Axol Science Scholarship for UG and PG Students

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Axol Science Scholarship

Axol Science Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program designed for aspiring students progressing to pursue UG or PG courses in Life Sciences. The scholarship program is applicable to all universities across the globe. It aims at providing a chance for outstanding students to receive certain financial assistance for pursuing their studies. Find out all the important information regarding Axol Science Scholarship in this blog! 

Scholarship TypeMerit-Based, Company-Sponsored
Offered byTrust
No. of ScholarshipsN/A
Amount$2,000(INR 1.64 lacs)
RenewabilityOne Time Payment
International Students EligibleYes

What is Axol Science Scholarship?

The scholarships are offered by a company called Axol Bioscience which specializes mainly in human cell culture and is among the highest institutions for research and development within the field of Life Sciences. 

About Axol Bioscience 

Axol Bioscience focuses on human cell culture and offers a variety of media coverage and funding within the later stage to have an enhancement professionally and personally as a whole. Axol Bioscience includes a passion for science and delivering profound support thus exploring research fields and products to assist customers to advance faster in their research work. Axol’s objective is to develop effective human cell biology and tools to advance medical research and prevention. Combining a passion for science with quality control and futuristic minds in the form of scholarships and research aids will enhance the scholars and therefore the company persona altogether.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no limitation when involves nationality but below are the factors for a good persona: 

  1. Securing admission in an exceedingly UG or PG programme within the field of Bioscience and research temperament. 
  2. Only applicable to the life science field with a ‘wet-lab’ component which is bench-based research like Molecular or Cell Biology. 
  3. Students pursuing Medicine, Veterinary and Pharmacy aren’t eligible for this scholarship. 
  4. Interested students should visit Axol’s official website and complete the application form promptly. 

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Documents Required

Below are the requisites to submit to apply for the Axol Science Scholarship:  

  1. CV or resume. 
  2. Proof of identity. 
  3. Written documents of confirmation for Admission from an institute /acceptance letter from a recognized university during a life sciences-related course of study. 
  4. UG program transcripts, certificates (for graduate students applying for PG) / High school transcripts (undergraduate students applying for UG). 
  5. Original Essay or article in 1000+ words on futuristic bioscience subjects like for example: 
    1. Future of cell cloning by studying the cell structure to cure genetic dimorphism. 
    2. The future application of somatic cell technologies in neuroscience research. 

Selection Process for Axol Science Scholarship

The selection process for Axol Science Scholarship relies on 2 evaluating factors, with 50% priority which can’t be overlooked. Given below are some valuable points: 

  • Academic Performance and Achievements within the bioscience sector in their respective field: The applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic and research potential. 
  • Essay/Research paper: Students should make sure the article that they’re submitting must be original and not extracted from any programme source or must not be a victim of plagiarism. It must convey their interest and vision within the field of bioscience thus planning to enhance their particular sector which they’re curious about. 

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This was all about the Axol Science Scholarship. Hope you found all the required information here. Drop your queries in the comment section below and we will get back to you. Leverage Edu helps students identify the right scholarship for their preferred courses. Reach out to our experts today! 

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