In this, the award is granted to students who belong to families that have been practicing the traditional art forms for 3 generations.
  • 20 scholarships are reserved for the Divyang students.
  • 30 scholarships are awarded to the students who want to pursue Literary Arts and Creative Writing. 
  • The remaining 375 scholarships are awarded as general scholarships to students from a recognized school.  

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CCRT Scholarship Eligibility 

To avail the benefits of a scholarship program, the candidates must satisfy certain eligibility criteria. The pre-requisites to be eligible for the CCRT Scholarship are given below:

  • The applicant should be from a recognized school or should belong to the TAF category. 
  • Only students between 10-14 years of age can apply. 
  • Candidates must have a proficiency degree in their preferred choice of traditional arts to be eligible for specialized training. 
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional training in the specified field is required to avail of the CCRT scholarship. The candidate must present a certificate of the same along with their application form. 

How Are The Students Shortlisted?

A selection committee is constituted which is tasked with selecting the students for the CCRT Scholarship. The committee members scrutinize the application forms and call the shortlisted candidates for an interview. The applicants are marked on a scale of 1-10 by each member and the sum total of the marks obtained will decide whether the student will be recommended or not. 

CCRT Scholarship Award Details 

The scholarship award is made to an authorized bank account of the guardian or parent of the selected candidate. The process starts from the day of admission or a date specified by the competent authorities. The awards given under the CCRT Scholarship are as follows:

  • The tuition fee of the teacher or guru is reimbursed up to a maximum of Rs. 9,000 per annum. For this, the parent or the guardian has to submit the fee slip.
  • Rs. 3600 is awarded to the student per annum. 
  • It is awarded for a period of 2 years but can be revised if the student completes the 1st-degree level of education or attains the age of 20, whichever is earlier. 

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CCRT Scholarship 2023 Application Form

Given below are the steps to apply for the CCRT scholarship 2023:

  • Before applying the candidate must check the eligibility criteria
  • To register for the scholarship, the candidates should visit the official website
  • The candidate must complete the registration process by providing the required information to obtain the login credentials
  • The candidate will be sent a link to verify their profile
  • Next, use the login credential to log in to the application portal 
  • Click on the “apply for starting the application”
  • Fill out all the required information accurately and click on the “save” button to save all the details
  • Finally, submit the application form, all application is email approved and provided with an online receipt 

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