SOP for Architecture

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SOP for Architecture

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Architecture is prepared to get admission to architecture courses. Students who wish to pursue the subject at the Master’s level need to have a proper understanding of what to include in their SOP. It is not always easy for your SOP to stand out and be accepted as a mode of admission. Although it is a prerequisite for the admission process, you have to make sure that it’s written well for it to be considered.  In this blog, we will help you with that.

How to Draft an SOP for Architecture?

Starting from an introduction to curating a conclusion, SOP for Architecture includes all the basics of a Statement of Purpose.  To draft the first version of the SOP, you need to brainstorm. Come up with ideas that make you stand out from the rest. Go down memory lane. What were some of the instances that contributed to who you are, and how is that related to your aim of pursuing architecture? Whatever it is you decide to present in the SOP – conforming to the structure – must be correlated with the subject of architecture. 

Here are some of the pointers to make note of:

  1. Keep in mind that you are expected to explain why you and the programme are a great fit. 
  2. Knowledge about the theories of architecture and its different facets must be jotted down on a paper, before sorting and writing its reflection on your SOP
  3. The roots of Architecture SOP depend on the specialisation you are going for. Research the options of specialisation that the university is providing and the one you’re going for. Reason the factors behind your choice. 
  4. If you are not a native English speaker or do not have fluency in the language, make sure to practice before drafting your SOP; for the statement is required in English, in most cases. 
  5. Remember that you’re to give a background of your undergraduate education in a related field. So, be prepared to throw the spotlight on the same in your SOP while drafting it.

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How is SOP for Architecture different?

Every SOP is different based on the subject course it is written for, along with the choice of university and level of education. As everyone leads a different life, the SOP, as a result, is other. How SOP for Architecture is distinct is in the sense that the motivations behind choosing this particular field, the qualifications, the inspirations, and the personality of the student all differ from say another SOP for a different subject. 

Still, these are some of the major differences:

  1. The tone must be more formal and architectural, along with conversational 
  2. Should build up the profile like the structure of a building 
  3. Should use professional language
  4. Should have a sense of clarity, with respect to the future of the field
  5. Should come up with problem statements and proposed solutions

Structure of an SOP for Architecture 

A structure should be precise and singular. Have a look at the written format below.

IntroductionStart off with an experience that ultimately led to the path of architecture. Even though it might be an instance that didn’t feel significant at the time, looking back now, how does it comes across? Mention the same. 
Paragraph 2 Further, choose the words to describe what made you pursue this particular program; expanding on its course structure and qualities.
Paragraph 3Share a life instance that you are proud to come out of; the ways it inspired you; the things you learned; and its null effect on your aim to pursue architecture.
Paragraph 4Now, in this paragraph, you must include the various hobbies, interests, and talents you carry. Mention different kinds of extra-curricular activities you participated in, along with studying architecture. 
Paragraph 5Work experience, including internships, make a pivotal role in your curation of Architecture SOP. So mention all the learnings and experiences you adopted while working in an architecture-relevant field.
ConclusionGo on to talk about your passion for architecture; the future contributions you wish to make to the field, and the ways you shall prove to be an asset to the university. 

Dos and Don’ts of an SOP for Architecture

Some things should be kept in mind, while some things should be kept at a distance. Let’s see what that means in terms of an SOP for Architecture. 

Mention skills such as critical thinking, leadership, and ability to use software such as Adobe Illustrator, etcWrite in a negative tone
Adhere to the 800-1000 word limit, or the one mentioned by the universitySubmit the first draft of the SOP
Reread and revise the SOPBe direct or too casual in tone 

Sample SOP for Architecture 

SOP for Architecture

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Q. How do you write an architectural SOP?

Start with adhering to the structure and brainstorming before writing an architectural SOP. 

Q. What is a statement of intent architecture?

A statement of internet architecture is where you write a statement that reflects your research interests, including thesis questions. 

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