How to Tackle the ‘Why MBA’ Interview Question?

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Why MBA Interview Question

Many MBA aspirants, whether in India or abroad, encounter several difficulties in finding the right answer to the most common interview question of why they want to pursue this degree interview question. While it certainly is an essential part of the MBA admission process, the interview section must be considered as a learning experience and a method to know more about oneself and why pursuing MBA is crucial to one’s own goals and aspirations. A positive outlook before and during the interview thus treating it not as a nightmare but as an opportunity to interact with the best in the field. Through this blog, let us delve deeper into the weaponry you should possess to successfully ace the why MBA interview question.

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Modes of Interview

Typically, b-schools conduct interviews via two methods, namely, in-person or through Skype (if you are situated away from the location of the university). The nature and objective of the interview, however, remain the same for both methods. If you have to appear for a Skype interview, you need to make sure that the internet connectivity is strong, room lighting is appropriate and your mic and speaker work properly.

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What Does the Interviewer Look For in a Candidate?

In particular, the admission board at Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School and other top MBA colleges around the globe do not have a specific and defined mould in which the applicants should fit. Instead, they highly value diversity and encourage students from various backgrounds to apply. Therefore, the more unique your reason(s) are for the ‘why MBA’ interview question, the better your chances are to get into your chosen institution. Applicants tend to search and adapt their reasons by talking to alumni and professors, however, this may act against you as a few subjective and follow-up questions may contradict your statements. In these kinds of scenarios, for instance, if you have switched fields in the past, there are higher chances you may be asked why you did so or if you worked at an NGO for a while, explaining how it helped you can serve in your favour. 

Bonus: The interview committee at Harvard University and MIT Sloan will most likely consist of two interviewers who will ask you questions on your entire application. And you will be asked to submit a post-interview reflection as well. 

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Why MBA Interview Question: One or Many Reasons?

Is having one single monumental reason important or should combine several factors and put forward a comprehensive explanation of your reasons? Well, there isn’t a full-proof solution to this dilemma and therefore students should come up with their own characteristic reasons for the ‘why MBA’ interview question which accentuates their objectives of pursuing this degree and how their chosen course can help them advance in their career. However, whatever reasons you feel define you must be substantial enough to convey the feeling that you have not chosen to do an MBA just to run away from your job or any other vague arguments. Remember, the interviewers look for genuine motivation on the part of the applicants in terms of their current knowledge and what they are looking to achieve through an MBA. For instance, if you have a preference to work in a field after graduating, inculcate it in your answer, if you desire to work under a professor during the program, say how they can help you polish your skills or anything you deem suitable. The ‘why MBA’ interview question is not meant to be a grilling investigation but supporting your statements with precise reasons is inherently important. Furthermore, speaking in concrete terms and refraining from cliche terms like ‘learning’ and ‘valued experience’, etc will also help in giving a coherent idea for your reasons.

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Why MBA Interview Question: Focus on Specific Experiences

Elaborating on why you volunteered to organise your college trip or anything on similar lines should be completely avoided. Refer to your statement of purpose or construct a formal plan of reasons and eliminate anything that goes beyond the line and sends the interviewer in a direction you do not want them to go. Moreover, going on a 10-minute tirade also does not help. Make it concise, and cogent and connect it to your purpose.

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To reiterate, you need to create your own unique answers to the why MBA interview questions which represent your interests and objectives rather than mindlessly mentioning reasons you saw on the internet. If you are struggling with how to go about your interview, take assistance from our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you throughout the preparation process thus getting you successfully selected for your dream business school.

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