SOP for Hong Kong

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SOP for Hong Kong

Universities in Hong Kong call a Statement of Purpose a Personal Statement. Even though the name varies, it’s one and the same, especially in terms of the importance it holds in a student’s application.  A Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement summarizes the academic journey and the educational qualifications of a student, as well as the project details and work experiences of the student. Let’s get insights into SOP for Hong Kong through this article! 

Basic Overview of an SOP for Hong Kong 

These are some of the basic requirements of an SOP for Hong Kong:

  1. It should include all the bare minimum requirements to curate your persona as a well-rounded student. 
  2. This is to be noted that only one SOP is required per university, in Hong Kong, regardless of the number of courses you are applying for. 
  3. The word limit for a Statement of Purpose for Hong Kong differs from university to university, and course level(s).
  4. SOPs for the postgraduate level prefer the student’s employment background and project experiences.
  5. SOPs for the undergraduate level prefer the student’s academic reasoning behind applying for the program of their choice; their motivations etc.

What to Include in an SOP for Hong Kong?

What can one include in an SOP for Hong Kong universities and what should they be aware of? Let’s find out. 

  1. Word Limit: If a university has specified the word limit of writing an SOP for their particular course, the student should adhere to the same. 
  2. Quality: The student should focus on quality over quantity in their SOP for Hong Kong. 
  3. English Language: It’s important to note that the student should write the SOP for Hong Kong in fluent and understandable English language
  4. Address to University: The student should also address and put emphasis on the university they’re applying to. The reasons behind choosing the university and the program weigh a lot when it comes to writing an SOP for Hong Kong.

SOP for Hong Kong at Undergraduate Level 

Here are some examples of universities in Hong Kong with their SOP requirements, at an undergraduate level:

  1. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In this university, the academic council has not set a particular word limit for writing SOPs. In fact, there’s actually no compulsion to send in a personal statement for undergraduate courses. It is optional. 

  1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Apart from the usual SOP guidelines, the student should use the word limit and write for 2 A4 pages only. The SOP should include reasons for joining the university and the course program.

  1. University of Hong Kong

Here, the SOP should not exceed 1000 words. 

Overall, there is not much need to include professional experiences while a student is applying for undergraduate programs in Hong Kong. 

SOP for Hong Kong at Postgraduate Level 

This is where the Statement of Purpose for Hong Kong differs at the Postgraduate level. Below is a list of examples of different postgraduate universities and their SOP requirements.

  1. The University of Hong Kong: 

When it comes to postgraduate studies, the student should prepare the SOP based on the course of their priority. As required, they should mention the research goals, method, and expected outcomes of the same in their SOPs. The word limit is usually not specified but depends on the university.

  1. City University of Hong Kong:

In this university, the SOP word limit ranges from 500 words to 1000 words. The student should briefly mention the reasons behind applying to this university, their employment history, and past internship experiences. 

Furthermore, if it’s a subject such as MS in Applied Economics, the SOP should be suitable in the context of discussing one of the topics of economics in the Personal Statement. This example gives you an idea that SOPs can be tailored to the subject’s needs. 

Tips to Write An SOP for Hong Kong 

Now that you have a better understanding of SOPs for Hong Kong, at the undergraduate level and postgraduate level, let’s read some of the tips to improve your SOP for Hong Kong.

  1. Concise Content:

SOP for Hong Kong should not over-exceed in quantity. Give importance to quality and write to-the-point, precise and concise personal statements.

  1. Grammar Check:

Proofread twice or thrice before hitting submit on the SOP for Hong Kong. There should be no grammatical errors and the language should come off as fluent. 

  1. Ignore Repetition of Words:

This is an additional tip to write an SOP for Hong Kong. Do not keep on repeating words that have the same meaning in the context of your SOP. Use synonyms or be creative. Use a wide range of vocabulary.

  1. Backed Up Proof:

No lie should be made when it comes to stating your achievements in the SOP for Hong Kong. You should back up all your claims with appropriate and required documentation.

  1. No Plagiarism:

Although this is pretty obvious, writing SOPs means that they should be individual and subjective to the person writing them. And not plagiarised for the sake of getting accepted. If plagiarised, your application will easily be rejected. 

Basic Sample SOP 

Here is a short, basic, example of an SOP of a student who wants to pursue a master’s in the field of computer science. For this university, the word limit was 250 – 500 words.


Top Universities in Hong Kong 

What are some of the best universities you can apply to and write an SOP for? We provide you with a list. 

UniversitiesQS Ranking 2023
Chinese University of Hong Kong38
The University of Hong Kong21
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology40
Hong Kong Polytechnic University65
City University of Hong Kong54
Hong Kong Baptist University281


Q. What is SOP for international students?

SOP is a Statement of Purpose for international students. The reasons behind applying for a particular course and a particular university are elaborated on in this essay.

Q. Is SOP required for the application process?

Yes, SOP is one of the most integral aspects of the application process. It can even be a deciding factor between an offer letter and a rejection letter. 

This was all about SOP for Hong Kong! You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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