Part-Time MBA in Australia for Indian Students

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Part-time MBA Programs in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular places for international students, and its people are renowned for their diversity and friendliness. When you study in Australia, you will have the opportunity to receive an excellent education from world-class universities. Because of Australia’s unparalleled history of invention, your chances of success are virtually limitless. Employers throughout the globe seek Australian graduates, particularly those who graduated in STEM courses and degrees like MBA or part-time MBA. For those aspiring to pursue a part-time MBA in Australia, here’s a blog that will enlighten you with all the right information. 

Course Name  MBA 
Course Type  Part-Time Masters Program 
Country  Australia 
Course Duration  1.5 years to 2.5 years 
Average Cost of Study  INR 28 lakhs – INR 48 lakhs
GMAT/GRE Required 
Work Experience  Minimum of 2-4 years 
Visa Duration  Usually between 2 – 4 years

Why Study MBA in Australia 

The Australian education system provides unrivalled technology, cutting-edge research facilities, and greater employment opportunities that are both commendable and a student’s dream. There are several benefits to completing a part-time MBA in Australia, including:

  • When you study management in Australia, you will receive a high-quality, globally recognised degree that will help you progress your career at home or abroad. There are several internationally recognised MBA and part-time MBA programmes in Australia, many of which are accredited by the AACSB and EQUIS.
  • The MBA programmes in Australia allow international students to gain experience by engaging in an internship with a local business or an international exchange or study tour.
  • MBA programmes in Australia include practical and academic learning, with a focus on enhancing communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. In Australia, courses encourage innovation and independent thinking.
  • Because of Australia’s multiculturalism, you’ll have the opportunity to study among students from many nationalities, giving you a broad cultural perspective on management. 
  • You’ll also get the chance to learn in an environment that blends Eastern and Western business and management perspectives.
  • Friendly visa regulations for overseas students studying in Australia are very important in luring international students.

Benefits of Part-Time MBA 

If you are still confused about whether or not to pursue a part-time MBA in Australia, then here are some of the most renowned and proven benefits of pursuing a part-time MBA degree for aspirants: 

  • A Part-time MBA enables aspirants to change or diversify their career paths.
  • It enables them to grow in their existing career paths.
  • It easily increases the earning capacity of aspirants allowing them to fetch better opportunities and job prospects.
  • Even if the language of teaching differs, the curriculum and course structure are same, making a part-time MBA similar to a full-time MBA.
  • In comparison to a full-time MBA, the duration and timings of a part-time MBA are far more flexible. Many part-time MBA programmes allow you to use online resources, allowing you to choose your own schedule and attend classes when it is convenient for you.
  • A part-time MBA allows you to work while pursuing your education. In many circumstances, your employer may urge you to take such a course so that you may develop in your profession, improve your skills, and qualify for the next level.
  • Admissions to a full-time MBA programme are subject to a number of severe requirements, including an entrance exam. When you have work experience, getting into a part-time MBA programme is substantially easier than getting into a full-time MBA programme as it has flexible eligibility and admission requirements.

Top MBA Programs to Study in Australia 

Some of the highly renowned and specialized full-time and part-time MBA in Australia are as follows:

Universities Offering Part-Time MBA in Australia

Here are some world-class and highly renowned universities that are offering part-time MBA in Australia to aspirants along with their program duration and intakes offered by the universities: 

Universities  Duration of the Program  Intakes 
The University of Melbourne 24 months January, March, June, September
Macquarie University 48 months January, March, June, September
Deakin University 24-36 months  March, July, November
The University of Sydney 30 months February, August
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  36 months March, September
University of Technology Sydney 48 months February, July
University of Tasmania 36 months February, July
La Trobe University 36 months March 
The University of Queensland 24 months January, July
Bond University  24 months January, May, September

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Eligibility Criteria 

Although, the eligibility criteria for pursuing a part-time MBA in Australia varies from one university to another, given below is a general eligibility criterion that we have curated for aspirants to have a brief idea: 

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized institution with the minimum marks specified by your chosen university.
  • Valid and competitive GMAT scores (if asked by the university)
  • English language proficiency score such as IELTS/TOEFL is also required to pursue part-time MBA in Australia.
  • Work experience is advisable for applying for a part-time MBA in Australia and is rather preferred by top business schools for shortlisting the best candidates. Thus, having work experience of 2-3 years will surely prove beneficial in highlighting your profile from the rest of the candidates.

Document Checklist 

Enlisted below are some of the important documents that can be asked from you by the Australian universities when applying for a part-time MBA in Australia:

Here’s a List of Important Documents Required to Study Abroad

Cost of Studying Part-Time MBA 

The table given below highlights the average estimated tuition fees of pursuing a part-time MBA in Australia at some of the top universities and business schools:

Universities  Average Estimated Tuition Fees in AUD  Average Estimated Tuition Fees in INR
The University of Melbourne 77,400  41.09 lakhs 
Macquarie University 80,000  42.4 lakhs 
Deakin University 51,600  27.3 lakhs 
The University of Sydney 85,000  45.1 lakhs
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  62,400  33.1 lakhs
University of Technology Sydney 76,128  40.4 lakhs
University of Tasmania 62,000  32.9 lakhs
La Trobe University 54,300  28.8 lakhs
The University of Queensland 80,808  42.9 lakhs
Bond University  56,373   29.9 lakhs

Cost of Living in Australia 

Take a look at the breakdown of average living expenses on a weekly basis for international students while pursuing part-time MBA in Australia: 

Cost Type Average Expense per Week (in AUD$) Average Expense per Week (in INR)
Accommodation 100 – 300  5k -16k
Recreation 80– 150 4k – 8k
Course-related expenditure 15– 20 800 – 1k 
Food/Groceries 140 – 280  7k– 5k 
Utilities 10– 20  500 – 1k
Transportation 30– 60  2k – 3k

Note: The aforementioned expenses and costs are only indicative and average estimates. These costs can vary as per the city, university as well as course and other related factors. You can check your cost of living in Australia as an international student with help of our amazing Cost of Living Calculator!

Post Study Work Visa in Australia

An Australian work visa is available to international students who have just graduated from an Australian university. Students are allowed to live, work, and study in Australia for a limited time after completing their part-time MBA courses. Students can only apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (SUBCLASS 485) once as a principal applicant. This Temporary Graduate visa is divided into two categories:

  • The Graduate Work stream
  • The Post-Study Work stream

The principal applicant must be present in Australia both when applying for a visa and when it is granted. Furthermore, the applicant’s qualifications must relate to one of the occupations on the occupation skilled list in order to be eligible for the Graduate Work stream visa. The visa holder in this category is allowed to stay in the country for 18 months. A higher education degree must be the applicant’s qualification for getting the Post-Study Work stream visa. The visa holder in this category is permitted to stay for 2 to 4 years.

After completing your part-time MBA in Australia, you may apply for positions anywhere in the world as well as in Australia, because any type of MBA from Australia is worldwide recognised. Students who graduate with an MBA from Australia are often hired in mid-level management jobs. The following table displays the average annual salary given to MBA graduates in Australia by industry:

Job Prospects  Estimated Average Salary in AUD  (annual) Estimated Average Salary in INR (annual)
Accounting Manager 170,000 90.2 lakhs 
Financial Manager 182,000 96.6 lakhs
General Manager 143,000 75.9 lakhs
Business Development Manager 145,000 76.9 lakhs
Assistant BD Manager  125,000 66.3 lakhs
Project Manager 118,000 62.6 lakhs
HR Manager 106,000 56.2 lakhs
Development Manager 123,000 65.3 lakhs


Is MBA from Australia worth for Indians?

 Australia is one of the top 5 international countries which offers MBA degree. A degree from any university in Australia is recognised globally. Hence, it is worth studying in Australia.

Can Indian students work part-time in Australia?

With students visa the International students in Australia have the option of working up to 20 hours a week. The students must follow the laws and regulations that is established by the Australian government and the policies outlined in the visa.

Here are the Top 5 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Australia

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