MBA in Australia Without GMAT

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Popular Universities for MBA in Australia without GMAT

When it comes to pursuing an MBA in Australia, there are lucrative opportunities available for aspirants. MBA graduates from Australian Universities get the second-highest salaries in the world. In the Asia Pacific region, they are, in fact, the highest-paid MBA graduates. Another significant aspect of these Australian Universities is that several of them accept applicants without GMAT scores. These universities, along with many others worldwide acknowledge that GMAT may not necessarily be the best indication of an applicant’s aptitude for an MBA. This view is very popular in Australia and applicants without GMAT scores are accepted by several well-known, well-ranked universities including Monash University and Macquarie University.

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How to Pursue an MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Universities that offer MBA in Australia without GMAT scores check if you have any practical work experience or a minimum of 65 % in your bachelor’s degree. The education system of Australia focuses more on practical knowledge. The other way of judging your eligibility is through the help of your TOEFL or IELTS score.

The basic requirements to get admission to MBA colleges in Australia that are ready to give admission without GMAT scores are:

  • A minimum score of 65% in your bachelor’s degree
  • Work experience of 2 -3 years
  • 2 to 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • 1 to 2 page SOP focusing on your motivation to study in Australia
  • An updated resume
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores as proof of English proficiency

Colleges offering MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Following are some of the popular universities offering MBA in Australia without requiring GMAT scores:

Business School Parent University Fee per annum
Monash Business School Monash University AUD 46,600 (INR 24.69 Lakhs)
Macquarie Graduate School of Business Macquarie University AUD 40,000 (INR 29.96 Lakhs)
Deakin Business School Deakin University AUD 33,000 (INR 24.72 Lakhs)
La Trobe Business School La Trobe University AUD 56,697 (INR 42.47 Lakhs)
Adelaide Business School University of Adelaide AUD 41,000 (INR 30.71 Lakhs)
University of Sydney Business School University of Sydney AUD 55,000 (INR 41.20 Lakhs)

Best MBA Courses in Australia Without GMAT

Other than selecting the best suitable college for your abroad study, it is also important to choose beforehand the modules you are going to pursue. Here is a list of some of the most popular MBA courses in Australia:

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MBA Intakes Timeline

The intakes for MBA Programs in Australia take place between October-December every year although there have been few exceptions due to the COVID-19 situation. It is of utmost importance that the students stay ready with all the necessary documents before the due date of admission. Other than accessing facilities like scholarship applications, aspirants are also allowed to shortlist more than one university. To submit their English language test scores, the aspirants are advised to take their IELTS/TOEFL exams beforehand during April or May. 

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Australia Without GMAT

To qualify the conditions put forward by the Australian Universities, the applicant must be eligible as follows:

  • Australian MBA programs accept 3-year Bachelor’s degrees which are similar to B.Sc or B.Com.
  • The aspirants need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience to apply for MBA in Australia.
  • Applicants are required to submit their English language proficiency test scores for admission.

Documents Required

International Students require a comparatively different set of documents when applying for Australian Universities. Here is a list of all the documents which are advised to be submitted before the fourth deadline of the application process.

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Cost of Study

According to the QS Rankings 2023, here is a list of the top universities in Australia which offer an MBA without GMAT along with their respective tuition fees.

University QS Rank Tuition Fee per year
Monash University 32 AUS 32,700 (INR 24.49 Lakhs)
RMIT University 51-100 AUS 36,480 (INR 27.32 Lakhs)
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 51-100 AUS 30,672 (INR 22.97 Lakhs)
Macquarie University 101-150 AUS 38,000 (INR 28.46 Lakhs)
Deakin University 101-150 AUS 33,000 (INR 24.72 Lakhs)
Curtin University 101-150 AUS 39,150 (INR 29.32 Lakhs)
University of Adelaide 101-150 AUS 41,000 (INR 30.71 Lakhs)
Griffith University 151-200 AUS 35,000 (INR 26.22 Lakhs)
University of South Australia 151-200 AUS 35,300 (INR 26.44 Lakhs)
University of Wollongong 151-200 AUS 33,792 (INR 25.31 Lakhs)
La Trobe University N/A AUS 33,250 (INR 24.90 Lakhs)

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Cost of Living in Australia

On average, a student in Australia is bound to incur the following as their monthly expenses.

Expense Amount
Accommodation AUS 850 – 1,000 (INR 45,000 – 53,000)
Amenities AUS 500 – 550 (INR 26,000 – 29,000)
Transport AUS 200 – 250 (INR 10,500 – 13,200)
Others AUS 250 – 350 (INR 13,200 – 18,500)
Total AUS 1,800 – 2,150 (INR 95,300 – 1.14 lakhs)

You can also calculate your estimated monthly expenses abroad easily with the Leverage Edu Cost of Living Calculator.

Job Opportunities after MBA in Australia

Being one of the most sought after countries in the world for MBA aspirants, there are lucrative opportunities for international students with positive factors such as course, fees, accommodation, travel expenses, and research for the project work.  A few of the most popular job designations in Australia for an MBA graduate are:

Job Profile Average Annual Salary in Australia
Account Executive AUS 57,800 (INR 30.67 Lakhs)
Business Consultant AUS 76,300 (INR 40.48 Lakhs)
Business Development Manager AUS 79,450 (INR 42.15 Lakhs)
Finance Manager AUS 98,200 (INR 52.10 Lakhs)
General Manager AUS 1,16,300 (INR 61.71 Lakhs)
Sales Manager AUS 76,450 (INR 40.56 Lakhs)
Program Manager AUS 1,24,000 (INR 65.79 Lakhs)
Product Manager AUS 87,000 (INR 46.16 Lakhs)
Operations Manager AUS 83,650 (INR 44.38 Lakhs)
Marketing Manager AUS 80,300 (INR 42.61 Lakhs)
Industry Specialists Manager AUS 107,200 (INR 56.88 Lakhs)
Entrepreneur NA
Source: Payscale

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How much does it cost to do an MBA in Australia?

The top 5 MBA schools in Australia offer MBA programs costing up to AUD 90,000.

Is GMAT mandatory for MBA in Australia?

GMAT scores are not always necessary for admission into Australian business schools. The GMAT test score is valid for up to 5 years and aspirants can register for the GMAT as and when required.

What is the best MBA course in Australia?

Some of the top MBA courses can be pursued in the following colleges in Australia:
> MGSM Macquarie Graduate School of Management
> Melbourne Business School (MBS)
> University of New South Wales – Australian Graduate School of Management
> University of Sydney
> The University of Adelaide -Adelaide Graduate School of Business 
> University of South Australia-Business School

If you are planning to skip your GMAT and apply directly for MBA at an Australian University, we have the right services that can help you achieve your Australian dream. Our experts at Leverage Edu are ever ready to assist you through the entire application process. 

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