Career Planning and Development

Career Planning and Development

Career Planning and Development is an on-going process of learning from your experiences and progressing through your life. It helps you track the question of who your are and where you want to be in your life. Think about where you want to be at the end of this year? Do you like the field you’re working in? What would you like to learn more about? Career planning and development is an essential process for continual growth and learning in order to evaluate your situation and goals. It is important to know your goal but it is even better if you know how to reach that goal. If you are someone who needs advice on career planning and career development, here are some useful insights and tips that you can keep in mind.

What is Career Planning?

A career is defined as a sequence of jobs in a person’s life. Career planning is defined as the process of extensively planning your career goals, your abilities and assessing your opportunities. For instance, if your career goal is to become a scientist in NASA you will have to map out a plan to get there. Career planning and development is an important part of growing professionally and in a systematic manner. Here are a few steps that can help you in career planning and development that will help you grow in accordance with your interests and ambitions:

  • Analyse Your Options for Career Planning and Development

You can start by exploring your interests, skills, ambitions and abilities. Try figuring out what job role will be best-suited for you. Start looking for opportunities which can help you grow. Research well about the companies to find out what they are expecting from their employees so that you can curate an effective resume and application.You can start by doing internships and part-time jobs to get an idea of the work environment.

  • Categorize your Career Planning and Development

You  need to prioritize your skills, your interests, your flexibility, your challenges and your expectations from the job. If you can see yourself achieving your long term career goals in your current job then this is a part of career planning and development. Once you are done sorting out all these things you will be able to manage your career wisely.

  • Channel Other Factors in your Career Planning and Development

An important part of career planning and development is to consider other factors which are beyond your personal preferences. Other factors may include the demands of a particular field, how comfortable you are in managing yourself with the context of that demand, does it require additional education or training and what are the challenges.  

What is Career Development?

Career development is an on-going process. Once you have set certain goals for yourself you can start working on career management. Career development can help you keep track of where you see yourself in your career trajectory in order to achieve growth, sustainability, new skills, constant learning in your career, career planning and development. Here are a few things than can help you achieve good career development:

  • Self Assessment

Ask yourself where do you see yourself professionally by the end of this year? It’s good to channelise your future. By assessing your professional standing you can achieve goal clarity as well as plan out how you want to proceed further in your career trajectory.

  • Analyse Your Status

Is your current job giving you satisfaction and peace of mind? Career planning and development does not mean mapping out your current career. It also means exploring other fields that will provide you with better opportunities.

  • Develop New Skills

This is one of the most important aspects of career planning and development, if you have a deep understanding of a particular field you should probably develop new skills that will accentuate your profile.

Career planning is a lifelong process that can help you in growing professionally in a sustainable manner. If you’re planning to take a leap of faith in your professional journey or just starting out and need some assistance with career planning and development to make an informed decision, let the experts at Leverage Edu help you map out an effective plan for your future endeavours.

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