How to Write an Impressive Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Italy

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SOP stands for Statement of Purpose, it is an official document that describes the personality of a student and their purpose to study in a particular university and in a specific country.  And if you are planning to pursue your education in Italy, you will be asked to submit an SOP.

Italy is becoming the hottest study-abroad destination among students. It is famous for its oldest and world-renowned universities that offer a wide range of courses. Almost 36 universities in the country are ranked in the world’s top 100 which are known for their prestige and long history. Let’s learn how to prepare an SOP for Italy to ensure your 

Why is an SOP Required?

An SOP is a Statement of Purpose that is required for the following reasons:

  • It gives chance to the admission committee to assess your personality, career goals subject knowledge, and vision
  • It is your chance to stand apart from other candidates and pitch your points for the suitability to a program
  • You can also compensate for some of your academic weaknesses with a well-written statement of purpose
  • It should show a student’s passion and ambition to pursue a specific course in a specific university

What to Include in an SOP?

A  Statement of Purpose should include the following elements:

  • Educational History
  • Personal Background
  • Financial Background
  • Academic Details
  • Work Experience
  • Short-term and Long-term Goals
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Reasons for selecting a specific course
  • Reasons for selecting a specific university
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Soft and Hard Skills

Structure of an SOP

The basic structure of a Statement of Purpose is as follows:

Paragraph 1 

Start by introducing yourself and providing your personal background in this paragraph. Also, narrate your goals in the same.

Paragraph 2 

Past academic background, professional experience (if any)

Paragraph 3 

Mention your academic achievements, strengths and weaknesses, academic recognition, projects undertaken, and professional achievements or industrial exposure.

Paragraph 4 

Discuss in detail, Why you want to study this course or program. Discuss your goals and your future expectations from this course or program

Paragraph 5 

Discuss your future objectives, where do you see yourself in 5 years after you will be graduate from this university/college? 

Paragraph 6 

Why this university/college? Mention different departments, different university activities, recognition, awards, faculty members, environment, infrastructure, the methodology adopted, etc. 

Paragraph 7 

Ending/ closure of the SOP on a thankful note.

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Important Tips to Remember While Writing an SOP

The following are the tips to keep in mind while writing an SOP:

  • Weave your career path into a story, not statements
  • Provide your basic information and overview, do not write any unnecessary information
  • Personalise the SOP and make it your own but do not stress over it. Although it is an important part of your application, the SOP should be a direct reflection of you.
  • Find the deeper meaning behind the events of your life and pen them down.
  • Remember to write in simple language and avoid using complex words
  • Clearly illustrate your reasons as to why you chose the particular school and course.
  • Follow a chronological order and maintain coherence and cohesion
  • Give yourself enough time to write the SOP and edit it constantly. 
  • Proofread, edit, re-edit and then edit it again! There is always room for improvement, remember that.

SOP Requirements in Italy

The following are the basic SOP requirements in Italy. However, it may vary from university to university. 

  • Some universities like the University of Milan will require a minimum band score of 6 in IELTS and 78 in TOEFL as your English Language Proficiency Tests score and accept an SOP of only 500 words.
  • You will also be required to submit a paragraph related to any topic of your course
  • Italian Universities accept an SOP in the English language rather than your regional language
  • Personal statements are generally academically focused in nature
  • Some subject-specific courses will require your academic marks in the same subjects

Sample SOP for Italy 

The following is a sample statement of purpose for studying fashion design at the Public University of Milan:



Q. What is an SOP?

A. SOP stands for Statement of Purpose, it is an official document that describes the personality of a student and their purpose to study in a particular university and in a specific country. 

Q. How many words should I write in my SOP?

A. An SOP should be 800-1000 words long. However, it may vary depending on the university.

Q. What should I include in an SOP?

A. A Statement of Purpose should include educational history, personal background, financial background, academic details, work experience etc. 

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