Medium of Instruction Certificate

Medium of Instruction Certificate

Top universities across the world require students to submit proof of English proficiency as admission requirements. While many students are aware of popular exams and submit scores of tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and more recently, Duolingo. There is another alternative, that is, the Medium of Instruction Certificate. Students hoping to pursue higher education can submit this certificate in lieu of test scores and get admission into their desired courses. Want to know more? This blog will provide every detail about the medium of instruction certificate, what it is, how to apply, documentation required and more!

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What is a Medium of Instruction Certificate?

A Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI) is the certificate which states the language in which you completed your degree education. It is not necessary that the instruction language is the official language of the country or state. The first language used by the student during some or all part of his schooling is the medium of instruction. It is also possible that the medium of instruction is two languages or more. If the student is well-versed or instructed in two languages or more, it is bilingual or multilingual classes respectively. According to UNESCO, “providing education in a child’s mother tongue is indeed a critical issue”. 

Who Gives the Certificate?

Your school, college or university is responsible for issuing a medium of instruction certificate to you for admission or work purposes. Candidates can submit an official application to request this document. Many universities also confer degrees and academic certificates stating in the medium of instruction on the document. 

What Does a Medium of Instruction Certificate Include?

A medium of instruction certificate is an official recognition stating the medium in which one has studied. It further contains other details like list of subjects, marks obtained, subject codes generated by the university.

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What is the Need for a Medium of Instruction Certificate?

The medium of instruction certificate is generally needed when you decide to travel abroad for your further education. The certificate can also be used for work, travelling abroad for permanent settlement or permanent residency. It is important to note that most universities accept this certificate on an individual case basis. Students who meet all the requirements and can display an exceptional level of proficiency in order to receive an unconditional letter without the submission of English tests. 

Documents Required

To apply for the medium of instruction certificate, it is necessary to submit certain documents through an email or other modes of communication to the college or university. Sometimes, the universities state a list of documents needed in order to get the document. Here are some common documents you can need-

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Points to be Remembered

Before you prepare and submit your Medium of Instruction Certificate Application, you must go through the following points carefully in order to avoid any mistakes and successfully obtain the certificate of Medium of Instruction:-

  • Get this certificate only for your bachelor’s degree education, no other degree won’t work.
  • It has to be on an official letter heading from the awarding institution duly signed or stamped or both. 
  • It should contain the applicant’s name.
  • The name of the degree should be mentioned.
  • The date of the certificate.
  • The document must mention the course was taught in English (or any other language).
  • The certificate should say that the degree was ‘Awarded’, ‘Granted’ or ‘Conferred’.
  • Contact details of the Institute or the awarding body.
  • If the letterhead must contain the complete address and contact details of the University or the details must be provided on the document elsewhere.
  • Designation of the official issuing the certificate should be mentioned.
  • The name and contact details of the official who issues the certificate should be present in the certificate as well.

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There is no fixed format for the certificate, all universities follow their own format. Below mentioned is a sample copy of how a certificate of Medium instruction should look. 

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that <FULL NAME> has completed his <DEGREE NAME> from <UNIV NAME> University during <PERIOD OF STUDY>. He was awarded the degree by the University on <DATE OF AWARD>.

The medium of instruction for the above-mentioned course was in English (any other language to be specified) for the entire <NO. of YEARS> years duration both written and spoken.

His Register Number (ID) in the University was <Reg No.>.

I the undersigned confirm that the above facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signed by Assistant Registrar (Evaluation)
Address of the University: XXXXXX XXXXXX
Telephone: xxxxxx
Fax: xxxxxx

Top Universities Accepting Medium of Instruction Certificate

  • Queens Mary University of London
  • University of Bath
  • University of Winnipeg
  • University of Regina
  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • Memorial University
  • California State University
  • Western Washington University 
  • Drew University Madison
  • Notre Dame De Namur University 
  • Illinois State University
  • Schiller International University
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Park University 

It is important to check with the university whether you are eligible for this exemption. Admissions granted without IELTS or TOEFL and on the basis of Medium of Instruction Certificate are dependent on the individual profile, course and department. 

So this was all regarding the Medium of Instruction Certificate. Keep following Leverage Edu for more engaging content and do not forget to consult with our Leverage Edu counsellors if you are planning your higher education abroad. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or LinkedIn and do subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates!

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  1. Hi,
    Could you please, let me know that Transcripts Certificate and Medium of instruction certificate are same or not.
    If yes, does they both certificate are required for the admission in abroad university.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi, Rahul!
      Transcripts Certificate – It is a document that acts a proof of your educational qualifications.
      Medium of Instruction – It is an official recognition stating the medium in which one has studied.
      The answer is yes they are required for the abroad studies depending upon the university type.
      Feel free to reach us at 1800 57 2000 in case of any queries.

  2. I downloaded my certificate for medium of instruction from the university site for my post graduation (MSc chemistry). But it does not contain the information on whether i was awarded degree or not. Also does not contain my register number. Will the abroad university accept this certificate?

    1. Hi!

      Please check with the university whether you can submit a medium certificate in lieu of English test scores! Hope this helps!

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