Life in Canada for Indians

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USA, UK, and Canada, without a shred of doubt, attracts the highest number of talented individuals from not only India but the subcontinent as a whole. Canada, in particular, attracts scores of Indian students owing to its unmatched quality of education at an affordable cost. Add to that, scenic backgrounds, student-friendly communities, and lively local culture makes it one of the most preferred and appreciated study abroad destinations. With respect to admissions for higher studies in Canada, universities implement a highly flexible approach and aim to accommodate a diverse group of students from different backgrounds. Here’s what life in Canada for Indians looks like.

Coping up with not Being in India-Climate & Culture

Bluntly put, the culture shock is enough in itself but Indian students should also keep themselves prepared for a climate surprise. First, a few words on culture. Canada, though a Western country is evidently quite encouraging on maintaining a multicultural outlook and as a result, you will witness highly diverse and mixed communities hailing from all over the world. Languages, religion, traditions, natives, refugee communities, Canada’s diversity can only be bettered off by that of India. Coming to the climate, 20-odd degrees maximum Celsius in summer and further down than zero on an average in winters is not unusual for Canada. A chilly life in Canada for Indians awaits so be ready!

New Way of Learning!

Canada education system focuses more on individual creativity, personality development and overall growth in place of knowledge hoarding and blind application as may be the case in India. Comprising components like electives, practicums, lab experiments, project work, and assistantships, amongst others, life in Canada for Indians in terms of educational development is highly comprehensive and multidimensional. Further, strict plagiarism rules, engagement in sports and extracurriculars, different styles of testing, writing workshops, etc give students the necessary space for exploring. 

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Career Opportunities

Universities in Canada are frequently well-rated by rating institutions in terms of career outlook and employability rankings. Avenues of building a successful career are ripe in the country with these universities vaunting of more than 5000 international partners and not less than 90% of graduates are inducted into the workforce within 6 months of graduation. Be it the top MBA colleges in Canada, social sciences oriented universities for applied learning institutes, the employment-related statistics are solid. Further, during the course of study in Canada, students can also take up jobs as library assistants, research apprentices, university tour guides, etc to earn an extra few bucks.

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Life in Canada for Indians: Key Living Tips

In addition to the above three important insights into life in Canada for Indians, here are a few tip-offs that may come in handy: 

  • While searching for external accommodations, remain in the vicinity of the university. Further, if you want to save some more money, choose a dorm or shared housing with multiple flatmates rather than paying for a single flat.
  • As for conveyance, use public transport like subway and buses as far as possible. With your student ID card, you may also be eligible for concessional travel rates.
  • If you are not satisfied with offered funding, do not be disheartened! There are several external funding and scholarship opportunities that fully or partially fund for education in foreign universities. Refer to our blog on scholarship in Canada for Masters for more information.
  • Life in Canada for Indians is incomplete without food. Fret not! With a huge Indian diaspora, restaurants offering authentic Indian food can be found in every major city.
  • Establish relationships with professors, mentors, and alumni. This helps in career advancement, funding as well as many other opportunities.
  • Take part and engage in activities offered on campus, be it research, art, writing, drama, etc. This helps in beefing up your resume as you go.
  • While pursuing higher education, you should also look for jobs in Canada with work permit so that you can apply for the same as soon as you complete your degree program!

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Life in Canada for Indians is a lot easier than it looks. With the right amount of information and guidance, getting through your college can be a breeze. If you feel the need for assistance as to post-admission formalities and beyond, sign up for a 30 minutes free counselling session at Leverage Edu and take a step towards a fulfilling study abroad experience! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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